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They broke ground on the property next door to me, tore down trees & dug up the earth. That night I took about 40 pics of RED Orbs! I've never seen any orbs this red before or after these! I think they lived in the woods/trees & were upset because their home was destroyed! What do you think? I was actually a little nervous about driving my car since they were all around my car!
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Check you my Orb Photography Google+ Collection. I've been putting pictures up there.

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What's new with me?? Well, ORBS are new with me!

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Welcome Brother David! This is my 1st G+ community. It popped up, I had an idea, I clicked a few times and here we are! Somehow I set it up so I have to approve everyone who wnats to join, I haven't figured out how to change that yet!

WHY are some Orbs Orange, Red, Blue etc? Does anyone REALLY know? Or are we, as humans, just guessing?

I am attempting to start a discussion on this subject & other similar subject matter. This is my 1st Community, so I have zero idea what I am doing, so please be patient & give me some tips if you like!

I hope to gather some like minded people to discuss things like Orbs, since I see them every night outside my new (2 years new) house. I only saw one inside my house, after my dad passed. I would rather not have them following me into my house unless I know WHY they want to enter! And, of course, my Dad is ALWAYS Welcome! I miss him SO MUCH!!

So... long story short, I began noticing Orbs in the woods near my new house about 1.5 years ago. 1st they started showing up in my pictures! Then, since I thought I saw something in the corner of my eye, I began focusing on that area of the hills by my house and over this past year, I began to see more and more until I became astonished as to how many there were everywhere!

In addition, as recently as 2-3 months ago, I began seeing white whisps in the air and dark shadows. The area where I live is near Canada & Mt Baker in WA State. Last December, 2 months after I had a TOTAL Hip replacement, I saw 2 orange/fire-like orbs shooting out of my neighbors bushes & up about 20 feet! 1.5 weeks later I saw one shoot out of the bushes at the end of my driveway! They even left a trail of fire-like orange behind them, just like a kids sparkler would do. But these were the size of Tennis Balls! I've heard Orange means protection. Well, my neighbor just had a baby, so that fits. I just had a total hip replacement, so that fits also.

I would like to start off this Google Plus/G+ Community with a discussion about
I. Orbs
A. COLORS of Orbs
1) Red
a) What do you think a RED ORB means?
Please state WHERE u got this meaning?
Experience? Online? A feeling?
b) ??? Anyone Else have a different meaning
c) ???? Anyone Else?? etc....

a) Protection
1) WHERE? No idea where, but it was Online.
2) WHY do I believe this? Because it was 2 months after my TOTAL Hip Replacement Surgery AND my Neighbor JUST became Pregnant that month! Who knows, maybe THAT day! ;) So, with my situation & my neigbors situation, it fits!
b) ??? What do you think?
1) WHERE did you get this meaning?
2) WHY do you believe this?
c) ???? Anyone Else have a meaning for ORANGE?
2) Where?
3) Why?
a) Meaning?
1) Where?
2) Why?
b) Another Meaning?
6) INDIGO (Let's say Indigo=Same Color as the Background/Sky

& their colors and WHY you believe whatever meanings you menition here? I have also had BLUE & very bright orbs shine at me for probably an entire second! That's a long time, when you are seeing something paranormal!

Maybe this outline is Overkill. I DO NOT Explect you to use this outline.
It's just an idea for how I picture this Conversation coming together.

WELCOME & Make Yourself AT HOME in
Orb Garden!!

This picture has a story:
If I get any members to join my community, I will tell you the story behind this picture of me & my Orb Friends!!
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