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Name : Flamekit / Flamepaw / Flameheart
Clan : FireClan
Rank : Apprentice
Gender : She-cat
Powers : Can make a claw from fires
Mother : Fireheart
Father : Flameclaw
Mate : None ( Open at she is a warrior )
Mentor : Sunfall
Personality : Brave, Active, Not very strong.
Crush : Blazepaw ( Heheh... )
Bio : -

Mikayla, Sorry i can't commenting on all your posts because technical
Problems... You can't be leader... Deputy too, Sorry, But approved!

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I Have Warrior OC Named Midnight- But the last i still thinking!!
Who should her name is?
She is a Black She-Cat with One single Right paw, Icy-blue eyes with White tail tip.
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Mate frostfeather
Powers unknown

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This is the pic of unamed Stormstar's kits... I hope you can gave name for they're!!

. The white and grey one with holly - Green eyes (Open!!)
2. Blackish - Grey with Midnight - Blue eyes (Mine)
3 . White with silver paws, Little spots in eyes with Reddish - Orange eyes. (Open!!)
4 . Black one with white single left paw and Icy - Blue eyes (Open!!)

What you have to tell me :

Name :
Rank : Kits
Gender :
Personality :
Age : 5 Days
Powers :

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Name : Stormstar
Clan : None, She is the leader of All Clans
Powers : Controls waters, Fire, Snow, And all elements.
Age : 42 Moons
Gender : She Cat
Eyes : Greyish - Green
Fur : Greyish - Black with Dark grey ear and tail tip.
Mother : Heartstar (Deceased)
Father : Streakstar (Deceased)
Sibblings : Featherpelt ( She-Cat) Streamstorm ( She-Cat )
Mate : Cleasestreak (Deceased)
Kits : I'll be do... In the discussion she have but needs name.
Personality : Brave, Kind, Caring, Strong, Active, Loyal.
Bio : Her mother and father was killed by the Dog Packs, Cleasestreak
are killed in the river by the badger histerically. Her kits needs names.
And she raised himself from StarClan to the earth.

(Art not mine)

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~Snowkit/Snowpaw/Snowmist/ Snowstar
~38 Moons
~Her mother is Feathertail
~Her father is Clawfur
~Shy, kind, Caring
Bio : Nothing to be added yet.
Siblings : Frostfeather ( Noopsy, +Snow Feather!!!)
Crush : Freezeflight
Mate : None
Kits : None

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Name : Froststar
Clan : IceClan
Powers : Controls Ice
Gender : She-Cat
Age  : 39 Moons
Rank : Leader
Mother : Icestar (Deceased)
Father : Freezeclaw (Deceased)
Mate : Frezingwind
Sibblings : Weatherpath (She-Cat) And Hollyblizzard (She-Cat)
Bio : Icestar and Freezeclaw are killed Histericaly by somecats who anybody Doesn't know...  She has no kits...

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Name : Sunkit/ Sunpaw / Sunfall
Clan : FireClan
Rank : Deputy
Family : Sunheart (Mother) Moonclaw (Father) Squirreltail (Sister)
Personality : Brave, Caring, Active.
Bio : Finish this later, Tired...
Powers : Make a fire, Burning something.
Age : 34 Moons
Description : Yellowish - Orange she-cat with stripe on the cheek, back And tail with white paws and tail tip and Amberish - Orange eyes.

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Hi I'm new...uh...but i don't really understand the rules.. so..can somebody explain..please
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