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Name: Kazuto Kirigaya
Age: 15
Eye color: Black
Blood type: A
Likes: Being a Solo, Traning
Dislikes: Monsters, Red-Payers
Personality: Nice, Smart, Strong, Quick, Quiet, Hot-Tempered
Profession: Warrior
Appearance: (Picture)
Status: Green
Level: X (means infinite)
Weapons: Anneal Blade (Pic)
Sword skills: Lightning Fall, Howling Octave
Family: None
((//Non-Combat Skills\\))
Equipment Appraisal - 60/1000
Tools Appraisal - 60/1000
((//Passive Skills\\))
Night Vision - 79/1000
Tracking - 60/1000
((//Combat Skills\\))
Parry - 80/1000
Battle Healing - 59/1000
((//Weapon Skills\\))

Anneal Blade - 301/1000
One-handed Straight Sword - 60/1000
Guild/Rank in it: None
Outside system skills: Arms Blast, Quick Switch
Inventory: Teleport Crystal, Anneal Blade, Bread and Cream, Armor
Bio: He lives in Tokyo and is and Japanese and American citizen in Japan. He has a hard life living without his parents, since they have died. His uncle named him after Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito) aand believed that he would do great things in the world. He is teased at his school for his difference. When the SAO game came out, he started it up to escape his past, family, and reality.
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Mikorin is such an uke I just—
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Marco x Jean

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