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Opensim G+ Refugees Seek Social Media that Respects its Users!
So this is a follow-up to my last article to explain how we have got on in our search for an alternative social media site that is similar to Google plus and might offer a new home or Hub for our community where people can easily find other Opensim users across the Hypergrid...

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Silent Night. The organ showcases its new ability to Fade into play and Fade out instead of sounding instantly loud into play. It now eases its way in and out!. Can now automatically pitch bend it self for multiple playback of the same song!

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Join us for our regular Sunday live music session at 2pm PST / 10pm GMT in the Maritime Club in Virtual Belfast on OSGrid this week featuring Mike Carnell and his guitar live from Hamburg Making his Maritime Club debut
or come early for stiofain doing his classic vinyl album of the week before at 1pm PST and djing after
hg travellers use Club Belfast

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Today's Kitely Community Meeting will be held at 1:00pm PST. All Kitely and Hypergrid users are invited.


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I was playing and testing randomly and felt the urge to share ...

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I have uploaded and configured a Ruth 2.0 RC#3 to DigiWorldZ. I call it Ruth Too RC3. It has the same shape and rigging as Shin's but it was uploaded and configured by me. It is available full perm for free. I will be making all the DAEs available on my own GitHub. If you are interested, contact me for info. You can pick it up in world at: " Hyper Mall",
-DigiWorldz Hyper Mall (36, 236, 22) (Store #2)

I also have copies on HGLuv, Kitely and OSGrid that I can drop on your profile; just let me know who you are and where.

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:) new gowns in soft latex-look, v-cleavage, with open back & fine chains on back, free demo's, & fitting ruth2-3 and classic :)

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GeVolution World Undergoes Huge Changes

Over the past 12 months, GeVolution has been the centre of some very serious hate comments and trolls, comments like

- When we first opened and left our previous grid host we would never last a month …. 12 months on were still here.
- We will never be stable …. 12 months on we have one of the most stable grids out there, just ask any of the members 93% say they love their home.
- We would never amas to anything …. 12 months on were still the ONLY grid who shows exactly what we pay out to our members for currency conversions …. plus more.

Guess we have proved most of the haters wrong who comment as they have never even set foot on GeVo and comment out of spite or our previous business relationship, we still going strong and still developing our very own exclusive inhouse Cobra fork of OpenSim.

Over the past month we have been looking at ways to be much more competitive with region pricing and our services we offer.

* All new members that sign up to our grid now receive a bigger start up balance of GV$ 250 to spend inworld at any of our amazing stores.

* Premium members will receive a 1/4 region free of charge with their premium accounts (* terms do apply).

* All regions have been reduced in price to become much more competitive with prices for a Winchester with 25,000 Prim / LI starting from just $8.00 per month … Starter regions Alaman starting from just $3.00 per month.

* Narrows has been opened this one of our new ideas and is our version of protected waterways, supplied for our members to use free of charge, members can also have their regions added to the Narrows (* Incurs extra charge)

* Free homes for all members under 30 days old are also making a return over the next few days.

Were not stopping there either there is a lot more planed including the release of our Marketplace where members can shop online direct.

Visit us today at and Discover your virtual dreams.
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A full blown graphics editor in world ...
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