Hello I new


Hey,community.Does anyone know the template for making my character.I'm not sure if I put enough information.

Where's the diaper boys at 

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I don't claim to own this sona. I just wanted to use her for rp scenarios
characters name is Kammy
Age varies from 19 to well any age under that.
So feel free to message me on hangouts for nonsexual rp.
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Uh I'm just checking but...Is it okay to use sonas that aren't yours? I don't particularly have my own so...

Hey I'm an admin of a TBDL group on Kik my Kik is Cgreen117 if ur interested in joining pls message me on Kik and if ur a creepy old dude and not a TBDL don't even bother asking to join XD 

does someone wanna rolepway wif me becuz im lonely we can make it a little sexual if you want but only if im comfortable with it well do it in hangouts :3

Ummm...... Hi.

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Rp? I call Lucario!
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