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Over the last few weeks, we've received an deluge of requests to join the group. Upon investigation, it appears that most of the requests are likely spammers. Therefore, if you want to join the group, here are some of the indicators we use to decide whether to grant your membership request:

1. Do you have a graphic for your profile? If you can't be bothered, we can't either.

2. Is your graphic sexually suggestive? If you, you don't get in.

3. You must have no less than five followers.

4. There must be some information available by viewing your profile that suggests you are connected with or interested in podcasting.

If you are wrongly denied an account, please apply again. If you register and post spam, the post will be removed, it will be reported to Google as spam, and you will be banned from the group.

The purpose of the group is to discuss podcasting. It is not a place for spam and promotion.

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Recording Multiple Skype Clients On A Single Host System

It is possible to record two (or more) independently connected Skype clients on discrete tracks on a single computer in RT. The workflow requires independent Mix-Minus feeds configured in a supported DAW such as Pro Tools or Logic Pro.

Proper configuration will yield latency free results.

Let me know if you have any questions


Have any of you guys turned your podcast into an app using Libsyn. If so did you see increased traffic #libsyn

I've been using Feeder from Reinvented Software ( forever. My show is 12 years old tomorrow (continuous without interruption every single week). I know that there are a lot more tools out there for creating your feed, but I still love Feeder. I have had trouble articulating how easy it makes my life but this week I came up with a concrete example of how great it is.

I have a show called Chit Chat Across the Pond. It's gotten uneven because every other week it's super nerdy, propeller beanie stuff. The other every other week it's a lighter interview show, still about tech.

I wanted to have 3 feeds. The one I have for all of the shows, one for the Lite episodes, and one for the propeller beanie shows. The geekier shows have been part of a Programming By Stealth series done by +Bart Busschots with me.

In Feeder I was able to create a new feed called Programming By Stealth. I then went to the full Chit Chat Across the Pond feed, and did a search for Programming By Stealth. This gave me a filtered list of just the PBS episodes.

I dragged those shows into the PBS feed, and it copied the episodes over. Boom, I had a feed for just those PBS shows. It kept all of the original publish dates so everything is in order. Only a matter of adding the iTunes info, adding a logo, giving the RSS feed a name and publishing it to my website, and then submitting to iTunes.

I thought the Lite version would be harder because I hadn't designated the Lite ones with anything for which I could search. But again because of Feeder, it was trivially easier. I created the Lite feed, and copied ALL of the episodes over. I searched again for the PBS episodes, got the filtered list, selected all, and hit delete. Boom, I've got my Lite feed!

Now every week when I record an episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond, I will create it in the main feed, and the drag a copy to the appropriate feed, Lite or PBS, and hit publish on both.

I can't say enough good stuff about the developer, +Steve Harris . He's responsive and pretty darn awesome, and as you can tell, I think his software is invaluable to making podcasting easy.

Here's to my next 12 years!

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I'm a part of a start-up (I know, I hate that word too) called Podmatcher. We're a skillshare marketplace for podcasters to post or find skills that relate to creating a podcast.

At the moment we're populating our site with folks who have skills podcaster's are seeking. These include audio editing, show notes, guests, SFX, VOs etc.

If this is something that interests anyone in here, we'd love you to sign up and post your skills.

Also VERY open to any feedback as we're in our infancy and want to make a useful tool for this awesome medium.

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First images of Podcaster Pro™ posted.
More details to come. Crowdfunding may be through IndieGoGo - will finalize soon!
You guys rock!

Are any of you attending the podcast movement in Chicago? what are you goals? Any plans? I'll be there soaking up knowledge.

According to Lisbyn stats, I haven't received 1 download from Google Play or Stitcher Radio. Is this an issue with Libsyn or is there little traction with Android users. The Digital Parent Podcast is getting downloads. I am not just seeing them from google play or stitcher

Hello fellow podcasters,

My name is Alison Cicci. I'm one of the co-founders of AMCPress&Co along with James Barniker. It's the first satirical disabled podcast and our stats are around 70K and counting. 

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I'm trying to get Google Tag Manager to record player clicks on my site. I'm using the default media player "MediaElement.js Audio Player" in the PowerPress plugin from BluBrry. My issue with tracking these clicks is that all I can filter for is HTMLButtonElement. That makes it a little more difficult to filter the clicks because of other elements on the page. Has anyone found a better way to record these events in Google Analytics? +Todd Cochrane is there a way to set the elementClasses or elementId for the player? Another issue I noticed is differentiating between a Play click and a Stop click on me media player. Any recommendations?

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