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Team Orange's installation video - PATHWAYS.

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One Hit Wonders Installation video

If you havent noticed, the team critiques links in up on blackboard

Quick note.

-Studio is still happening in week 13.
-Critiques for Bodystorm Video are to be done the same as previously. Critiqued on G+ then responses collected and submitted together on BB on behalf of the whole team.
-And for the workbooks, Ben will posting on BB soon regarding those.

Post has attachment After three hours the video FINALLY uploaded. Please spare us mr Craig.

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Im trying to upload out bodystorm I swear!!

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One hit wonders Bodystorm Video

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Team Orange 'Mock Parking Meter' Bodystorming Video

Here is some feedback on your interims. This is a list of things I put together regarding all the groups but some things may not apply to your team.


-Consider the flow of the writing. Be sure that your paragraph structure is linking together.

-Citations and referencing for everything that isn’t your own thoughts or information. This includes where are you getting information regarding the installations from. Constant style of referencing also.

-Why did you select the installations and how do they affect your argument? How do they affect your research?

-What stance are you taking with the thesis? Are you or your research choosing it? Is your research backing it up?


-Get as detailed as possible. Demographics, age brackets, activities, times of day, week day, weekend, facilities, why people are already in the area etc. This are the facts about the location.

-Explain why you have selected those criteria for a site survey.

-Can the site be more defined? Rough example “Is there a North and a South Entrance? Does one attached a different demographic more than the other?”

-What features could you take advantage of?

-It may help to think in 20 x 20 metre areas.


-How is your research driving your concepts? How is your site survey driving your concepts?

-Think about how your concepts are being displayed. Are they legible, visible and consistent in appearance?

-What thesis and point of view I it related too?

-Proper use of referencing and citations.

-Have you looked at each others concepts to make sure they are appropriate for the brief? Have you thought about how they will be evaluated.


-Please read over everything. Look at how your sentence structure reads. Grammar and spelling. Please help each other with this.

-Be careful of repeating what has already been said. This can be very obvious if written by multiple people.

-Constantly refer back to the brief to make sure your work is falling within the bounds of what is being asked of you.

Go do site surveys I guess
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