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Here are the basics for now
1) be polite to others
2) no cheating/godmodding unless given permission by me or a mod
3) you must have a profile to rp
4) try to make friends
5) obey you teachers/high ranking captains
6) have fun and enjoy this community 💕

Profile templates

Zanpakuto name (also Bankai name):
Weak Points (optional):
Bio (optional):

Sooooo......why hasn't anyone done anything yet....

Is there a active mod here?

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Name: Soi Fong
Gender: female
Race: Soul/Shinigami
Zanpakuto name (also Bankai name): Suzumebachi and Jakuhō Raikōben
Powers: Shinigami powers, shikai, bankai
Likes: Yoruichi and other things
Dislikes: annoying brats
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Ok +Shadow Beatz​ u r my first member and I have promoted u to mod because well... I can't do this alone.... So um yeah

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“With every death, comes honor. With honor, comes redemption. That is what my father, Hanzō, taught me.”

Basic Information
[Full Name:]_ Rikū Tsubasa_
[Nickname(s):]_ n/a_
[Title(s):]_ n/a_
[Age:]_ +200_
[Date of Birth:]_ July 4th_
[Gender:]_ Female_
[Race:]_ Soul(Shinigami)_
[Affiliations:]_ Shinigami Academy_
[Prior Affiliations:]_ Gotei 13_
[Current Residence:]_ Somewhere in the forest close to the Seirreitei_
[Current Occupation:]_ Shinigami Student_

[Appeared Age:]_ Early Twenties_
[Height:]_ 6’0”_
[Weight:]_ 139lbs_
[Skin Color:]_ Tanny-Pale_
[Eye Color:]_ Grey_
[Hair Color:]_ Black_
[Outward Appearance:]_ (image below)_

[Food:]_ Dango, pumpkin pie, glazed donuts, spicy ramen, rum, sake._
[Entertainment:]_ Teaching people calligraphy and meditating._
[Miscellaneous:]_ Reading scrolls, being around waterfalls and lakes._

[Food:]_ Extremely sweet things, powdered donuts, margarita._
[Entertainment:]_ n/a_
[Miscellaneous:]_ Loud places._

[High Reiatsu:]_ 3rd Seat-level reiatsu colored sky blue._
[Hadō Expert:]_ Knows most Hadō spells._
[Bakudō Expert:]_ Knows the basics of Bakudō spells._
[Shunpo Master:]_ Rikū has known shunpo since she could walk, so she’s speedy in that area._
[Hakuda Expert:]_ Knows more than the basics, not quite there to master it._
[Zanjutsu Expert:]_ Knows most Zanjutsu skills._

Shinigami Overall Skill
[Offensive:]_ 80/100_
[Defensive:]_ 50/100_
[Reiatsu:]_ 80/100_
[Kidō:]_ 70/100_
[Physical Strength:]_ 80/100_
[Intelligence:]_ 80/100_
[Overall:]_ 440/600_

[Zanpakutō Name:]_ Ryūken_
[Zanpakutō Name Meaning:]_ Dragon Bowstring_
[Zanpakutō Type:]_ Melee_
[Zanpakutō Spirit:]_ (image below of a dragon)_
[Zanpakutō Inner World:]_ The skies with white clouds as ground. The clouds can become storm clouds when Rikū is filled with a strong negative emotion or is troubled._

[Sealed Zanpakuto Appearance:]_ Constant shikai, powers active once Rikū says the call-out._

[Shikai Call-Out:]_ “Pierce the Veil, Ryūken!”_
[Shikai Appearance:]_ (image below)_
[Shikai Ability:]_ Ryūken holds the limit of a hundred arrows in its quiver, but it looks like five arrows in the quiver. Ryūken’s strength is nearly doubled when a storm happens or the moon is out and full; it is unknown to Rikū why so._

Shikai Techniques
[Shitsume(Four Claws):]_ Rikū fires four arrows that become glowing light blue and leave a trail while they separate before circling around the opponent and closing in on them at the same time in the form of dragon claws._
[Sora no Zenchō(Omen in the Sky):]_ Rikū fires one glowing arrow into the sky which explodes into a hailstorm of arrows around a twenty yard circle diameter. The arrows will avoid her allies and Rikū herself._
[Ryūsuto(Dragonstrike):]_ The ultimate technique of Ryūken, Rikū fire a glowing blue arrow that bursts into a large dragon and destroys things in it’s path as it can move freely. Although, this leaves Rikū vulnerable for a few moments._

[Katana:]_ Rikū keeps hiding in her belt under the kimono top she wears a katana with blue wrappings on it._

[Biography:]_ Rikū Tsubasa was born on July 4th and child of Hanzō Tsubasa who was the former 9th Division Captain. Life was peaceful to Rikū until the death of her father and only family. Rikū now trains to become a strong Shinigami and to become the next Captain of the 9th Division._
[Friends:]_ Shinigami_
Hanzō Tsubasa:_ father, deceased_
[Enemies:]_ Depending_
_[Theme Song:] “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons_
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Sooo is anyone going to make a profile?
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