i am still alive I am not dead I will be back in # months 

Guys I'm sorry I didn't do videos my computer had a virus bit I will be doing a video on that later.

GUYS guess what later I am going to be uploading a minecraft video with my voice in it when it come out enjoy

sorry guys some of the other updates from the past might not be able to happen

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Banana milkshake!🍌🍺

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Milk shake from ihop

Hello there guys ! Heads up, I'll be uploading new videos soon 

Hi guys Ethan here and I just want to say what I'm going to be doing in my videos I just want to say because I haven't been uploading videos sooooooo lets start. I wil be playing,

Assassin creed unity maybe
Little big planet 3
And more coming soon and later I will be uploading videos so BYYYYYYEEEEEE
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