If I have learned anything throughout my life, there is no distinct good or bad side. There isn't a single place in this world where they're people who are purely bad or good. And in some cases, they can be two sides of the same coin. You might think you're group of friends are pure good, but you might find out what they do to other people(good or bad). The only thing you can do if you want to be good, is to try to be good.

anyone here plays roblox and is in a jedi group

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This is why we must bring the Jedi Order to life; when a government is out for the blood of its' own people, something must be done about it.

I'm interested in becoming Jedi to see where my future leads me

What is there to say about the dark side? A lot. Anger, fear, despair... these are emotions that can take you ever closer to the dark side. Now, what is so bad about the dark side, you may ask? After all, in real life, a dark sider cannot Force-choke someone who stole their turkey wrap, nor can they use Force lightning to shock their younger siblings when they get annoyed. So what is the big deal? First off, the dark side brings out the worst in people. It makes you selfish, spiteful, wanting only to benefit off of other people's losses. Normal people in daily life, who are not nearly as aware of the Force as we are, already skate close enough to the edge of the dark side as it is; now, imagine if someone who is aware of the Force and is able to control its' power falls to the dark side. There are already two different Sith Orders out there, both of which have Force users just like us in their midst. As a matter of fact, one of those Orders has published two books on the use of the Dark Side, and their aim is to control the world. Now, will they do this? I doubt it. But, we must be ready for dark side dangers from them, as well as other, less Force-sensitive people such as politicians and others who are willing to abuse their power for personal gain. They all possess the Dark Side, and it is our job to use the Light Side to combat it. May the Force be with you all.

Jade Kenobi
Light Sabor Color:
Skilled at The Force and My lightsabor
2)Blaster Pistol
3)Right Wrist Flame Thrower
5)Com Link On Left Wrist
6)Invisibility Button that's with Com Link
7)Blaster Pistol Ammo
Purple Mandlorion Armor
Black pigy Tails with bangs covering the left eye,Skinny with alittle fat,Scar on The Left eye

Clumsy,Curious, Smart,Clever,Shy,Fast Learner,Quick Thinker,Brave,Tough,Strong,Skilled,Sometimes Quiet,Shy
Losted Mother at a young age then Obi-Wan Kenboi was my adopted Father and he taught me the ways of The Force and He changed my last name to Kenobi and he brong me To The New Jedi Academy and he left me the to learn the ways of The Force
Force Sensitive:

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Yesterday, something really interesting happened; while meditating outside behind my local YMCA, where I have spent literally hundreds of hours at over the years, I heard voices of the past; of myself, and of my friends. And yet, I was alone. The Force reached out to me yesterday, and I believe that by continuing connections like that all of us will be able to use the Force.
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