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Name: Rosemary Engel (known as Rena, since Spencer complained once that her name was too long to say)
Age: 16,((In rp))
Nationality: Japanese, and half American
Like: food,being rude, and nobody
Dislike: boys girls cute things , and fancy ass rich people

Endowment: She has the abilty to make illusion from music. Mostly they are illusions of pain and sorrow as well as misunderstanding, because that is what she usually feels. She can project memories or....
Alignment: neutral
Occupation: fighting
Affiliation: N/A
weapon of choice: scythe or katana

Department: Music (duh :P)
Eye color:red(before she naturally had whiteblue eyes)
Hair color: white(before her hair was naturally grey darkish)
Body figure and distingushing marks: She is shorter than most people . There is one of a treble clef on her shoulder and one of a bass cleft on her neck
Measurements: 18cm Cup a (breast size) 5'5 (height) 110lb (weight)

Personality: She is generally someone that is quiet, but she isn't shy, mostly because a majority of her time is spent on writing music. In the beginning, her feelings are expressed through music, and because when she plays, Rena plays what she feels, and she accidentally channels her endowment through her free play as well. Because of that, some of her music makes people start to go insane from the emotions that they feel and the visions that they see. Deep down, behind her fasquade that she shows everyone, her personality is very innocent and cat-like. She is easily calmed when giving her sweets or petting her head (particularly behind the ears). The only people that really know her true nature are Spencer Aves, from being her childhood friend, Asa Pike, from unknown connections, and Dr. Saltweather, the director of the music department. It has also been hinted that her endowment doesn't work on him, so he is aware of her true prodigy-like talents.

Hobbies: Writing music, listening to music, playing music. She also takes care of the cooking in the apartment that she and Asa share, becoming very skilled at baking and making treats.

Family (if any): There are 1 remaining survivors of her family. She used to have an triplet brother, twin brother, and twin sister before. A big brother

Family History (if any): Her family was a well-known musical family. Everyone was extremely surprised when they found out that Rena possessed an endowment. It was extrememly weak when it was found out, which shows that the Red King's blood that was in her body was weak.

Character History: Rena was concidered the least-musically talented in her family, only being able to play the flute at the time on an average level, even though many applauded her for her talents. At first because of that, she was about to give up on music and try to find a different alternative, even though her childhood friend Spencer protested, saying it was "uncool" to just quit. She wanted to play one last song on her flute before making her final decision in going off of her family's musical line. Her little sister wanted to watch her play, because she could not play the flute. Rena's little sister was the first to see her endowment.After that, many thought that it would be wonderful to be able to put on shows and thought that Rena was going to be famous... before realizing how weak her power really was. One of her father's past director's heard the new's of Rena's gift and wanted to see for himself. He wanted to take the girl under his wing and make her gift stronger, but her family refused. It then drove the director to insanity, soon causing him to resort to desperate measures and kidnapped her, preforming many painful tests on her that were extreme enough to turn her dark hair white and blue eyes dark gray.She then escapes thanks to her newly developed powers and imeadiately returning to her house. The home is empty and she asks a nearby woman what happened to the family that lived there. The woman replies by saying that the whole family was killed due to getting involved with gangs and debts trying to get one of their daughter back. Rena faints from shock and finds herself at the family's home, where she first met the Pike family.They took care of her for a year before she said that she said that she was going to go off on her own way for a little while to control her powers, since she didn't want to put the Pike family in jeapordy. In rememberance for her sister and brothers, she learned the violin (her little sister's main instrument) and guitar (since her brothers were both in bands as well as her childhood friend, although he was rather tonedeaf.)

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Welcome To Cross Academy ~!

The Past Students Are Now Teachers: Rima and Shiki Are Night Class Teachers. Yuki And Zero are Day Class Teachers

Yuki: Welcome To Cross Academy Smiles I'm Yuki Cross and This is Zero Cross We're The Teachers Of The Day Class. Now For All The People Starting Day Class You Must Follow These Rules: Don't Go To The Night Class At Night... Be Careful Everyday, And If You Don't Remember Anything That Happened Like Last Night Then Your Memory Had Been Wiped.... Zero: Later I'll Be Showing You New Kids The Hole Day Class...

Rima: Hello.... And Welcome To Cross Academy.... I'm Rima and This Is Shiki We Run The Night Class.....
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