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Yes Todd M. Knisely, Dr. Nuccitelli will go to the prom with you. Most children push each other off the monkey bars on the playground when they like each other. But You? You defame and character assassinate the shit out of Doc on a daily basis. You’ve even spent your time, energy and money to make a disinformation website about him ( And let’s not forget the Chippendales JibJab video you recently made or your new hashtag #ScammerMichaelNuccitelli

There is a growing number of CAIN members, internet safety professionals and students who don’t think you’re obsessed with Doc Nuccitelli, but hot for him. Please know that Doc is heterosexual and never kisses on the first date. If you want his attention? Remove all your defamatory and felonious content about him and others, apologize and focus on helping online users.

How about crawling back under your rock and stop attacking Doc Nuccitelli, Anonymous, female online users, minors and the unsuspecting? How about simply acting like an InfoSec. professional?

Todd Knisely (aka, Shadow) G+ Profiles
(Presently He Renamed “Dead”)

Todd Knisely (aka, Shadow) G+ Disinformation Community

Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. Scammer

#ToddKnisely #ShadowsGovernment #shadowsgovernment #Shadow-Corp #Anonymous #Anonymiss #GLOBAL #InfoSec #iPredator #CyberSecurity #ITSecurity

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Dear G+ Friends and Internet Safety Advocates, Todd M. Knisely (Shadow) is at it again now claiming he has a 3000 signature petition to send to the NYSED (Office of Professional Discipline) to have Dr. Nuccitelli’s license revoked. Not only has he published this nonsense, but spammed it to 30+ G+ communities. Please consider reporting his profile and posts for spam or “harassing someone else”.

Pasted here is one of his six identical profiles that includes the 34 defamation themed spam posts as of June 8, 2016. Lastly, iPredator Inc. apologizes for non-internet safety volunteer assistance, but the malevolent online activities Mr. Knisely is participating in is the future for all licensed and certified professionals. Respectfully, iPredator Inc. New York, USA.

G+ Profile Link

#iPredator #ToddKnisely #Shadow #ShadowsGovernment #Shadow-Corp #InfoSec #CyberSecurity #Defamation #Slander #CriminalDefamation #MichaelNuccitelli #Psychology

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For Those Who Have Been Targeted, Attacked & Defamed by Shadow. The Real Todd Knisely. Pathetic!

TY Mr. #AdamGuerbuez for providing this valuable internet safety information

“Unlike Humanity, Justice is Not Time Dependent and Waits Patiently”

#ToddKnisely #ShadowsGovernment #shadowsgovernment #Shadow -Corp #Anonymous #InfoSec #iPredator #CAIN

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Social Media Safety & G+ Educated Consumer Announcement: On May 12, 2016, Self-ordained InfoSec. professional Todd Knisely (aka, ṤⱧǠ ᴆŐƜ) spammed 24 G+ posts and communities announcing his new private disinformation community titled, “John Carroll Complete DOX”. Not only is doxing illegal in some jurisdictions, but the online user he is targeting is a respected Anonymous activist and internet safety advocate. On May 13, 2016 (24 hours later), one of our internet safety volunteers visited the destinations of his 24 spam posts to record the feedback by others.

Of the defamatory posts he published, Todd Knisely’s (aka, ṤⱧǠ ᴆŐƜ) content was only visible on his own thread and his collections page. This means after 24 hours, only 2 of his 24 posts were viewable to other online users. It is quite possible his posts were flagged as inappropriate content or spam.

To verify for yourself, provided here is his direct profile link with all 24 spam posts. Please consider reporting Todd Knisely (aka, ṤⱧǠ ᴆŐƜ) and his disinformation themed community for “harassing someone else” if you feel his content breaches Google+ content guidelines. Furthermore, Mr. Knisely is a grown adult, Pennsylvania resident and actively markets his InfoSec. services using Google+ and other social networking sites.

John Carroll Complete DOX

#Anonymous #Anonymiss #GLOBAL #Shadow-Corp #ShadowsGovernment #ToddKnisely #CAIN #iPredator #CyberSecurity #InfoSec #InformationSecurity

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A dangerous stalker who crossed over from the 'net...
It started with a tweet. It ended with a stranger breaking into her bedroom as she slept, intending, he told police later, to stick a knife through her face.
A seven-year ordeal, which has left Lily Allen “a changed person”, feeling isolated from friends and family and let down by the police, this month saw a man convicted of harassment and breaking into the singer’s London flat when she was at home with her friend and two young children.
In an exclusive interview with the Observer, Allen says she remains in limbo awaiting the sentencing of Alex Gray, the stranger who threatened her life. Gray steadily undermined her confidence and security since he first popped up on a social media account back in 2009, claiming to having written her hit song, The Fear, and using the handle @lilyallenRIP.
Then came letters, abusive rants, accusations and suicide threats. “He would drop off these letters at my record company, my management offices, my sister’s shop, my flat,” she said.
“It was freaking me out a bit and I’m not easily scared, so the fact I went to the police with the letters shows how serious I felt it was. Alarm bells were ringing. But I felt comforted by the fact that I was telling the police, I was keeping a record,” she said.

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Just a heads up ! We are still fighting the good fight ty +Brian White Knight Williams for the assist we took a nasty little predator down yesterday! Thanks for the cross checks as well! While he wasn't screwing with kids he messed up a marriage and grabbed 500 .00 US from people who could ill afford the loss!

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Brutal death... Whether there had been bad feelings online or previously not known.

Ta’Jae Warner was declared brain dead Sunday, after she was beaten late Friday outside the Ocean Towers on W. 24th St. in Coney Island, prosecutors said.
Family friends said she was kept on life support at Bellevue Hospital so out-of-state relatives could say their goodbyes, and for organ donation.
Sarina Agard-Forde, 18, is accused of pummeling Ta’Jae in the head until she lost consciousness. She’s charged with felony and misdemeanor assault, though prosecutors expect to bring more serious charges, said a Brooklyn district attorney’s office spokeswoman.
Family friend Lissette Pizarro saidTa’Jae was walking her 11-year-old brother to the store when a group of teens approached, made a remark and then attacked her.
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