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Crossing Virtual Worlds: The Elf Clan from InWorldz to OSgrid
When InWorldz grid collapsed it left a lot of residents homeless. In fact, they had just four days notice the grid would close so very little time to pack up and take what they could. Fortunately, they found plenty of welcoming Opensim grids only too pleased to take them in. Few returned to Second Life so it was of great interest to me to find out how some of them were settling in...

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Join us for our regular Sunday live music session at 2pm PST / 10pm GMT in the Maritime Club in Virtual Belfast on OSGrid this week featuring Paul Emery / Casias Falta live from Detroit playing classic blues and witty originals
or come early for stiofain doing his classic vinyl album of the week before at 1pm PST and djing after
hg travellers use Club Belfast

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New Blog Post: The Lost Must be Found
Savage and the Inspector are still missing; where could they be?
Follow the story at
Raven's Refugees
Raven's Refugees

Fashion Boulevard Creator Expo October 2018 Round Digiworldz

So what is The Creator Expo.... The Creator Expo is an event held every second month where fashion designers, builders, scripters and merchants, in Digiworldz take up a booth in an event area and place exclusive items for that event most of you might have seen the big events in second life like Kustom 9, eBento etc if not no worries we will explain it all to you.

Our next round starts this October 20th contact Martin Glom, or Martina Seetan inworld for an information card our event is open to

Clothing Mesh / Layer.
Mesh Bodies.
Scripted objects
Full Perm Fashion Creators.

So contact us inworld for an info card hurry spaces are filling super fast

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I wrote up a little article about the router I used to get XMIR fully back on the net after going through a painful cycle with Cisco and others.

Maybe others can benefit from my experience with this router that has full UDP NAT loopback.
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