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This is a list of legendaries:

Articuno (available)
Moltres (available)
Zapdos (available)
Mew (unavailable ATM)
Mewtwo (unavailable ATM)
Entei (available)
Raikou (available)
Suicune (available)
Celebi (available)
Ho-oh (available)
Lugia (available)
Regice (available)
Regirock (available)
Registeel (available)
Latias (available)
Latios (available)
Groudon (available)
Kyogre (available)
Rayquaza (available)
Deoxys (available)
Jirachi (available)
Azelf (available)
Mesprit (available)
Uxie (available)
Dialga (available)
Giratina (*+Elite Four Shauntal*)
Heatran (available)
Cresselia (available)
Darkrai (for **+Elite Four Grimsley**)*
Regigigas (available)
Manaphy (available)
Phone (available)
Shaymin (available)
Arceus (unavailable ATM)
Victini (+Elite Four Champion Iris)
Cobalion (available)
Keldeo (available)
Terrakion (available)
Virizion (available)
Landorus (available)
Thundurus (available)
Tornadus (available)
Kyurem^ (available)
Reshiram (available)
Zekrom (available)
Genesest (available)
Meloetta (available)
Xerneas (available)
Yveltal (available)
Zygarde (available)
Diancie (unavailable ATM)
Hoopa (unavailable ATM)
Volcantion (unavailable ATM)

^^ I realize that the one who will come to own Kyurem will want Black Kyurem or White Kyurem, but sense only 2 legends are allowed per trainer, I am sorry to say that neither versions of Kyurem are allowed. Thanks for understanding.

"It would appear that I have been abandoned. Grimsley has left me.."

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Walks to Liberty Pier and looks at the boat

"Here I go..."

Talks to the captain of the ship
"I would like to go to libery gardens I have this" Shows him a liberty pass the man says
"Sure, climb aboard"
The ship sets sail and quickly gets to liberty garden's. I slowly get of the boat
"Im finally here..."
Walks into the only building and navigates through it
Looks at the walls
"Hm.. This place is weird...Aha"
Notices a door and opens it, looks at victini
"Found you!"
Sends out Druddigon
"Use dragon claw now!" Druddigon slashes at victini with tremendous strength
Victini takes the hit and uses searing shot which senda druddion flying "Stay strong druddigon! Druddigon stands up and lets out a ferocious roar "Nice now use revenge!" Druddigon turns red and tackles victini to the ground "Nice one" Victini attacks druddigon with a blue flare attack which knocks out druddigon "You was good druddigon thanks alot" Sends out Lapras "Use hydro pump"
lapras lets out a strong blast of water which knocks victini into the wall "Here goes my ultra ball" Gulps and crosses fingers, throws a ultra ball at victini, sucking it into the pokeball it drops to the floor and sways from side to side,The first click happens, second click and the last click (I kinda forgot how to catch pokemon)


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I have been meaning to do the capture rp post for Giratina for some time, so I will do it now

Shauntal sits at a table at the Pokémon Center, with items from her bag scattered on a table, rechecking to be sure she has everything while the five Pokémon she brought with got their checkups

"Alright, we have Full Restores, Max Revives, Pokémon food, Escape Ropes. We also have maps, food for me, and in my other bag I have my camping supplies.. So that me~"

just as I get finished with my check list, my name is called on the intercom, so I pack up my stuff and heads to the front desk, where I find nurse joy, and Chansey holding a tray full of Poké Balls

"Your Pokémon checkups are finished. All are fighting fit."

"Thank you Nurse Joy." I take the balls off of the tray and puts them away

"Of course. Thank you for visiting and please come again."

and with that she vanishes again, and I thank Chansey and heads out the door, bringing out Golurk

"OK Golurk, I need your assistance!" Golurk lowers its massive hand, and once I'm on, lifts me to its shoulder where I will be sitting "I need you to take me to Spear Pillar!*

Go. Golurk! Golurks hands and legs go into its body, and spitting out flames and takes off like a rocket. We arrive in no time at all, and Golurk lets me down, and I return him to his ball

I walk towards a black hole, taking a look around as I go "This place is amazing, like it was built for gods..."

Not paying attention, I trip on a stone, and takes a tumble, falling into the black hole "Whaaa!" I reach for Drifblims ball "Drifblim, help me out"

Drifblim catches me, and floats me down to safety.

"Thanks Drifblim, you really saved me back there"

I return her to her ball, and walks. Walking upsidedown, sideways, and moon walking for what seemed like hours, til I finally reached the Master of the Distortion World. Giratina

Giratina cries out, and the battle begins. I send out my star Pokémon, Gengar.

"Gengar, I need your assistance! Start off by using Shadow Ball!"

Though there is an obvious size difference between Gengar and Giratina, right off the bat it is clear that Gengar is more powerful, as the giant is far slower so the Shadow Ball connects, creating a massive explosion

"Alright, Gengar it's obvious that your faster and have more power than Giratina, but beware of its Shadow Force!"

Gengar nods just as Giratina launches an Aura Sphere. Gengars automatic reaction is to use physic, which sends the attach back at Giratina, but at twice the power. This causes yet another explosion.

"Great, keep it up!"

the battle rages for some time, before I finally throw out a long kept Heavy ball. The ball hits its mark and Twitch's once, twice, three times.


"Yes! I've caught Giratina!"


Buys some Full restores and pays for them These might come in handy..

"+Elite Four Grimsley what do you mean I'm your waifu? We aren't even married"

before even get to respond to +Elite Four Grimsley, he vanishes. So while his pokemon clean up my book filled room, i head to his. Once inside, I sit on your bed and lays down, quickly realizing how tired I am. "So slee~" falls asleep

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I'm just bored

"My dearest +Elite Four Grimsley"

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