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Name: Cat
Age: Unknown
Power: fast combat, And lighting arrows with a command.
Pet: Luna the Talking Cat
Secret: Her parents are dead,
Species (if you are another): Part Dragon and cat. (Fire from the dragon but i can act very cat like)
Hobbies: Action, Combat, fun.
Main personality: Mysterious
Weapon: Bow and arrow.

Can i accept myself? And i wanted a new character,

If im a moderator, does that mean I can approve people??

Name: Sasha
age: infinite (doesnt celebrate bday for how long?)
power: immortality
pet: baby bat : Nightmare
secret: [Top secret]
species: shadowknight [female]
hobbies: spying and training
main personality: sarcastic and loves to prank people
weapon: Nightmare sword

Name: Bloom phoenix
Age: 19
Powers: death,fire,nature
Talent:is amazing fighter with all weapons
Bio: was born from the ashes of a dead phoenix and was raised by dragons and later on became a queen of flames and death and I got the gift of nature when I was young and got nearly all the magiks but water shivers that's my weakness
Secret: I'm part demon

plays in the forest with Cloud and little animals (Cloud) laughs This is so much fun!! swings from a vine off a tree (Fern) looks around and looks concerned Sssh. Stay there! I hear something...

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Name- Fern
Age- 17
Power- Power of controlling nature and shapeshift
Pet- A pet squirrel named Nuts
Secret- Has a little girl who says she is my sister but is my daughter but she does not know it
Species- Nature Elf
Hobbies- Playing with the animals and my sister (daughter)
Main personality- Bold
Weapon- Animal friends

My sisters/daughters profile

Name- Cloud
Age- 6
Power- Can shape fist and us gaining nature powers
Pet- a puppy we found abandoned
Secret- None
Species- Nature Elf
Hobbies- Loves to play with Fern
Main personality- Sweet
Weapon- Animal friends 

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Power:Can heal people
Pet:Puppy named Moonlight (On my shoulder and Pic 2)
Secret:Descendant of Lady Irene
Hobbies:Sword fighting,and Baking
Main personality:Shy,Caring,Brave
Weapon:Iron sword
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Name: Jessica
Age: 15
Power: Able to remove curses easily
Pet: none
Secret: Descendant of Shad the Destroyer
Hobbies: Sword-making, sewing
Main personality: Shy, sweet, quiet
Weapon: Bronze sword

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