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Our latest kill and proof that Oell is a bad player.

Update: Stardust are now mainly recruiting dps (especially warlock and ranged dps). All applicants are considered.

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Some old WoW screenshots. Good Times.
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Stardust are still recruiting but mainly ranged (not hunters) and healing priests. Obviously all applicants are considered!

The stats on WoWprogress have been updated after our Garrosh hc kill last monday!

West: 2068
EU: 1373
EU English: 591
Realm: 2

I think that result is pretty ok :) 

At the beginning of Pandaria we had no plans to raid, and not enough people. We did manage to pull through and get raiding, not always resulting in full hc clears of instances but still! We cleared Siege of Orgrimmar heroic even though people quitted WoW, lack of people and raids, we can be proud.  Awesome job people! 

Organizing achievement runs for SoO soon, i'm pretty sure people miss some achievements :) Let's just do it in flex and get it done! Will post some possibilities on the calendar tonight!

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14/14hc from Oell's PoV. At long last!

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And here is the kill from a good PoV. I mean mine.

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And Down-fall he went.
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