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A public service announcement:

Everyone, we want to help you, really, we do. However in order to provide you with the best possible level of support, you need to also provide us with some basic information. So, here are a few things that are important:

If you have just installed your Cohesion3D board and are having issues
Take a picture, or several pictures, of the connections, all the wires, where they're plugged in, and post them in your initial post. Take a picture of the stepper drivers so it's easy to see their orientation. Having the pictures will help identify problems with the wiring, if any. If you want to post the pictures as soon as you've installed the board just so we can verify your connections, by all means, do. Not every machine is built the same, not every machine have the same set of wires or control board. We can't be guessing what yours looks like, well, we could, we just don't want to.

When you run into problems
Check out the online documentations at - there are several instructions, images, diagrams, and pictures submitted by others who may have the same setup as your machine. Try to do some debugging first: check the cables, make sure they're all plugged in right, and in the right spot (you did post pictures, right?). It could very well be something as simple as not having pushed one of the connectors in all the way.

When you post about whatever issues you may be having
Please follow instructions given as we try to debug things with you. It's hard trying to figure out what's going on if you don't follow directions. Things like screenshots are important! And please try not to jump ahead when we're trying to help debug problems. If someone asks for the results of step A, don't jump on ahead and come back with step C. We try to be methodical when debugging problems. All we ask if that you follow along. Also, please be descriptive. "I plugged it in and now I get nothing." That means absolutely nothing. What have you done, what have you tried, what software are you using, on a Windows, OS X, or Unix (Raspberry Pi).

Grammar & punctuation!
This may seem like we're nit-picking but please try to write proper sentences that one can understand. The nature of social platforms such as Facebook and Google Plus makes this a very diverse group and the last thing we need is to try and decipher what you are trying to convey to us. Write proper sentences, use punctuation where required/needed/necessary, make it so that there is little to no chance of anyone misinterpreting your post or what it is you are having an issue with, or wanting help with. (and remember to post pictures!)

I have a a cohesion 3d remix board along with 4 stepper breakouts and 4 stepper SainSmart CNC Micro-Stepping Stepper Motor Drivers I am looking to sell. They are unused, I only power the remix to check functionality upon delivery. I am looking to sell. If anyone is interested in picking this up for a deal please email me ended up going with a different setup for my cnc.

Simple question i cannot seem to google the answer to: Does the cohesion mini run on 12v aswell ? i have external stepper drivers so i dont really need 24v.

So I just got my LaserBoard in the mail, however I have 1 question...

How do I hook it up so I have Variable Laser Power on my K40 Machine?
Is there a PWM wire I have to connect somewhere?

I have just installed the C3D laser board in my K40 laser. Installation went without a hitch and everything seemed to work well until I started doing some serious projects. I found that the Y axis is well out of calibration. All vertical dimensions are about 15% too large. Is there some way I can calibrate the axis in the software or is there a setting that I am not aware of? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Installed the C3D LaserBoard. It was easy. The only snag (literally) was the cord for the end stops needed to be tugged a bit to actually reach the spot on the C3D board. Now with LightBurn and C3D I can directly control it from my Mac rather than the strange combination of a Windows PC with K40Whisper, Drop Box and Team viewer I was using and hour ago. The one question I have is all of the other boards have pin out diagrams (Mini/Remix) but no diagram for the Full Sized board. Any ETA or am I missing a link somewhere (along with the screw that is loose)?

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I bought a cohesion 3d laser board with the LCD upgrade in December. I got to installing it today and my board is displays like the image attached with a line across the display. Is this damaged or is my wiring lose?
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red light went out on board c3d mini, does this mean board is no good or is it a software issue ?

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Hi folks,

We are in need of having a proper support forum, so let's have one:

This is new, some details still need to be filled in, and very empty at the moment - please come on in, sign up, and give it a shot.

Let us know of any issues or feedback!

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I recently just purchased the Cohesion3D and had a few issues (due to a loose L-wire, now fixed). After I fixed the L-wire issue I'm still having this problem of the print stopping almost as soon as I start the job. Any info on how I can fix this?

thank you,
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