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We need this community to be more active! Tell, I don't know, like, some people or something!

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My Oc
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My oc

See my pinned post in my profile to see why she's an alicorn or click here:
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Tell me witch you guys want to be in the ur da the best also send me your oc
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This is my O.C cotton candy. She is a oc that co-own. She is a cross between my mane oc (flower lilly) and the oc of the person I co-own her with and her cutie mark is cotton candy (duh) . and she's so flippin adorable! dies of cuteness

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Hi. I'm new. I'm princess elenmoon, one of the many ocs that are lunas daughter, or the second princess of the night.

Picture down be low.

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this is my oc

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+Night Walker  Here are the poniezzzzzzzzz
Hope you like them :3

Can someone draw these OCS plz using the descriptions below

spring and autumn are twins

Spring and Winter mares. And Summer and Autumn stallions

Autumn (fall) alicorn stallion:
orange and yellow mane
a caramel brown coat
Cutie mark maple leaves falling

Winter (alicorn mare):
Blue and purple mane And tail
Light blue coat
Cutie mark snowflake

Spring (alicorn mare):
yellow mane and tail with a flower on it
A peach coat
And a cutiemark of a sunflower

Summer (alicorn stallion):
Really light red coat
With light blue and green and yellow mane and tail
Cutie mark Sun with sunglasses on
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