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Over the last few weeks, we've received an deluge of requests to join the group. Upon investigation, it appears that most of the requests are likely spammers. Therefore, if you want to join the group, here are some of the indicators we use to decide whether to grant your membership request:

1. Do you have a graphic for your profile? If you can't be bothered, we can't either.

2. Is your graphic sexually suggestive? If you, you don't get in.

3. You must have no less than five followers.

4. There must be some information available by viewing your profile that suggests you are connected with or interested in podcasting.

If you are wrongly denied an account, please apply again. If you register and post spam, the post will be removed, it will be reported to Google as spam, and you will be banned from the group.

The purpose of the group is to discuss podcasting. It is not a place for spam and promotion.

Does this group have an equivalent subreddit?

So where is this group moving to with the demise of Google+ Is the group owner going to move this to Facebook?

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Hey errrrbody. As this thang shuts down, people will be moving to all kinds of places. We are admining a discord server for podcasters. Just kind of getting started, but the people who are in the chat all seem super cool and helpful, so I figured maybe the people in here might also like to come hang out.

edit: I put the wrong url in initially because... muscle memory


I am switching from soundcloud, hold your judgement!

I am thinking about Podbean or Libsyn. Do any of you have any words about either?

We’re having a weird problem when we do an interview on Skype. We have 3 hosts and for some reason when I start to speak, my first few words are heard by the guest but then my voice deteriorates into inaudible mud to the person on the other end. Obviously I haven’t heard this myself, but it keeps happening and the description we get from the person on the Skype call is the same. The problem doesn’t affect the other 2 hosts and I’ve tried their mics, but the same thing keeps happening.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

For you linuxy people in here... Cannot say enough about these tools. The gate especially. Our live show has 5 mics in a small room, the gate eliminates a lot of the bleed over between mics.

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In Apple's recently disseminated Authoring/Loudness best practices, they make reference to "LKFS" (Loudness Units K-Weighted Referenced to Full Scale) - instead of LUFS.

In the past LKFS "specs." lacked a relative gate. In essence threshold based gating prevents low level audio and/or silent passages from misinterpreting the foreground loudness measurement.

Note this differential no longer exists. LKFS and LUFS are synonymous.


Is there an IOS video app that will put my audio and my guest's audio on two different tracks? For instance I use Piezo on my iMac to do this in conjunction with Skype or
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