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VIDEO ALERT: The Secrets And Mysteries Of YHWH Who Are They Revealed To

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VIDEO ALERT: Why Are We Suffering?

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VIDEO ALERT: White Genocide The Video the Media Doesn't Want You To See!

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VIDEO ALERT: Israel is Gone Into Captivity But Shall Return

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Let's get this straight..... There are hundreds of ancient pyramids in Northern Africa (Egypt) as well as artifacts and inscribed hieroglyphs predating 2630 BC–2611 BC.

There are evidence of ancient Olmec artifacts from old civilization in Mexico known as colossal heads located in southeastern Mexico Between 1500 and 400 BC, including pyramids and ancient Latin writings.

There are preserved artifacts and remains from numerous of old ancient civilizations all around the world; too many to list here.

My point is, since the Bible is basically a detailed history book that explains how man and woman was created in the beginning of time, the greatest flood involving Noah, parting of the red sea by Jesus, as well as the tablet Moses used to inscribe the 10 commandments; all of which supposedly
Occurred during the ancient civilizations of Europe and Africa up until Jesus crucifixion over 2000 years ago, then why is there NO PRESERVED EVIDENCE of:

1. Noah's ark, 2. the garden of Eden, 3. bones of giant people who were supposedly offspring of fallen angels, 4. the original tablet that Moses used to inscribe the 10 commandments upon, 5. the cross Jesus was forced to carry on his back, 6. the whip used to beat Jesus prior to his crucifixion, 7. proof that Jesus was tempted by the devil during his fasting for 40 days and 40 nights when nothing suggests no one witnessed that one on one encounter on whatever mountain, 8. Jesus's cave tombed grave after his death and resurrection, etc, etc......

For obvious reasons the scenes and events described in the Bible necessarily overlapped during the time frame where world cultural ancient civilizations, artifacts and prehistoric buildings still exist today.

There is only one problem, where are all the ancient biblical artifacts mentioned in the Bible most of which I listed above???

If one cannot see the falsehood behind Christianity at this point, then I can only assume that you are a blind fool. SMDH

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VIDEO ALERT: The End of Our Enemies

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VIDEO ALERT: The End of White Supremacy

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It is emphatically disgraceful to discover the fact that Jesus abandoned the black Christians citizens of Tulsa Oklahoma in 1921.

In that all black business district our humble and loving forefathers built, among other successful empires, 21 churches and gave praise to Jesus in the most highest honor only to have their prayers go unheard.

On June 1st of 1921, the greatest race riot instigated by the kkk and the United States government took place in Tulsa Oklahoma known as black Wallstreet where the United States government ordered the airforce to Bomb 💣 greenwood from the air and troops armed with fully automatic machine guns to kill black defenseless citizens in their homes.

Jesus did not love those loving people like they loved him. Instead, he abandoned them!!!!

They were executed by the thousands on that bloody day in American history!!!

I am not race baiting but let's be honest..... Where was Jesus when this horrible carnage took place on American soil involving the United States government????

Why did their savior betrayed them in their darkest hours and allowed evil to prevail and their cries went unheard?

For that reason I cannot believe that jesus exists....... Evil, racism, and hatred overpowered them on that day of massacre and till this day evil has not rectified its wrong..... We cannot continue to worship the same God as the Christian kkk terrorists and expect to be saved.

That's called insanity!!!!!!
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