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We've updated our Outworldz Welcome area at to give it some eye candy, make it more fun, easier to find the freebie shoppe and get to the teleports to all the free OARS we host. We still have work to do, but I am really pleased with it so far. It's mostly mesh bits from everywhere, with custom materials. It is being overrun with a sampling of Outworldz dragons, a harpy family, fairies, the I LoveEwe, a mooFerd cow or two, and of course, +Debbie Edwards and I, a pair of trölls that live across the coughs Troll Bridge.

What do you think makes a great Welcome area?
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Money in the Newer Virtual Worlds
+Ryan Schultz writes, "In-world currency systems are an integral part of many social VR/virtual world platforms. Second Life can be seen as the perfect example of a virtual world whose popularity exploded once people realized that they could make money on the platform, inspired by a 2006 Businessweek cover story on Second Life entrepreneur Anshe Chung..."

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It's been a whole week already?? Here's the Week 1 recap of all the posts on Hello Hypergrid!

Hello Hypergrid is a friendly guide to the #Opensim #virtualworld platform and the #federated #Hypergrid.

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Hey Folks :) just a reminder that there is only 2 days left of my Summer Sale. a huge 50% off everything instore!

So far the response has been huuuge! So I thank everyone who has shopped at my store in the last few weeks and I hope your all having a ton of creative fun with your new purchases!

Looking ahead, I have a few major new freebies to announce this weekend and I am putting the finishing touches to a new castle! So stay tuned for those :)

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Just a reminder

Our offer to any InWorldz residents ends tomorrow (15th) at GeVolution World, Any region free of charge for your first month, free OAR upload (if you have them yet), can hypergrid or close your region to hypergridders the choice is totally yours.

Contact any team members inworld, support ticket or discord chat to order

I have decided to take some of my personal savings and setup some code-bounties for OpenSim, more specifically three reports I have sent in a while ago regarding some all too common issues that are currently plaguing people.

I am putting forward $200 toward the implementation of the following feature requests, anyone is free to join the effort and provide funds for those who ultimately end up creating the code. Feel free to submit a patch on these requests and if implementation is reached let me know and I will pay out the reward.

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A new installment in my ongoing series of beginner friendly introductions to the main parts of Opensim!

GeVolution has been talking the past few weeks about opening a second grid, under the GeVolution World Limited Group (Company), were pondering the possibility of running a closed grid, however we would like some input from the opensim community ….

If we did open the new closed grid what would you like to see, what would be a ideal grid to call home, we have already thought of the domain and have that registered ready, but how would you like the grid run, what things would you like to see, eg commercial currency, cheap land prices, free uploads ect ect.

Please keep the comments clean and refrain from any flame wars. GeVolution is very stable and running smooth and we have been thinking of this for quite a while.

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