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Play to Evolve
Hey my fellow humans, my way of contributing to the growth of all is now available at Amazon for $0.99 as a game for Android devices, which you can play alone or with others. We play the physical card version of this at my "Emotional Intelligence Play Group" every week.
Playing it will rewire your brain to:
- Increase effectiveness as a parent
- Deepen connection and ability to connect
- Liberate your self expression
- Transform anger into peace
- Level up your family's emotional intelligence
- Deepen all your relationships
- Increase responsibility and power
- Decrease susceptibility to manipulation
- Improve negotiation skills
- Heighten awareness of other perspectives
- Shift into having a more positive outlook
- Improve workplace communication efficiency
Finally, an easy and low cost way for anyone to get the game!
Please write a review on Amazon after buying!
Your contribution makes the world a better place.
Based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) by Marshall Rosenberg

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Educational Games & Apps for all ages.

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Cars movie toy Lightning Mcqueen Tayo Bus Fun Dinosaur Eggs - Kids Toys :p

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Gift your child the right mentor | labour India Gurukulam Public School.
Labour India Gurukulam Public School is one of the best boarding school affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in Kerala and It offers classes from pre-Kindergarten to Junior College. This international school provides the best facilities for your child. And we will help your child to choose the right career path.

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Learn Colors with The Little Bus Tayo Garage Color Water Slide Toys - Cartoon Network TV <3 :3

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learn drawing for creative kids and have fun

Learn Colors with Color Blocks Learning Numbers and Animals Name Video Toys - Cartoon Network TV

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Disney Cars 3 Toys Lightning Mcqueen and Cruz Ramirez Race Videos - Kids Toys
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