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Steroids rapidly increase muscle strength.Gains in strength that would normally take months can be attained in a matter of weeks.which is why they are so popular with bodybuilders especially beginners who don’t want wait months to start seeing gains.
Lot’s of bodybuilders take steroids before competitions so when they are depleting their bodies of fat and water they don’t lose their size and muscle mass.
steroids give the ability to work out for longer and with more intensity and also allow you to recover quicker.Meaning more time and more trips to the gym without going into a negative nitrogen balance which is when you will lose muscle mass
So there you have it now it’s up to you to decide.For me it’s a no brainer i don’t want to spend the next ten years ranting and raving at family and friends and then die of a heart attack aged 43 just to get big quick.but i’ll let you decide.

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