Is it possible to post the PL answers we reviewed on Tuesday to the course website? It will definitely help a lot.

For CS students from Karen Reid:

This Thursday, March 28th at 11:00am, in BA3200, the CS department will hold a townhall for all Undergraduates enrolled in the CS POSt as well as first-years in the CS Stream.  

In the coming days, we'll be sending you a quick survey, but Thursday's townhall meeting  is your opportunity to let us know how we are doing, to give feedback on the program, and to tell us about your experience as an Undergraduate in Computer Science.  We want to hear it all... the good, the badand the ugly.  And we want to hear from students in all years, first-years through to fourth.

It is the end of term, and we know that you are all very busy, so take a break from those assignments, come share your opinions, and have some lunch on us.  There will be pizza!  To make sure there is enough pizza for you, please RSVP (by 5:00pm Wednesday, 27th March).  To do so,  just reply to this email or send a message to

Many thanks, and I hope to see all of you on Thursday.

Karen Reid


I have a question regarding the project: Text search with fuzzy string matching

For the n-grams the only way I can see this working is to use xapian to add n-grams as terms for a specific word, then after finding the corresponding word we use the word to find the matching document.  Is this correct or should we be using another approach?

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  I had a question regarding the project: (Classical Algos): 

1) "Highlight the application of database technology (sqlite / leveldb / your own implementation) in your design and implementation of the final system."

  Can you elaborate more what does that mean i am not sure if i understand correctly what we are asked to do? 

"It would be interesting to see the trends in movie making and audiences preferences over time.". What does this mean precisely? 
  2) Seeing trends in movie making, do you mean like what kind of genres are released often? 
  3) Audience preferences, do you mean again the genre of movie that users prefer more based on rating? 

I installed xapian on Ubuntu 10.04 without any error (I can see .libs/libxapian.a).
However, when running bio_indexer, I have the following error:

./bio_indexer: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

My partner who is using Ubuntu 12.04 doesn't have this problem though.
Is there anything I can do to fix it?


Is there still going to be an office hour hangout today?

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Revision to Xapian tutorial:

There is a bug in the xapian tutorial: the command line for compiling xapian programs didn't work on many platforms.  It's since fixed.  Please refer to the new revision.

Also, don't forget to refer to the sample code provided at:


We also have problem on test file size of PL5, the process will be killed in my laptop if the file size is bigger than 200MB. Any suggestion on test file's size? I notice Jeremy Merkur use file size up to 500MB.

PS: My laptop is old, IBM T41 pentium M 1.7GHZ, 768M memory, 5400rpm hard disk, Ubuntu 12.04. Also there is a limit disk space on CDF, I do not think we can have large file tested on CDF.
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