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Crystal: Where am I?? Mom? Dad? Sister? Brother? Coral? Anyone?? (+Briar Vonscote​ +That ShadowDude​ +Kenya Baugh​ and others who are on that have promotion.)
Coral: Crystal??? Are you okay??
Crystal: Yeah I'm fine! Where are we??
Coral: I THOUGHT YOU KNEW!! (please make an intro not hi I'm.... So please do so!
Where am I???
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||General Info||

Name: jin owan

Nicknames: none

Age: 16

Species: mermaid


Eye Color: light blue

Hair: light pink

Skin tone: tan

Outfits: in the picture


Personality: lolita

Likes: anything cute, the color pink

Dislikes: anything not cute, the color blue ironic

Family: none

Pets: none


Power: can controll the sea around her

||Extra Info|| ο»Ώ

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||Quotes|| I like land as well

||General Info||

Name: sapphire

Nicknames: phire

Age: 12

Species: mermaid (if I can't then human)


Eye Color: blue

Hair: white

Skin tone: tan

Outfits: in pictures


Personality: rash, kind hearted, gentle

Likes: both land and water, moono her sea/normal dragon

Dislikes: doubtful people

Family: never met / abandoned

Pets: moono


Power: transform into human/ water manipulate

||Extra Info|| ο»Ώ
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Name: Crystal
Age: 12
Family: Triton and the mermaid Queen
Hair: blue
Type: mermaid
Height: 5'2 (feet) 5'6 (tail)
Pet: Coral The sea dragon.
Eye color: Ocean blue,blood red when mad (don't get red eyes.!.!.!)
Prolog: I was born mermaid and found coral in the coral reef. I took care of her and I'm not sure who her parents are, but she said she ran away cause she was hurt by them. So I took care of her, I'm 11 but in a week I'll be 12. So this is my story for you! ο»Ώ
me as human, mermaid, and my pet Coral.
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Thank you guys for joining! You can be mermaid, pirate, human, or Sea creature if I say it's okay. Please put your oc in understanding you,(something like that.) Also you can have pets and have 3 ocs you can make. If one of them messes up, I can delete that and you get as many that messed up. Thank you for joining and have fun!!
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