the missing binary book and its power to save mankind,its was writen by a soldier in agfganistan writen by the discovery of the moons kirkut and mass whicht are in line or were in line whit the rest the line up moons to the rest of the galaxy existance of the moons profs the the existance of men and its future colonies in space the book must be return to its rigfull owners after it when missing in the back of a tranport truck headed to bachi and its secrets of this binsry look at the sky and it existing secrets .we must recover our future or else this binary code to the is the path to our survival in this life and the was a wenesday afternoon and the sky was clear and so the inevitable happend the secret path to the living planets of mankind weres the book well .theres is a driver call sara pallets shes the last noun soldier a driver and driving intructor for the marines was the driver of that truck after the attack were the book went missing.suposibly in the back of the truck may have she found it or not.were still looking into that.there was never adouth the book exist and its pages unreavealed to human kind maybe the youngest of her dotters mite hold the secret to findind this so talk about book.we will see and whacht this event meticuolosly and god save us if we don't find it.cooperator desing is abidable tru the years it holds its own weith in gold.will see.after out
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