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Will YOU Be the Next Awakened Author in the Cocoon of Transformation?

The Cocoon is a place where you come to get guidance through authoring journey. During  Premium Member Call, the focus is on YOU.

It's not a hot seat where you're being scorched! It's more like being enfolded in a comforting, warm blanket so you feel nurtured.

If you want to be in the Cocoon on a Thursday at 11 AM ET,

1. First you need to be an Awakened Author Premium Member.
 2. Then just add a comment below and I'll let you know when it's your turn.

Begin your 7 day free trial -

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When a leader demonstrates the courage to step out of the frenetic pace and seeming urgency of the daily tasks to contemplate deeper inside themselves, they provide almost a permission for others to do the same. This simple task can transcend the voice of one into hearing the collective voices of many. A prophetic community can be more effective than a single voice because the community magnifies a clear, single message...

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~Laying Love

Thou thee lay a love like this
Thus chicken lays an egg 😋

Now future holds a mystery
Rather t'is going to be rotten
Hatched chick appears or
Served with french toast

Asif Balouch
Copyright June 14, 2016

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~Double Rainbow

Wrath of clouds
Turned thunderous sounds
Lightning strikes on the
Heart of ground
Tremendous rage
Scared earthian flee

Selfishness of thine
Makes sky weep
From single drop
Emerges tsunami
Wing flap makes
Breeze whirl
Down comes
Twister drill

Alas! Balouch,
Blew of wind makes
Forces at ease
Clouds scattered
Silently leave
Then appears
Fourteen colors of
Offering peace

Original poem by Asif Balouch
Copyright June 2, 2016

Hey Everyone,
I have a Zine in which i am looking for writers to contribute to this upcoming issue. The issue is specifically on communication with loved ones during tough times. This can be anonymous or credited. I do not like to give a lot of expectations as this is your story so write it how you see fit. usually between 750-1000 words. Email me at if interested.

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'Alas! Asif
It feels like some force have
Ripped out my heart
And squeezed it
When those angels
Stares me through
Emptied gaze"

Poem © by Asif Ajaz

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"Stuck in vulnerable
Invulnerable state
We humans are
So easy to manipulate"

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Book Review - Rivet Your Readers with Deep Point of View

Many fiction authors struggle with point of view, so if you do, you're in good company! It's one of those things you don't get until you GET.

Here's a #BookReview  of an excellent resource by Jill Elizabeth Nelson.
#WritingSkills   #WritingTips  
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