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Friday's Highlights in Virtual Highway for Feb. 24th

DJ Logger at The Bunker
Fri. Feb. 24 - 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm VHT
VH Sim: Wolf Den (633,76,23)

The Pink Vampire live at Pink Vampire's Lair
Fri. Feb. 24 - 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm VHT
VH Sim: Pink Vampire's Lair (215,128,21)

DJ Lone at The Back Door
Fri. Feb. 24 - 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm VHT
VH Sim: The Back Door, The Bayou1 (76,206,24)
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MineThere can you contact me please. Hugs at Need your help.

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Thursday's Highlights in Virtual Highway for Feb. 23rd

DJ Tank at The Back Door
Thurs. Feb. 23 - 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm VHT
VH Sim: The Back Door,The Bayou1 (76,206,24)

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I asked for a little information about Kea Nation and got this lovely bit:
By Victoria Rain (Kea Nation)

A few days ago, I stood (virtually) on the front porch of the ranch home I built in DigiWorldz, looking out as far as I can see (1024 meters, of course!). There were no huge, ugly objects in the sky anywhere, and the land flowed naturally from mountains to seashore. Quite a contrast there to what I had known for years.
And forget the front porch and the house elsewhere―I didn't know how to build much more than a plywood cube, then. Like many others, I'd been stifled by costs and “expert” nay-sayers who were quick to let me know that I couldn't do it.
Now, my partner and I own four 4x4 Variable Regions (VARs), equivalent to 64...count 'em, 64...standard regions, in Kea Nation here in the DigiWorldz grid, and we've terraformed and built on a scale that would've been impossible before...I think back again to times I had to fudge the RL budget a little some months to afford the tier for a single standard “sim” region, and I smile...I'm happy to be here.
Digi is home, not just to us, but also to Kea Nation. We've been together for a long time now, this group of aviators, adventurers, explorers, and friends. We originated in another grid as “Dogs On the Run,” or DOR for short. Founded by DA Admiral and Trinka Adored in 2011, DOR was one of the largest aviation groups on that grid, supporting a combat Air Strike Wing of top aviators and combat aces and the grid's premier female aerobatic group, the DOR Angels.
But there, we were limited...hemmed in...constrained by some sad realities of our environment. The sky-high cost of land and building, constant issues with lag, griefing, unresponsive technical support, and other pleasantries of virtual life were obstacles, technical and economic barriers to us that we couldn't get around. To grow, we needed an environment that would free us to do it.
In September 2015 , DA and Trinka began the long search for another home for our family, culminating in (August 2016??), when Kea Nation arrived in DigiWorldz. Beginning with a single 4x4 VAR, Kea Nation has grown to over 20 linked 4x4 VAR regions....., equivalent to an astounding 320 standard regions. Digi's technical support is second to none, and everywhere on the grid, excellence is the norm―not the rare exception. And the cost? Well, shop around and compare. I believe you'll agree with me that Digi is the best value anywhere.
Working closely with in-world creators, Kea Nation now hosts rezzers for an impressive array of air and water craft, land vehicles, and even fantasy flying dragons! But there's even more on the horizon for us―grid flights, aerobatics, aerial combat, long, scenic roads to drive without dread of the sim-crossing death spiral are all included in Kea's dreams for the future!
And we'd love to have you with us we grow. If you'd like to visit or join us, just contact DA Admiral or me, Victoria Rain, in-world

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Hi Everyone.
I honestly didn't realize that G+ now hold up some topics in a spam folder waiting approval. They use to throw a notice up every time I looked at the community and I would approve most things quickly. So now I know I hope you will forgive my lack of understanding previously. G+ didn't actually tell me about the change but I guess is is all explained somewhere.

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Opensim Role player numbers seem to have grown!
I am really pleased to see that more and more role players are coming over to the free Metaverse where they can enjoy greater freedom and vastly cheaper land to build the RPG's. We do have a link for Opensim Role players to filter the topics making them easier to find but I also run a G+ community dedicated to promoting cross grid RPG's running in both Opensim and Second Life. So please consider that as another option to promote your adventures.

Party in the Park!

23rd February 2017

Come chill out in the Park (or Welcome) and listen to some great music, played by the legendary DJ Fearghus!

12 pm to 2 pm - PST
2 pm to 4 pm - CST
8 pm to 10 pm - GMT Welcome

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Does anyone have a working script for Logwatch ? I managed to install this easily, and attempted to get it to read opensim logs by moving them in the opensim.exe config to the var/logs/opensim .. but it does not seem to read it.

Anyways I'm hoping that one of you knowledgeable folks figured this out long ago and would be willing to share the script and any other thing i need to add to it.


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Physics Updates?

I know it has been over a year since "the new physics" began being tested on the OSgrid sandbox. I was in GCG then when I was doing tests, so that's my benchmark.

There was a lot of chatter about pros and cons and such. My tests showed that the UbOde physics worked much like Sl's physics meaning you definitely needed a physics model (a good one of course) for things to act as you would like them to.

Are there any commercial grids (those that host for others) that are actually using UbOde now? Most of my things will work with that and since I have a physics models to use I will upload things with them even if physics type 3 isn't being used much now.

It would be sorta cool if I could just SIT on this bench like I would in SL - LOL. As is I am backwards and sitting inside and above.

Same bench. Same physics model. Chic is on Bullet physics in Kitely.

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Keng City is one of the up and coming premier cities on The Adult Grid. Come and explore this new city's beauty. If you’re the business entrepreneur type, rent one of of our available shops and open your business here at Keng City TAG, office space is also available. If you're an entertainer, Keng City has 4 clubs and a theatre for those DJs and Entertainers who know how to put on a show. What are you waiting for? Keng City is a place you have to see. The Adult Grid is where you want to be. I think we might have something to satisfy your virtual needs.
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