How do you turn off cloud recording

I am an electrician in tunisia, I have a customer who buys a Lorex 8-channel HD DVR to install in his house after installation and test I liked its picture quality and its zome.
Do you have a boutique in tunisia?
thank you
good reception

I have the worst experience with Lorex. I bought a Lorex security camera from Costco and urgently need some support from Lorex. I call Lorex Support line multiple times. The line is always busy. I sometimes waited on the line with no luck. Then I went on with another option which was to leave a call back number but I have not got a call from it for over 4 days. I got hold of someone online from Lorex and basically I was told patience is the only thing I should have. I am thinking of returning the stuff back to Costco

Lorex has failed to be responsible; takes a long time to answer calls and do not return calls. Has not sent my packages as promise or tracking information; I placed my order, Order Number Order Date & Time Order Total Order Status L349196 May 15, 2015 13:34 EDT $228.63 In Warehouse. Here are some other steps that I've taken so far. Customer: Please cancel my order L349196 and return my funds to my account. May 22 2015, 20:20 EDT Also I contacted Tech. dept. and put a ticket in. I've spoken with a sales rep. 0526-15 and he said that the package has been sent so I said well, where is the tracking information, his response was that he could not locate it but that he would handle it personally and call me before the day is out, I never heard from him. I've never had a problem with this company before. The fight will continue until this company looks out for its consumer.

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When can we expect an update to the Lorex netHD app for Android Lollipop support? Ideally you revamp it and change the user interface so that it doesn't use Apple's awful skewmorphic user interface!

I just want to be able to control and view my camera feeds.

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