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Aji Tapak Sesontengan is the Ancient Self Healing application from balinese anchestor.

"This how we work at healing the people on a mat in a park or street corner so many in 10 months have been healed and did not spend one cent for medicines and doctors bills from stroke to chicken pox from stomach ulcers to diabeties from high and low blood pressure from sprained ligaments to bleeding wounds from virtigo to numbness from headaches to pinched nerves from colds to flu we have touched over a million people in 10 months from 3200 practitioners and 280 kamituo from all parts of Indonesia including the states of America Mexico Australia Belgium Singapore and who knows how many more it takes but an hour of your time to learn and for your mother chakra to be opened by a kamituo and then straight away practice you grow in knowledge as you use it more we help you discover the human potential of being able to heal itself with the right signals a blessing in this day and age of vaccines and kimo that kills you slowly for millions of dollars all this we do freely just to see the patient smile with relief from pain this is aji tapak sesontengan passed down from our ancestors though channels we can not thank enough. Sang yhang urip metangi metangi metangi Salam ats to all who read this posting".
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Ancient Self Healing from balinese anchestor "Aji Tapak Sesontengan"
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