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Why I'm so passionate about Opensim

Like many people my introduction to Opensim began with my “adventures” in Second Life (SL). Before I go into that, let me preface it by saying before second life my computer use was pretty much work related with email use to family/friends, online shopping and bubble popping on Lycos. I had never been a “gamer” or anything like that. So, of course, my introduction to SL had to be from a non standard avenue. I don’t know how many of you watched the CSI shows, but the CSI NY series did a season that was all about SL basically. They solved the murder of a woman who was also a big time SL addict. CSI had its own sim in SL and you could go in and solve murders….that hooked me especially since I'm an insomniac and there was not much on tv at 3 am.
Of course, any write up wouldn’t be complete without the embarrassing parts, so I was “newb” for a very long time lol. I didn’t get my first skin until I had been in SL for a few months, my first AO til about 6 months in. Not because I didn’t want to spend the money, but because I didn’t know these things existed! And you should have seen my face when someone told me about the OTHER stuff peeps got up to (yes I was really newb for the longest time!)
It wasn’t long after that and I had my first SL job which led to me learning to DJ. What fun! Now this was back in 2007/2008 when it was still a big deal to be an inworld DJ…we were total rockstars back then!! Of course clubs demanded certain things, like you had to use sam broadcaster to dj and had to have a following and had to voice. Being the type of person who loves to learn, it wasn’t long before I was attempting to make things. I say attempt as my first house I made I wasn’t sure how to get the door how I wanted it as I wanted it to swing one way but it was set up to swing the opposite. I asked a friend how to do what I wanted and I was told to just rotate the door….needless to say when I did that and attached to the house and went to open the door it wasn’t the door that swung around, it was the whole bloody house!
Then there was the very first time I tried to terraform. I was trying to make myself a little natural pool for when I decided to go mer. After 6 hours I still didn’t have the perfectly rectangular hole in the ground I was trying to achieve…..yes 6 hours….and it just kept getting bigger and bigger because I was determined it would be perfectly rectangular. To this day I STILL totally suck at terraforming, which is OK as there are people who are awesome at it!
What sealed the deal for virtual for me though was something a little less tangible. I bought my first piece of land on a mainland sim called Coverdale. It was out in the middle of nowhere (not really, but that part is coming up). Ocean view as far as the eye could see (not really, but that part is coming up). I would sit at the beach and just watch the water move and it was was there that I met someone whom would become a lifelong friend, his name was Cosmo and he bought the lot next to mine. For the first few months I was just the crazy lady who would wander around building while wearing fancy formal dresses (oh yeah I was a TOTAL fancy dress addict). Then came the day I learned about draw distance….
Remember I said I was a newb for a long time… I don’t know if you can imagine the shock I got when I opened up my draw distance and discovered not only was I not in the middle of nowhere…but there was CRAP everywhere! OMG, in the water, in the sky, on the land… far as the eye could see…just stuff….everywhere! By the time I became disenchanted with SL (mainly because of poor business decisions and poor customer service by LL), Cosmo and I owned almost the entire mainland between the two of us, and the first lil parcels we owned traded between us numerous times. By then I had learned how to do quite a lot, make animations, make textures, make clothes (could not make a decent sculpt to save my life though). So, one day I went out searching to see if there was ANY competition to SL, and that is how I discovered opensim..of sorts.

After many failed attempts at various grids over the course of the next few years, I finally ended up at 3rd Rock grid for the second time. When Terry and TR left there to set up Digiworldz, I followed shortly thereafter as they really were my first experience with caring, committed grid management. It also doesn't hurt at all that the prices are beyond affordable and the customer care is, in my opinion, unparalled. Digiworldz is my home and everyday I find myself thankful for discovering the path that led me here.
Now to get to the “meat” of the story…why I’m so passionate about opensim…
While SL was great as a first introduction to virtual and I owe it for opening my world and expanding my horizons, its too saturated with people…with creators, with clubs, with dj’s, with drama, with griefers….you can’t see the forest thru the trees, there’s just sooo much…. It's probably the biggest proof to “you can stand in a crowded room and feel all alone”.
I honestly feel that the quality of “friendships” one can make in OS vs SL is greater. I have a higher number of people I call friends here in OS than I did in SL. In fact most of those true friends I had in SL are no longer even there, some have followed me out of SL, some are not in virtual at all but we text or fb chat or skype chat.
I believe that when Sansar goes full force LL will let SL fall to the wayside, that means that opensim will be the last bastion for those peeps who are like me. Learning to make something out of nothing is a magical moment, learning to make your first prim house, your first prim chair, torturing your first prim to make a ribbon, making your first curtain and watching it wave in the virtual wind...these are things that make virtual worlds special. That moment when you realize that you too can create animations, it doesn’t take a degree in rocket science, that you can create beautiful textures and gorgeous dresses.
These are all real world skills one can learn by playing a “game”….and then of course there’s scripting (ok I have never been able to wrap my head around scripting…I can do basic stuff …”hello world”…but anything more complex has my brain exploding), however there is that moment when you write your first little script to make that door open and it works! Its an empowering, positive feeling. get to do this all for FREE!
Whether you make things to give away, make things to sell, offer custom services/products for pay, or you like to play and leave the work to others, everyone is needed for opensim, because someday opensim might be the only place(of its kind) for everyone.

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Ruins Of hope

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Island Oasis News Topic: Grid Founder Suffers Heart Attack

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Monday's Highlights in Virtual Highway for Feb. 27th

DJ Tank at The Back Door
Mon. Feb. 27 - 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm VHT
VH Sim: The Back Door,The Bayou1 (76,206,24)

DJ Lone at The Back Door
Mon. Feb. 27 - 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm VHT
VH Sim: The Back Door,The Bayou1 (76,206,24)
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Infringing content removed from grids
All active grids with infringing content have addressed the problem, according to VirTec owner Virtouse Lilienthal, one of the affected content creators...

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Today's Kitely Community Meeting will be held at 1:00pm PST. All Kitely and Hypergrid users are invited.


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What a beautiful Tour we had yesterday at Lisianthus on Kitely! Thanks for this visit!

"Founded in Kitely on March 21, 2016 by Nyza Stillwater, the "Chronicles of Lisianthus" is a medieval fantasy roleplay sim partially inspired by the fictional works of J. R. R. Tolkien, primarily, his Lord of the Rings series as well as standard roleplay games like Dungeons & Dragons."

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Selling full perm 3D Models @
Gloebit currency enabled!

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Sunday's Highlights in Virtual Highway for Feb. 26th

Poink Tournament at Eclectica
Sun. Feb. 26 - 11:00 am to 1:00 pm VHT
VH Sim: Eclectica, Entertainment Central (122,105,28)

DJ Huga at The Hole in the Wall
Sun. Feb. 26 - 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm VHT
VH Sim: Hole in the Wall, Asgard Nightlife (886,460,22)

Super Fly Sunday Trivia & Poink Showdown with DJ Tank
Sun. Feb. 26 - 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm VHT
VH Sim: Club Superfly, Keng City (408,184,111)
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Episode 2

Returning to the beginning, my first job in SL was as a pole dancer (clothed) at the once famous Voodoo Lounge run by Lias Lleandros. Lias would hire newbs, pay them and in her way get them ready for the great big world of SL. It was through her DJ school that I learned how to DJ, and my then partner re-taught me the tech side of it. I remember my very first gig, I was TERRIFIED I would screw it all up. It was at the club owned by friends, Nawlins Streeter and DJ Sephiroth. It went quite well actually and Arcadian VanAlten gave me the name I would later use for my fan group “Nox Rox”. DJ’ing was actually for me the easiest part of being newb. Whenever we would go anywhere….if there was a hole anywhere on that region, I would fall in it..without fail. Of course, I still hadn’t quite gotten the whole “you can fly” thing down so I’d be “screaming” for someone to get me out…yes it is embarrassing to admit that! However, perhaps not as embarrassing as admitting that RL I get lost crossing the street, and if I’m not careful…that follows me into virtual as well. I can’t tell you how many times Kaos (one of my best friends and business partner in the radio station) would IM me and say “where are you”….and I’d look around realize he wasn’t nearby anymore and say “Um, right where you left me?”.
One of the first opensim grids we tried out, after checking out quite a few (there are stray Noxlunas all over), was called Open Life grid. It was fun being a “pioneer” on a new grid. We didn’t have a lot of expectations and certainly didn’t expect to have a lot of content to choose from.
One of the best of my newb moments happened there though. Mort and I were building the commercial area of the region and I had a bed set out that I was working on putting more animations in. Kip popped over and sat on the bed and we were all talking for a bit. Then, for some reason I don’t even remember anymore, I picked up the bed and put it into inventory….while Kip was sitting on it. POOF! He was gone! I started panicking thinking I had taken him into inventory! He started yelling “Where the $%#@ am I??” I panicked more! Mortus didn’t know what to do…two panicking newbs on his hands and of course by then both Kip and I were panicking and swearing (oh I should point out that Kip was newb longer even than I). Well of course after he got us calmed down he saw that Kip got sent to the corner of the region and tp’ed him back. Needless to say we all spent about a half an hour after that laughing our butts off.
So, how does that relate to my passion for opensim? Opensim affords people the opportunity to become creators, to push their own boundaries. I have honestly learned MORE since leaving SL than when I was in SL. I love that. I also know though, that some people do not want to learn or “work” in virtual. Some people want all the mod con’s that they’re used to having in SL and some of them do not like “free” as in SL much free content is either stolen or “old school”.
One thing I always did with my “newbs” I would take under my wing was to take them to the Freebie Dungeon and set them loose. They would IM me hours later telling me how much fun they had and go on and on about it. Of course later when I would take them to stores and what not they would compare the free to the bought and ask me why I let them take this or that. My reply was always you only get to be newb once, and the magic of freebie shopping (that wonderment) is only possible for a relatively narrow window. That being said, I do think opensim has a higher quality freebie content than SL, and my belief is it goes to that pioneering spirit where peeps had to make what they needed/wanted since the content creators of SL weren’t there.
I encourage everyone to try their hand making something. My hope is that when they see what is involved with making something, more appreciation will be felt for those who spend the majority of their time doing such, whether the item is free or for sale.
In Digiworldz I’m able to afford rather a lot of land, and I have quite a bit set aside that I let new people set up as home base while they’re finding their way. I also let peeps have a free store at my commercial region, DarkMoon Bay. Here they are able to learn building and how to sell or give away, with free rent people are free to decide if they need to make money to cover tier or save up to get their own region or just give their creations away. With all the grids I’ve checked out or tried to settle down in, Digiworldz is the one have felt the most at home at, and the one that has allowed me to really set my creativity free.

For instance, the photo below is a pic of regular size me and me in my Wee Folk avatars I make! (hot air balloon by TR Lifter)

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