Hi Cairns, I'm agent cipherseven (resistance) from Western Australia. I'll be portalling around town for a week, chasing L16 so might smash a few green portals while I'm here, but it's all ap right? :) 

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Oops turns out there was already a Cairns community 

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Hi all,

Remember me? Sorry this isn't a Ingress post, it's halfway to off topic. I am now doing Google local guides. I thought some former Ingress players might be interested in helping develop Google maps for our area. Currently Google maps is quite broken with many businesses missing or in the wrong location. Local guides let's you review, edit or add to Google maps. You get rewarded in return with points, rank up high enough and Google even gives you 1tb of drive space and a Christmas present!

I am currently L4 and slowly moving to L5. At that time I want to start a Cairns local guides community. Let me know if you are interested in joining.


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We're hosting another First Saturday on 5/12 if anyone wants to come down.


So is there anything we can do about that huge field apart from taking a hike? I've noticed a huge reduction in play on both sides since it's been up...

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Private group for Cairns Enlightened agents, come say hello


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Due to popular request, there is another run of the Australian Resistance Keyrings happening. However, there is a very short time limit on this order form, I need to confirm numbers with the manufacturer by first thing on Monday morning (16th Feb), therefore ORDERS CLOSE 9am Monday 16th February (Melbourne Time)

The form to order the keyrings is here: http://goo.gl/forms/3qccEaaBOZ

Keyrings will be available at the end of March/beginning of April.

Make sure you order quickly so you don't miss this opportunity, and share this post around so that others don't miss out either.

L13 Res agent from Melbourne will be in town tomorrow for a day or two before heading further north. If any other agents of either faction want to catch up while I hunt/hack uniques.

Will not have transport so any help getting around the outer suburbs would be great!

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#ingress portal approval user interface leaked!!!
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Who says you don't get much hacking an opposition portal...
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