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Hello, this is a kingdom for members of Shadow's Squad who want to go to some sort of... other roleplay zone.. I'm making +Sonic The Hedgehog​ (a.k.a +Dimension Sonic The Hedgehog​) the primary owner/king of this Kingdom because... well.. he's my friend and I don't want everything to be about me.. anyways.. the rules are more-or-less the same as Shadow's Squad's

1. Don't insult other people for no reason outside of roleplay, that's a dickish thing to do.
2. Please post things in the correct category, I tend to remove posts in the wrong category..
3. You LISTEN TO and RESPECT Mods and Owners whether you like it or not
4. Characters should be their Blsck Knight Counterparts
5. 5 Stike Policy,
6. Unless you are a moderator here, create a profile before roleplaying.
7. Canon characters ARE allowed, however, only one canon character can be enrolled in this community at a time... this means, only 1 Sonic, only 1 Tails, only 1 Scourge, ect... if you want to roleplay, make a profile for a different character... for example: if your name is "Silver The Hedgehog" but you want to make an account for "Charmy Bee", I'm fine with that..
8. Sonic Characters and OCs ONLY, no different types of OCs or 3rd party characters... PERIOD..
10. Enjoy yourself, have fun, don't live under a rock.
11. NO SPAMMING, CLICKBAITING, OR TROLLING (This stuff inculdes: Share this to 3 communities or this will happen.. or share this or you don't have a heart, etc.) I will allow you to share your communities under my permission though
12. You have a limit of 5 characters you could make profiles for..
13. DO NOT kill other students.
14. Here's the most importnt rule: NO Marry Sue OCs, godmodding, or unfair roleplays.. if you have an OC where every single power is your power, that is unacceptable here... you cannot kill others for no reason in one hit, you can't dodge everything they throw at you, you can't just suddenly HAVE THE CHAOS EMERALDS in one second, and you cannot have several overpowered abilities without having a reason to. Stuff like that could only be done in joke roleplays or random roleplays, but serious roleplays, esphecially ones I'm involved with, will not have any godmodding.. I will let some OCs be overpowered, but that's only if their bio/backstory is detailed enough as to why and/or if they promise not to godmod, other than that, OCs can't be Goku themselves.. the only people I could give a SLIGHT pass to, are people roleplaying as offical characters since they could be pretty overpowered at times... but even they can't godmod 24/7. The Sonic Universe isn't simply sunshine and rainbows, guys.. if everything in a serious roleplay is normal and happy the entire time, than it's just boring.. try to make everything more up-beat and cinematic most of the time, or else there is just no point in trying... just atleast make roleplays last longer than 15 minutes..
15. DO NOT ask to be mod


Profile Template:
Current Kingdom:
Role You're Gonna Play:
Other Items:
Other Abillities/Talents:
Eye Color:
Fur Color(s):
Natural Appearance:
Allies: (Friends)
Family Members:
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Name: Metal Sonic Neo 2.0
Nickname(s): Neo, Neo 2.0
Species: metal hedgehog
Age: ageless
Hometown: Unknown
Current Kingdom: sonics kingdom
Role You're Gonna Play: proud leader
Occupation/Job: leader of +The Metalhogs
Powers: non.
Weapons: the cyber saber. A sword capable of shooting beams in the way he swings. (Like egg emperors attack from sonic heroes)
Other Items: he wields the light cell, a powerful relic that grants him the wisdom and power of ancients. It's what makes him the noble leader he is.
Other Abillities/Talents: hands can turn into either sword blades or ion blasters
Personallity: proud, noble, wise, old
Height: 3,6
Weight: 290.5 lb
Eye Color: light blue with black sclera
Fur Color(s): Blue, yellow, silver, red, white, black
Natural Appearance: (need help with this one)
Weaknesses: his pride, he will also not risk having innocents hurt
Strengths: his team, family and friends.
Forms: normal mode, battle mode (his body changes slightly, making him a bit taller, giving him more fire power and the ability to fly, but he only uses it for battles, as the name says)
Goals: to protect this planet
Likes: seeing how the organics of this planet evolve and live
Dislikes: people who try to harm those he cares about
Allies: most of +Smol Gamer Fawn​'s OC's, +The Metalhogs​, +Chrissi Zanella​, +Geoffrey St John
Enemies: +Nemesis Neo​, +The Corruptions​, anyone who threatens the planet.
Family Members: most of +Smol Gamer Fawn​'s OC's
Fears: failing to protect the ones he loves
Bio/Backstory: thrust into a unknown world, Neo 2.0 wasn't always the noble hero. He didn't accept the task until he witnessed the one he loved get murdered. He then vowed to protect this planet and it's inhabitants while his spark still beats energy. His brother, Nemesis Neo thinks otherwise, wanting to destroy the organics and have robots rule. The two have clashed for years. Each time getting stronger. The ties between good and evil being balanced. Neo 2.0 feels all sentient beings deserve a chance to live.
Extras: qoutes: "one shall stand, one shall fall." "Metalhogs, power up and race off!" "All sentient beings deserve the chance to live. This much we owe them..."

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Fur:Teal, navy blue
Attire;Red-and-white business suit,Red high heels,White gloves,Yellow cuff rings,Yellow earrings

Affiliation:Eggman Empire (formerly),Breeze Media

Breezie is a slightly-taller-than-average female Mobian hedgehog with green fur and purple irises. She has long quill gatherings with blue highlighted tips that fall behind her head, resembling long hair, and has two smaller and curved bangs of quills on her forehead. She also has purple irises, peach skin and a short black snout. She wears a red dress with red high heels, a white undershirt, yellow buttons, and white gloves being held together by yellow cuff rings. She appears to wear makeup, having purple eyelids and, in her initial appearance, red lipstick. She has also been seen wearing glasses.

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I'll just be a simple villian
Name: Fiona Fox
Nickname(s): Fi-Fi
Species: Red Fox
Age: 16 (In the year 3237)
Hometown: Mobius
Occupation/Job: Treasure Hunting
Powers: None
Weapons: Fists and Feet (Good at combat)
Other Items: Blue Super Emerald
Other Abillities/Talents: Fiona is both a swift and agile fighter due to her time as a former bounty hunter and Freedom Fighter. In battle, she has managed to hold her own against different opponents in hand-to-hand combat and many forms of martial arts. As a former Freedom Fighter, she was also both a proficient technician and medic. She also showed some tactical skills as the former second-in-command of the Suppression Squad and the current leader of the Destructix, having helped plan the invasion of Freedom HQ and the assault on the Raiju Clan's stronghold, respectively.
Personallity: Sassy, Destructive, Hard To Trust, Fiona is a determined fighter, eager to oppose evil since her capture at the hands of Robotnik. Somewhat prideful, she tends to hold grudges, such as against Rouge the Bat, who defeated her and the other members of Nic's gang in an illegal fighting tournament, and towards Sonic and Mighty the Armadillo for failing to save her when she was captured by Robotnik as a child. She has a history of mild illegal activity, including robbery. She is also extremely clever, and has an acute memory. However, she is clearly reluctant to talk about her past, most likely due to her feelings of abandonment.

It was later revealed that she chooses to follow a darker path in life (likely due to her past) and develops a relationship with Scourge, preferring the "evil" version of Sonic to the virtuous real deal. This in part comes from the fact that Scourge has no expectations of her other than to "have fun."

Height: 3 foot, 5 inches
Weight: 105 pounds
Eye Color: Blue
Fur Color(s): Burgande-Redish
Natural Appearance: Fiona Fox is red with a pale yellow front, muzzle and tail-tip. Her short hair is generally brown, though it sometimes ranges towards auburn and red. In her initial design, her hair completely obscured her ears. She wore long white gloves, yellow boots and a dagger on a belt. Her depictions as a child generally match this, only lacking the belt and blade. Her eyes are usually blue, though they have occasionally been depicted as gray. She is almost always shown wearing a yellow bow in her hair.
Weaknesses: Unknown
Strengths: Unknown
Forms: None
Goals: To kill the Freedom Fighters
Likes: Scourge, Getting what she wants
Dislikes: The Freedom Fighters, Scourge getting hurt
Allies: (Friends)
+Scourge The Hedgehog
Nic The Weasle (Fang The Sniper's Sister)
+Sonic The Hedgehog
+Miles Prower
Knuckles The Echidna
+Amy Rose
+Ivy Vergiften​ (Rouge)
+Sally Acorn
Bunnie Rabbot
+Nicole The Holo-Lynx
+Dr. Ivo Robotnik
Family Members: (I actually don't know tbh)
Fears: Loosing everything.
Bio/Backstory: Fiona Fox was originally one of the many victims of Dr. Ivo Robotnik's rise to power. As a child she was left in prison, accidentally abandoned by Sonic the Hedgehog and Mighty the Armadillo, resulting in a grudge held against them. Upon escaping, Fiona led a life of treasure hunting and other petty crimes until, following Sonic's apparent death, she attempted to turn over a new leaf by joining the Knothole Freedom Fighters. In time, however, Fiona gravitated back towards her old ways, and ultimately decided that she preferred the darker side of life. To this end, Fiona fell in love with Sonic's Moebius counterpart, Scourge the Hedgehog, becoming his girlfriend, and later Queen of Moebius itself following Scourge's takeover. As a member of the Suppression Squad, she took part in the invasion of Mobius Prime, but following the rest of the Suppression Squad's mutiny against her and Scourge, she fled the scene, only to hire what was left of the Destructix and later rejoin her boyfriend.

As a child, Fiona was one of many Mobians captured to serve in Dr. Ivo Robotnik's mining camps. Not long after arriving, she and her fellow inmates Mighty and Ray caused an uprising that was quickly quelled by the robots guarding the camp. While Mighty and Ray were locked up in isolation, Fiona was taken away for another purpose. Not long after, a young Sonic the Hedgehog (who was investigating the camp as one of his early Freedom Fighting missions) arrived and freed both Mighty and Ray.

The three then went out in an attempt to rescue Fiona but ultimately failed to free her. Due to the mysterious disappearance of Ray, Mighty went berserk and began trashing the facility, forcing Robotnik to abandon it. Fiona was taken away by Robotnik when he fled and relocated to a new facility built exactly the same as the previous one. While there, she was used as the basis for the first of Robotnik's many robotic replicas designed to infiltrate the Freedom Fighters. Soon after creating the robotic duplicate, Robotnik left the real Fiona to die in a prison cell.

Fiona re-emerged in the Southern Tundra where the Xorda landed their Quantum Dial. During the mass assault, she found herself being saved by Tails from the defense system's cannon-fire. Sometime after Sonic's apparent death due to his sacrifice, Fiona finally realized Sonic's true valiant nature and joined the Freedom Fighters. She acted in a general capacity, showing both computer and medical skills, while trying to genuinely turn over a new leaf. Upon Sonic's return from space, Fiona accompanied the Freedom Fighter task force sent to Old Megaopolis to prevent Eggman from launching nuclear missiles at both Station Square and Knothole. While on board the FFS-M2, Fiona asked Rotor if they should all have space suits, as the ship flew to Mobius's outer atmosphere. Later, she provided medical attention to Sonic, who'd been wounded by Eggman's robotic "daughter" Mecha. Fiona was also the one to explain to Sonic that Antoine and Bunnie had broken up during his absence in space. During this time, Fiona seemed unaware that she had completely won over Tails' affections without even trying.

Fiona accompanied the Freedom Fighters during their mission to an ancient laboratory to discover the cause of severe seismic activities. She briefly left the group in an attempt to hot-wire the lab's systems, though due to its self-defences she was unable to. At one point, Fiona, Rotor and Bunnie had all been electrocuted by the lab's self-defense systems, but were saved in time by Tommy Turtle. After, Fiona discovered a heavily powered rifle, but was informed by Rotor the Freedom Fighters never resorted to gun-like weapons.

Fiona accompanied the Freedom Fighters to the Nanite City to rescue Bunnie, and became wary of working with Snively to prevent the nanites from spreading. During a period of rest, Fiona explained her long-held resentment towards Sonic due to him seemingly abandoning her in the prison camp, and that after witnessing his selfless efforts battling the Quantum Dial, developed a sense respect for him, and realized he didn't deliberately leave her behind all those years ago. Following this, she helped the Freedom Fighters to defend Mina Mongoose from a series of Bombs attacking her concert, and she was present at the Brain Trust's examination of the discovered Nanites.

Following this, Fiona and Sonic began a relationship. The two were discovered secretly flirting near a bush by Tails, and after Fiona explained she felt no romantic connections to him like she did Sonic, Tails left angrily. The same day, Sonic managed to prevent Anti Antoine from killing Prince Elias, and after sending him back to Anti Mobius, Fiona and Sonic began officially dating.

When Bean and Bark attacked Freedom HQ and it was obvious that they knew Fiona, shades of her past were revealed and, despite her assistance in stopping the attack, seeds of doubt were planted among the minds of the Freedom Fighters. When the Chaotix needed info on Rouge, Fiona reluctantly explained her past encounters with the bat, as well as her past involvements in crime. Sonic continued to support Fiona, but eventually it became more and more obvious that something was going on, as Fiona developed a tendency to disappear and skip missions.

Eventually his guilt caught up with him and he confided in Amy Rose; Fiona had been cheating on Sonic with Scourge, Sonic's evil self from an alternate dimension, over the course of their entire relationship. Amy, enraged that anyone would betray Sonic's heart, sought out and attacked Fiona. While dodging blows, Fiona feigned confusion, though briefly slipped in a smug grin and told Amy no one would believe her anyway. To the surprise of both, Sonic casually butted in and told Fiona he wanted to talk. As they walked, he confronted her about lying and her disappearances. She became indignant, but all was soon explained when Scourge showed up; Fiona was in love with the evil hedgehog. When Evil Sonic had infiltrated Knothole Village, he had hit on several of the girls there, including Fiona, before being ousted. Fiona, having realised that she'd fallen for a fake, tried to find the same attraction in the real Sonic and thus began to date him. Unfortunately, she found him too "vanilla" for her tastes; she preferred Scourge's dark side and began to sneak off with him.

Finally exposed, she decided she no longer cared to keep up the charade or act as a Freedom Fighter. Tails suddenly intervened, begging her not to do so and appealing to her good nature. She gently told him that despite his intellect, he didn't realize one thing - "you can't count on anybody." She then slapped him across the face. Sonic, enraged at her cruelty, protested, and Fiona cited his abandonment of her, back in the mining camp, as an example. Shortly after a brief battle, she and Scourge then escaped via Warp Ring.

Fiona reappeared not too long afterward, sporting a new look and taking up a role as one of Dr. Finitevus' agents. Together with Scourge, she came bearing bad news: not only had the Dingo Regime decided to attack Echidnaopolis, but the warring factions of the Dark Legion under Lien-Da and Remington had put aside their conflict to stop Finitevus' plans to resurrect Enerjak, the arch-nemesis of Knuckles the Echidna. While Finitevus left to complete his work, Scourge sat down to relax while Fiona bristled at the situation, clearly disliking the albino Echidna as much as Rouge had in her brief time in the doctor's service. She didn't have long to complain, however, before the new Enerjak made his awe-inspiring debut right in front of her and Scourge. Fiona played a part in the recreation of this awesome figure, as she and Scourge had worked with the other Destructix to knock out Knuckles the Echidna when he returned to Angel Island, and delivered him to Dr. Finitevus whose plans finally came together to make a new Enerjak out of the original's greatest foe.

While Enerjak started his campaign against the elements of Mobius he had decided to eliminate, Fiona and the other Destructix were sent by Dr. Finitevus to guard a weapon that had been built by the Brotherhood of Guardians as a precaution against Enerjak's return. She and her allies would soon be forced to defend it from Knuckles' father Locke, Sonic, and Julie-Su. Though the battle was intense-not to mention an opportunity for Fiona to point out that Sonic and his allies had often beaten their foes either because of superior numbers or because their enemies had been ordered to lose-it ended quite abruptly when Sonic destroyed the weapon and the Destructix left, not sure of what to do next. The battle between Super Sonic and Enerjak decided for them, and Fiona left Mobius in Scourge's company as the green Hedgehog set out to find his true self, while the Destructix fled through a different Warp Ring.

The Warp Ring brought the couple to Moebius where Scourge invaded his home world, determined to re-make and set everything on his world apart from Mobius Prime. Scourge made Fiona his queen and second in command of the Suppression Squad after conquering the planet. Fiona did her duties well, only being contested by Princess Alicia, who was the original heir to the throne before Scourge's takeover. Under Fiona's supervision, the Squad repair a pair of stolen Globe Posts and used them to launch a successful invasion of Freedom HQ.

When Sonic returned during the Suppression Squad and Freedom Fighter ambush, he was blocked by Fiona. At the time, she claimed she was betrayed time after time, and couldn't rely or trust anyone. Sonic then pointed out that she was breaking her own rule for Scourge, and implied that she might actually care for Scourge, bring shocked tears to heNow with her own plans, Fiona set out to get herself some muscle in the form of the Destructix at the Bottom of the Barrel Bar 'n' Grill, but only found the remains in the form of Sergeant Simian, Predator Hawk and Flying Frog. Drago Wolf had left the group to rejoin the Eggman Empire, while Sleuth handed over leadership to Fiona so as to preserve his own interests. The trio eventually agreed to serve her, but only if she helped them recover their much more valued comrade, Lightning Lynx. (SU: #15)

The four then set out to the Dragon Kingdom, where Fiona confronted Sonic and Tails within a bamboo forest as part of a trap, vaguely mentioning she'd been busy since they last met. A chase through the thicket led the duo to the remaining members of the Destructix. Once Sonic and Tails were subdued, she told them they had something to "discuss"- namely an alliance that would meet with her own ends. However, she didn't get a chance to until she ordered her muscle to stop fighting the Freedom Fighters after Sally Acorn and Monkey Khan showed up. After a brief engagement -- in which Fiona and Sally clashed heatedly and she was punched in the stomach after toying with Tails-- they reached an agreement, and she revealed her plan. Reluctantly, the Freedom Fighters joined them, as they were also set to clash with the Raiju Clan: the Freedom Fighters looking to break ties between the Clan and the Iron Dominion, and the Destructix looking to convince Lightning to leave the comrades he had rejoined. The unlikely team soon stormed the Iron Fortress, and Fiona and Sally were flown over the walls to unlock part of the gate mechanism. After they found the Bride of Conquering Storm, Sonic and Lightning battled to determine the outcome of their journeys; a defeated Lightning left with the Destructix. Eager to win his loyalty, Fiona promised that her plans would see everyone who had done them wrong repaid.r eyes. Furious, she yelled that it wasn't "like that", but Sonic simply replied "Keep telling yourself that".

Following Scourge being tossed back to Moebius by the Suppression Squad, Fiona fled from the scene through the window in Freedom HQ while everyone was fighting. Scourge would later question Patch if she was with them when they arrived back in Moebius, stating that she was smarter than the Suppression Squad for getting out "when the going was good".

With the Destructix in tow, Fiona cut an unknown deal with Dr. Finitevus that involved them going to Moebius. Since it was Scourge's homeworld, Fiona took advantage of that by convincing Finitevus they would need him for the job, and he granted them access to the Cosmic Interstate. Because of the lock-down between Zones, they were soon approached by Zone Cops and reacted with extreme violence on Fiona's orders, getting themselves arrested and sent to the Zone Jail in the No Zone -- exactly as planned. (SU: #29, #30, #32)

Once within the jail, Fiona and her group quickly located Scourge being abused in the mess hall by a fellow inmate and intervened. Fiona cleaned Scourge up, explaining her actions since she disappeared and told him of her escape plan. She did not get the reaction she expected as he screamed that she and the Destructix would get him killed; he stormed off, leaving Fiona with teammates angry that their efforts were not appreciated. Still, she had them save Scourge a second time from King Maxx, and then spoke with him in private. Shocked by how his spirit had been broken from his time in prison, Fiona eventually managed to convince him to bounce back from this hardship. Bolstering his confidence, Fiona assured Scourge she had a plan, and the two began to plot their escape, realizing that Scourge would have to win the Destructix back to his side first.

Later, Fiona was in the prison yard with her cellmate Abby and saw Scourge coming from his talk with Warden Zobotnik, recognizing the man she remembered. Abby was not impressed, not understanding how Fiona could find anything admirable in 'Snot', but Fiona stuck by him. As Abby said she got a different impression from her, Fiona described the traumatic childhood that lead her to believe she could only rely on herself and made it second nature for her to use other people to achieve anything she wanted. While Fiona told Abby not to worry as she always had a way out, she was unaware Jeffrey St. Croix was standing nearby and listening to her every word. Seeing Scourge become his old self again did force Fiona to take action with a display of putting her boyfriend in place so that he would not tip their hand. As she made him submit when she interrupted a fight with St. Croix, Fiona seemed to enjoy it more than Scourge would tolerate, angering him despite her insisting she loved him.

Once Scourge regained her team's loyalty, Fiona put their escape plan into action. After lights out one evening, she slipped through her cell bars and scaled the cell block walls to the command center with Lighting and Flying. As the others dealt with Major Znively and the guards there, Fiona released the prisoners and altered the gravity to start a riot, while deactivating her gang's Control Collars to give them an edge. During the chaos that followed, Fiona went to the processing area to recover their gear, only to find someone had stolen it along with Scourge's. After informing the others, Scourge had her go back there with the Destructix to find the thief while he covered for them, and they dealt with Maxx & Jeffrey attempting to escape via their Warp Ring. Now back in her old clothes, Fiona and the others arrived just in time as Scourge ended a stand-off with the Warden, and escaped through the Warp Ring before the F.O.E. Inhibitors could stop them. Arriving in Moebius' Grand Forest, Fiona readied to complete their job with Finitevus, but could only protest once Scourge proclaimed he lead the Destructix and would deal with the echidna later.

After witnessing what everyone believed was Sonic sacrificing his life to save Mobius from the Xorda attack, Fiona believed her long-standing resentment about Sonic was unfounded. After Sonic returned from outer space and his break up with Sally Acorn, Fiona found herself growing closer to Sonic emotionally. She became romantically attached to Scourge while he was impersonating Sonic in the prime zone, but once this was discovered, she attempted to find the same attraction within the prime reality's version. After realizing Scourge's selfish and brash attitude appealed to her more, and that Sonic had none of these qualities, Fiona finally revealed that she was in love with Scourge, and broke up with Sonic.
Tails and Fiona's relationship was extremely one-sided. Despite the Auto Automaton created by Robotnik being very loosely based on the real Fiona, Tails had immediately fallen in love with the robot, whom he had come across on the shores of an uncharted island close to the Mobian Jungle. However, Tails had had his heart broken when he realized that the automaton was merely a trap, after she had managed to lure him into a hidden Roboticizer. Auto-Fiona became rusted after she tried to drown Tails in the sea; he had then narrowly escaped, leaving her paralyzed - what resembled a tear was seen to fall down the robot's cheek as he made his departure.

Fiona's organic counterpart later joined the Freedom Fighters, and Tails maintained his crush on her. Fiona however was not interested in a relationship with Tails, as she was several years older than he was. To make matters worse, she started going out with Sonic, severely afflicting their friendship.

Recently, Fiona has revealed that she is actually in love with Scourge the Hedgehog. Tails tried to stop the betrayal, only to be slapped fiercely across the face by the treacherous vixen. Afterwards, Tails was left even more broken-hearted than before, which he revealed openly to Sonic when attending the wedding of Bunnie Rabbot and Antoine D'Coolette. Sonic said to get over her, and that she wasn't even worth his time. Even so, Tails fought with Sonic shortly afterwards over Fiona. He knew Fiona wasn't worth his time and didn't love him like he loved her, but was still upset that Sonic apparently took her away. Sonic explained his going out with Fiona and sincerely apologized, thus calming Tails down and re-establishing their friendship.

The two wouldn't interact again until a mission to liberate the Iron Dominion's hold of the four ninja clans in the Dragon Kingdom, where she tried to manipulate the young fox's feelings for her, only to be punched in the gut by Sally for trying to take advantage of him. Tails has been since shown to move on from his former crush on her.

Fiona, for her part, allowed herself to become more attached to Scourge than possibly any other character in the series. She is truly loyal to him (although she at first denies it), physically defending him even when it would have been far easier to abandon Scourge, or join the Freedom Fighters and other Suppression Squad members in their joint attack on him. Her loyalty is further shown when she went to great lengths to break Scourge out of jail; taking the time to recruit the Destructix, contact Finetevus and make a deal with him, and then allowing herself and the Destructix to be captured by the Zone Cops.

Background Information:
Fiona stated her age was sixteen in StH #155 when the year was 3237.
She is the only member of the Suppression Squad who wasn't from Moebius.
Plans from Karl Bollers would have had Fiona develop feelings for Sonic while he was dating Amy Rose following his breakup with Sally. This would end up leading the two girls to initiate something of a Betty and Veronica rivalry.
Prior to joining the comic, Ian Flynn's fan comic, Other-M, had Sonic and Fiona in a relationship. Coincidentally, Ken Penders initiated the relationship in the comics four issues prior to his leaving and Flynn's entrance.
Due to being a Ken Penders character (albeit one based on the auto-automaton created by Michael Gallagher), it's likely that Fiona has been removed from the comics for good.
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hey shadow can i be an knight i have the perfect skills for it

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Name: Dillon Padilla The Hedgehog
Age: 19
Species: Hedgehog
Likes: Friends, Hanging out, and chilli dogs
Dislikes: People stealing his powers, Bullies, Cyber Bullies being hurt, and other
Powers: Chaos Flash Chaos Power Chaos Fire Chaos Spark Chaos Thunder and Chaos Starstorm
Bio: Dillon was an psychic hedgehog along side with silver from the near future
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Hello to Sonic's Kingdom, everybody. I would say that you do not have to do your Black night counterparts, but it would be allowed.

Name: Sonic Olgive Mourice O'hedgehog
Nickname(s): Sannniicc, Blue.
Species: Mobian Hedgehog
Age: 17
Hometown: Mobious
Occupation/Job: Hero
Powers: Superspeed, able to transform into other forms.
Weapons: None.
Other Items: Blue chaos Emerald, 100 rings.
Other Abillities/Talents: Sonic..(oh joy)..Wind, Boom, Boost, Tornado, ect.
Personallity: Adventurous, but can be very strict at times.
Height: 3'3"
Weight: 77lbs
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Fur Color(s): Colbalt Blue
Natural Appearance: Him normal self.
Weaknesses: Water, Electricity, His impatient ways.
Strengths: Power, Friends.
Forms: Super, Dark, Hyper, Werehog, Excalibur, Fleetway, Dark spine, ect.
Goals: To be the number one hero and make everyone happy.
Likes: Friends, Chillidogs, Music, Going out for a run/Adventure, Having races/fights.
Dislikes: Enemies, Vegetables, Having to do math, Going slow, Being beaten.
Allies: (Friends): (Known for): Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Rouge, Ect
Enemies: Eggman, Any metal Android, Shadow, Rouge, Silver, Ect.
Family Members: Aleena O'hedgehog, Jules O'hedgehog, Manic O'hedgehog, Sonia O'hedgehog, Sonica O'hedgehog.
Fears: Water.
Bio/Backstory: Blue speedster loves to run around as much as his heart can desire. He may look innocent, but when he's pissed off, watch out. He is angered by some slight things, but not much. If he's juuust angered enough, he will turn Dark Sonic and loose control of himself. Yet once in a while with out this form he's the hedgehog you may know and love today
Extras: Head: Good. Middle area: Good. Left arm: Cannot Function. Right arm: Good. Left leg: Still kind of getting used to standing up. Right leg: Same as left. (I'll add more day by day during satus)

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Can I be a princess
Full Name: Sally Acorn
Nickname(s): Sal
Age: 16
Species: Chipmunk
Weapon(s): Gun
Power(s): None
Single/Taken: Taken +Sonic The Hedgehog
Talents/Special Abilitie(s): Programming, Hacking, Matial Arts
Other Item(s): A Projection Watch
Original Kingdom/Hometown: Acorn Kingdom
Personallity: Serious, Kind, Strict
Role You Want To Play Here: Princess
Allies/Friend(s): Family, Shadow, Silver
Enemie(s)/Rival(s): Robotnick
Possible Form(s): None
Family Member(s): Sonic, Sonia and Manik (Children)
Fur Color(s) Light Brown, Dark Brown
Eye Color(s) Blue
Strength(s): Help
Weaknesse(s): Loosing Kingdom
Fear(s): Loosing family and kingdom
Backstory: My father died, and I met Sonic (I don't know what to write here XD)
Extras: I first appeared in the SaTM show
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Name:Miles Prower
Hometown:Paramona City c:
Occupation/Job:working for sonic
Other Abillities/Talents:Flight
* Genius-Level Intellect
* Advanced Computer Programming and Hacking Skills
* Skilled Inventor and Mechanic
* Skilled Pilot
* Extreme Gear skills
Personallity:Kind Sweet Loyal
Eye Color:light blue
Fur Color(s):yellow orange
Natural Appearance:sonic 2
Forms:Super Tails (Bruh)
Goals:None at the moment
Likes:Hanging with sonic,mint,Flights,Inventions
Dislikes:Thunder,Can't think of anything
Allies: (Friends) Sonic,Knuckles
Family Members:Rosemary Prower (Mummy) Amadeus Prower (Daddy)
Fears:Alone,Thunder,Can't think of anything
Bio/Backstory:Miles Prower (マイルス・パウアー,Mairusu Pauā?), better known by his nickname, Tails (テイルス, Teirusu?), is a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is an anthropomorphic fox cub born exclusively with two twin-tails, hence his nickname. Because of his abnormality, Tails was the subject of bullying during his youth. One day, however, he met Sonic the Hedgehogand was inspired to become as cool as him after seeing him run like the wind. Tails soon after began following Sonic on his adventures and has since become his best friend and sidekick. He is able to use his twin-tails to fly by rotating them like helicopter rotors and is a mechanic genius and aerial pilot.
Extras:Tails can fly
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