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'Oi, Everybody hello! Welcome to my second RP Community and this one is all Doctor who on this is the next generation which means new people in the Whovian Universe. If you don't know what Doctor Who Is! Shame of You I'll explain'

Doctor Who is All about one man, who is an alien who looks like a human. He's called a time-lord, from Gallifrey. Time-Lords/Ladies are a old warrior race they have two hearts, better lungs, and a fase when they die they kinda cheat death by regenerating which means his whole bosh changes into a different form and personality. The doctor travels the universe in a TARDIS [Time And Relative Dimensions In Space] it's bigger on the inside and smaller on the outside. He travels the universe and time and space with companions, Companions are either human Or Alien and they always leave the doctor or die. The doctor's planet gallifrey was destroyed during the time war against the Daleks. A very scary creature inside a robotic thingy which kills anything not Dalek. Also the Daleks worst Enemies are the cybermen Emotionsless Creatures created by humans but also contain humans. That's it and the rest of the info is below


~First Of All No Swearing [Use Doctor Who Curses like Bloody Hell]
~No Sexual RPs or Photos or videos
~No Nude Pictures
~I will allow middle fingers
~Respect The Mods And Owners
~Ask Permission For the things i listed in the Permission Roster
~Do Not Force someone into being your companion
~Eventually The Companion will either leave the time-lord/lady or dies
~Red these Carefully

if you red the rules put on the end of your profile

What You Need Permission For

~Having A TARDIS
~Being a Canon [Ex: The Doctor, Roe Tyler, The Master]
~Being a Relative of a Canon
~Having Powers
~A Charaters Death
~Someone's Companion

If you want permission for any of these ask in the colon 'Questions?'

Ze Profile Format



Name [Full Name Please]

Companion Of [jf you are a Companion]

Personality [Add Please]
Likes [Optional]
Dislikes [Optional]
Planet [If Human From The Stars]



Real Name: [Optional]
How Many Times Regenerated

Vechile [Need Permission For A TARDIS]

Likes [Optional]
Dislikes [Optional]

Other Aliens



Powers [Permission]
Why They Are On Earth

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Rp Anyone?

Can i have a tardis?

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Faceclaim a model

Real Name: Freya
Time-lord/lady time-lady
Age 50
How Many Times Regenerated 6

Bio her mother was a time -lady and her father was a human her father died when he was 40 and she was 5 by then and he knew that her and her mother where time-lady and her mother died because she already used her regeneration and she has no one left but she found out that she has a brother but she doesn't know where he is or who he is and she's trying to find him
Legacy "the lost one" "the savior"
"The surviver" "the lost girl"
Weapon she has a sword and bow and arrows and her sonic screwdriver
Vechile [Need Permission For A TARDIS]

Appreance she has blonde hair and light green and blue eyes and tan skin
Personality she's kind and weird and she's sometimes shy she's sometimes depress because she doesn't have a companion she's always happy and sometimes sad she's cheerful she's lazy she's tough she's smart
Likes she likes to read ,paint,dance,sing, Archy, draw,swim,skate,color blue,food,water,and time traveling
Dislikes she doesn't like dalkes, color pink,girly people,bullies,guys who like only them self's,sunny weather,spiders,warm areas
Companion doesn't have one yet

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Scott and stiles were walking around completely bored out of their minds, there was nothing to do and it's been like that for a few days, no alien's coming to earth and killing people, no people to save. It was a boring day and to making it worse they were at this high school in a class that was just as boring as the day that school was made.

stiles was falling asleep next to his best friend while Scott was drawing something in his book before stiles could fall asleep and Scott could finish his drawing a new student come into the class but it was a human, Scott's body went stiff as stile looks at the alien with a weird look. Sure stiles is just a human but since he hangs around Scott for most of his life he can pick up what's human and what's not. Anyway the new alien student sat down in front of the two with a smirk

~stiles~ what are they doing here?

Scott looks at the alien before turning his head to stiles

~scott~ I have no idea....

(Open to everyone but please do more then two lines and ask before joining the rp!)
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Let's keep this community alive

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Faceclaim: Chipo Chung

Name: Chantho

Species: Malmooth

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Sexuality: Bisexual

Planet: Malcassario

Vehicle: N/A

Powers: N/A

Weapon: N/A

Why They Are On Earth: Accidental stepped into a rift in the space time continuum which bought her to Earth in the year 2148 where she is in hiding.

Bio: Left to die by the Master in the year 100,000,000,000,000 Chantho had some energy left in her as a rift in the time space continuum opened up, transporting her to the year 2016 New York where she had unintentionally caused panic amongst civilians. Believing the scientists that captured her would help her she was very mislead as they discussed experimenting, she is currently hiding in the facilities praying they won't find her.

Chan- Chantho is last of race -tho
Chan- I will help humanity -tho
Chan- For my people are gone -tho

Science, particularly engineering
- Humanity
- The Doctor, Martha Jones and Jack Harkness
- The history of her people

- The Master/"Professor Yana"
- Being the last of her kind
- Those who do not respect her culture
- Unnecessary violence

- Chantho is not trained in combat and cannot protect herself
- She is the last of her species and has to take care of herself over others
- Easily manipulated by others

Personality: Whenever Chantho speaks she has to begin with "Chan-" and then finish with "-tho" which can often lead to confusion amongst those who do not know the culture of Malmooth's, despite her appearance. Chantho is a well-mannered and intellectual young female who understands the feeling of being the last of her kind, making her empathetic towards others.
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((Open RP))

Chantho was currently hiding in a supply closet within a military lab underneath the streets of New York, the scientists seemed so terrifying compared to the ones she knew from the Utopia project but was relieved none of them were Professor Yana. While thoughts rushed through her head about what they were going to do to her you....

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The Orcale was talking to a judoon lying on the floor it seemed like it was dying so she said
"To sho mo Co Ro Fo Go"

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Faceclaim Luarra Perez

"Glasses Are Cool!"
"Well shut up then and come along"

Oi, Ello there My name's The Orcale why well on my mother called me that because I could see what will happen. What will happen, and what Happend. My mum said it was a gift from lord president our leader. Some people call me raid hair wonder why
Real Name:
Who Needs are real name? Real names are boring you know what is cool? Glasses are cool people day they are not they are just jelly cause I have glasses and they do not well come on then jump in my TARDIS and fly away!
I'm a Lady.....Well not general terms but I am female
"i am" Counts on her fingers "104 yes I'm kinda new"
How Many Times Regenerated
"None Yet though I feel one coming up soon"

"my life has been very complicated trust me... My parents were both born inside the time-Vortex and my dad is the doctor my father is the bad wolf and trust me it's really. Really. Really hard to realize that I'm a hybrid time-lady and a time-Vortex and some say on Gallifrey I am the one from the Prophecy I am not i have an other goal in life trust me I do really do. I have my own legacy Fortold by the prophet of Gallifrey. I travel in my own TARDIS Type 41. I don't travel with someone and I talk to myself sometimes, I am really lonely"
The One That's Lost
The One That Sees
The Girl Of Time
The Girl That Will Save Time And Space Herself
But First A Person Must Find Her
Keep Her Company
Till The End Of Time
Allas Silence Will Fall
And The End Comes Near
As A Wolf And His Company Are The First One To hear
"A Red, Black, And Yellow Screwdriver"
"Well A Red TARDIS In Camo Of a PhoneBox sorry I can't Fix The Chameleon System" Lie

Red and Black hair, Yellow golden eye color she hides it with her sun glasses. White pale skin
She Is a sweet and kind kinda well ya know she's a bad ass trying to run away from home, she is a stubborn Lil ugh, she is funny in a big way like both her parents, she is also very Uhmm crazy well she has ticking in her head which is the sound of a time-lords heart beat, she is very clever and I mean very clever she almost knows everything except the name of her dad, she is very positive well she can turn into a big globe of negative sometimes, she is sportive and hyper so she never runs out of energy
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