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New at Kitely Market

Whew, working hard :D.

New Tunnel Entrance with road sign (made for that sorta famous movie from awhile back). Both faux and drive through tunnels are included. Physics model used so it should work on all current engines.

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New on Kitely Market

See in Kitely at Parkville; link in product description.

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I've written part one of a two part tutorial about using Leveller with Opensimulator. Part one is all about importing one or more region's terrains into Leveller. Part two (about exporting them back into Opensimulator) will be completed soon.
#daylonleveller #leveller #opensimulator #terrain #3dterrain #heightfield 

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re hash Just Another bulletin board for the hypergridders

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We at Sinful Grid are happy to announce we are now fully moved over to Digiworldz hosting. We have a few minor things to take care of from the transfer, but other than that everything went as smooth as can be expected. We now have functioning search, offline to email and we are now running the 0.8.2 version of Opensim, just to name a few of the changes that have occurred. We will be making more updates as we have them, please stop in, Hypergate is enabled.
For all members of the grid:
Please refresh your viewer URL for the grid. If you have any questions about that or need help on how to do that please see Destiny Moore without doing that some of the new features will not work. You will also need to migrate your account to the new service, in order to use the control panel that accompanies your account.

I'd like to personally thank +Terry Ford from Digiworldz for his time and patience on helping us with the change over, we at Sinful Grid staff feel that Terry went way above and beyond what we expected with his services. Staying up til late hours of the night working with us to switch all this over. This made it so much easier on us we can't thank him enough.

Yours Truly,
Tony Moore
Destiny Moore
XxX Colman

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Today's Kitely Community Meeting will be held at 1:00pm PST. All Kitely and Hypergrid users are invited.


test ....... my messages disappear from here shortly affter posting so am just testing if it is because of the links contained ......... if this stays i will delete in few mins

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Hobo Park is alive and well again on Lost Paradise Grid


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PIF Building School Returns

Today is move in day at Kitely.

It's been awhile since I packed up from GCG (I was not evicted as some folks seem to think and repeat but that's another story wink). No regrets.

I had my terrain file and my ground textures, added some new, made a new sky that I need to hook up as default and ...

put back the little schoolhouse.

Parkville Kitely is mainly going to be a retail space with demos for the Market and some items for the Kitely folks that actually live in Kitely -- like animations, furniture and decor.

But I certainly didn't want to forget the schoolhouse. The building textures and scripts were happily all inside the schoolhouse when GCG Chic sent it over to Kitely Chic and they are in take a copy form which should work fine for hypergrid folks.

There are also some furniture samples of the things we built in the classes in take a copy from.

For those that might want to learn how to build with prims, the tutorials are here:

And the little schoolhouse is now in Kitely at:



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