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We Have Entered a New Era of Book Promotion

• Friends, I wrote last week to tell you about the devastating effect the traditional publishing industry has had on the good people of the book world- the writers. I now want to tell you about one hope we have of escaping their iron grasp. I created one E-zine and gave it away for free. It has moved great numbers and hit number one. We the people have shown that we will read independent books by independent authors and ever since the release of the magazine we have been buying these books in larger quantities. Novel Reads by Novel Ideas has proven that the world is hungry for new talent and new ideas. The traditional publishing industry would have you believe that independent authors are somehow lesser, somehow not as talented and yet, I have seen hundreds of writers as talented as those picked up by publishers yet they are for the most part ignored, forgotten, passed-over, left to languish on the sidelines etc, etc. What do we have to do to become a known author? We have to forget about the stale old and broken authors dream. And we have to then create a brand new dream. Perhaps a brand new world? This new author’s world will give all authors the chance to reach the top. We will have to work hard- but haven't we always? We the people have always striven for the best and only when told we can't have it have we roared that we can. This new publishing world will depend on out of the box ideas such as E-zines and free giveaways. This new author’s world will also encourage rivals to the big publishing companies. It will create opportunities for new book selling websites and brand new bestselling authors will emerge all over the world. I have a dream... A dream that one day independent authors will be taken as serious alternate choices and accepted as writers without the arbitrary stamp of the "evil empire" of publishers weighing them down. A dream that your book as an independent author will sit on a book shelf next door to the latest traditional bestseller. A dream that one day that traditional bestseller with sit at number two as your book heads the bestseller lists. I dream of the day when there will be no way to tell the difference between the books of independent and traditional authors. Each will be made the same size, shape and printed on the same quality paper. There will be no more bullying by the traditional publishers to make the self-published authors book stand out as a self-published book. Have you ever wondered why your CreateSpace paperback is bigger? The traditional publisher exercises its muscle on the printer to make your book bigger and lessen its appeal. You aren't allowed to share their space or their customers. To hell with that. We the people deserve every opportunity and this E-magazine is the first keystone. I as a PR will work outside of their rules, I will be new, different and I expect to see the birth of world I dream of. I expect my dream to blossom and grow until it becomes the norm. That's when we will know that we have created equality in the book world. I would like to hear from you if you would like to feature in the next issue of "Novel Reads by Novel Ideas." This will be a magazine for you-- the author. Email me at

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Amazing! I am overwhelmed by the response to Novel Reads
I think I have another promotions hit on my hands. The interviews have gone very well and soon I’ll have to cut off the September interviews and start on October.
It occurred to me that there is an area that receives almost nothing in the way of promotion, and that maybe I could help. So here we go.
Are you a blogger who would like to have more followers? Sure we all would. Money tight? Gee you think? Well how much would you pay to get that blog of yours in front twenty thousand viewers next month? What if it were a hundred thousand viewers? Or a million?
Most Emagazines, if they’d even post your blog, would be charging a few hundred dollars minimum. Yeah the ones that get two or three viewers might do it for free but you get what you pay for in that case. 
Would you be willing to pass up a cup of fancy coffee for the chance of having thousands see your blog? The chance to build a following that would allow you to charge a subscription fee, sell ads on your blog and actually make a living writing.
Well here it is. For slightly more than a cup of good coffee, Novel Reads will promote you and your blog in our proposed new quarterly bloggers digest.
$10 allows you to post a 500 word blog about you and your blog. You’ll be able to send a picture of yourself or whatever you use as your logo to be posted with it.  Ninety days of promotion for just ten dollars, that’s $0.11 a day.
So if you’re a blogger, or someone with a blog that showcases your other work and need viewers and followers, you need to join the Novel Reads Blogger’s Digest. It goes out free to everyone and as a member of Novel Reads Blogger’s Digest you’ll share the link several times a month to the digest to help spread the word about the digest and about yours and your fellow bloggers blogs to more and more people. If you want to shine, here’s your chance. Five hundred words and a picture for ninety days in front of thousands $10.00.
Contact: for full details and instuctions.

Although really it should be less talking, more blogging - my personal blog has fallen by the wayside in the face of the client's blog. But I'm resurrecting it. Good to have a community of bloggers to spur me on....:-)

Yey great stuff :-)
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