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We need a better name. Any ideas? This doesn't need to be the name of a future physical space, but more a name for our group. 

Maybe while this group is still small we can have bi weekly "hangouts" or group chats for people to get together and talk about what they are working on and get help from the community. As we grow and determine a geographic center we can start having physical get togethers periodically (once or twice a month? ).

I have set up an Event for a recurring hangout starting next week. I would love it if everyone would get all their interested friends and coworkers to join this community. 

Looking at the geographic of most of the people in this group, it looks like a Mundelein/Vernon Hills location would be idea for a hackerspace. Does anyone have any connections they can pull to find us a commercial space in the area? 

Also, we should setup a group call for an evening this week to do some introductions. Anyone have a preference as to which night? I'll put Wednesday on the table. 

Well to kinda continue on Andy's train of thought. those of you who have joined. Can you give your location and what if anything you have done towards the goal of a Hacker space in the burbs. Also maybe what types of projects you would like to do in such a space.

I live in Mundelein and really just started looking into this. I am primarily looking for a space similar to a high school wood/metal shop and secondarily electronics. 

I set this place up as a way to gauge interest in a Hackerspace/Workshop in the NW/N suburbs of Chicago. Please join the discussion and maybe we can get something built. 

P.S. I know the community name is lame we can change that later :) just needed something informative
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