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Property RENTAL made Easy and Organized.

Our New Product : 
RENTALEO (Property Management System)
We provide solutions to promote, organize, store, protect and publish your property 
Our Advantage:
- Inventory
- Reservation System
- Customers Management System
- Website And Online Booking
Already available facilities for integration to and airbnb
If you own property, we give you a free system for your property.
||Feel free to contact us / wa 0857 3722 8716 ||

Post has attachment If you are professional in real estate industry you should check this.

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London's a truly expensive place to live...If you're thinking about Shared Ownership in London, you CAN opt to pay stamp duty all at once on the total price - an option for speculators (!) OR you can pay it in stages when you staircase. 

Here's what you need to know...

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Have a look at the new home ownership solution for the #sharingeconomy 

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Fractional Ownership IS the smartest way to own your 2nd home. And for anyone dreaming of owning property in Paris, with the Euro at a 11 year low against the dollar NOW is the time to buy. Permit me to present fractional property Villa Monceau in the following link. Thank you for this opportunity.

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Very attractive investment opportunities in Wales, France and the USA.
Take a look here:-

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The category "resorts" in the case of Invest in Fractional Property (I.F.P.) is a bit misleading but there was no suitable category. The word "resorts" makes one think of a massive complex of modern buildings close to the sea with 10 swimming pools and 25 restaurants. I.F.P  offers something completely different based on luxury, exclusivity, relaxing lifestyle with the emphasis on Health, Sport, Nature and top quality cuisine. For these qualities look at the Welsh and French Fractional investment deals. And then there's the development in the USA which comprises 4 and 7 bedroom Villas (hardly a "resort") with an outstanding location in Florida. 
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