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Looking for some MCC RPG action on Friday night?

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If you didn't know, Vaginas Are Magic! #vam #lotfp #rpg #magic #FLGS
Come out to Free RPG Day at your Friendly Local Game Store, roll some dice.

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Looking to get in on some Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG fun on Saturday? Or do you want to add a game you are judging to the international directory? Then check out this list, and possibly add your game to it.

I am an experienced GM and player, though new to Traveller.

I live in the central San Diego CA area, and am interested in joining a Traveller gaming group, either as Referee or as a player. I would prefer playing either Classic Traveller or, if called to referee, Mongoose Traveller 2e.

If interested, please comment on this thread--thank you!

I ran the new Blue Rose game last weekend and it used the AGE system. The game was fun but I felt like I was battling against the system. Two things annoyed. One was the damage to HP ratio in combat seemed off and battles would take a long time and only get worse as you go up levels.

The other thing was that stunt points (the mechanic when you roll doubles you suddenly get a bunch of option) did not come up enough or at weird times when there were not options.

I plan on running Blue Rose again and came up with these hacks to the Stunt Point system. My goal is give players more control over the use of SP and to encourage the use of them. For those of you familiar with the AGE system I was wondering what you think.

Generate Stunt Points
- Start play with 1 stunt point
- When you fail a roll gain 1 stunt point
- When you roll doubles gain +1 sp, triples gain +2 sp
- If you gain a 6th sp you must immediately spend all you sp. Any unspent sp after this action is lost.
- If you roll doubles or triples and it is a failed roll and you generate 6+ sp it is a botch. Your sp stays at 5 and the Narrator comes up with a complication.

Generic Stunts
- In addition to Combat, Arcane, Roleplay and Explorer stunts we add generic stunts that replace Composure. Generic stunts are:
- 1 Narrative element. Add an extra bit of narration to results of roll.
- +2 Boost: gain a +1 to total. **
- 4 Reroll. **
** Can be spent on a failed roll but not a botch

The drama die
- When the drama die comes into play instead use threshold of success with a maximum of 6.

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Free RPG Day is coming!
I will be running on #FreeRPGday . If you want to try out #DCCRPG , I will be running two games. If the #MCCRPG pdfs are available in time, I will see if I can run some Mutant Crawl Classics as well.

The event calendar will hopefully be updated soon with links to the sign-ups. Last year they were scheduled through eventbright.

If you want to check out the store web page:


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San Diablo #1 is now on drivethrurpg.

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Kingdomcon day 3: Upwind, Numenera, Wheelhouse, AD&D, Fall of Magic, DCC, Pathfinder and others. 
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Dungeon Craw Classics RPG Session Report from Kingdom-Con 2017

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Awesome first day playing Headspace at Kingdomcon
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