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To our black Christian pastors who are not aware...pls Google the slave code/slaves and Christianity to see where we are in error at believing we are Christians! When will we turn this around?...all of ur black ppl should be taught to read the bible knowing it's talking to us about us! We are lost/dying teach us who we are...Israelites not Christians! ...Israelites were transatlantic slaves!...the whole landscape was changed so when we looked at Israel and the middleast we couldn't identify who we are/where we came from.

Pastors need to come out of this church system like Rev. 18:4 says...all of this world's system. When we were brought to this country we were not Christians. We can't be slaves/Christians too! Slavery was a form of punishment. had a day of redemption for us (Gen:15:14...and that does not hv anything to do with being free from the law of sin/death. Pastors, descendants of slaves Eze 34 speaks directly to you all....I hope yall take heed and quit telling us we are Christians!
If we are Christians why yall keep taking our money, yall get rich or live better and the rest of us no matter how much we give and believe we are still poor/struggling. On top of that our ppl are the only ones dying in great numbers....Church when yall gonna stand up and start teaching this thing right?...we dying as a race and yall are part of the problem promoting this lie!

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Pastors teach us to insert Israelites everywhere we see Jew/Jews this is the key for us finding who we are. You will be amazed at how knowledge rushes in to remove the scabs from ur eyes...all of Israel is blind...this is in the Word! Christians were not slaves...we are not Christians...Jews were not slaves...we are not Jews...we are dying because of this lie!
Then you should also incorporate the slave code/laws along with why we are dying!

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Come and learn about what the bible says who you we got to where we are today and why we are dying as a race of people!

Pastors please show me where the church is in line for the wealth transfer. ..please show me scripture to back up this deception. ...Gen 15:14 is the Israelite's promise to getting our money and going home to where is that promise for the church?

Israelites we are a supernatural ppl...lets learn to use our supernatural abilities

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Our Heavenly Father 's name is YHWH pronouced Ya-ha-weh...he is God

Jesus is the Greek name given to our Savior/King Messiah. ..his Hebrew name is Yahshuah ( Yah-shu-ah)

The Language that was stripped from us was Hebrew

Our motherland is Israel and this time our father is going to have us protected from all the other nations with King Yahshuah living in the midst of us the 12 tribes off springs of former slaves.

Gen 15:14 / Great Wealth Transfer for Israelites
Everyone who had a hand in slavery is financially responsible ...we will be paid according to this scripture our Heavenly Father promised.
Eze. 36:17-28 Daddy YHWH (God) has redeemed us and is calling us home back to Israel
Rev. 18:4 come out of her...this world's system
Rev 2:9/3:9 Jews are imposters and its blasphemous for them to call themselves us.

It's time to go home's finally time! We are not Gentiles. ..the greatest lie ever told. We got so lost dealing with the Word cause we weren't Gentiles. ..we were left confused, not understanding fully....that shoe didn't ppl who are descendants of slaves can't possibly be Gentiles (Deut. 28:15-68). ..the Jews suffered from 1941-1945...4 years...really? (Rev 2:9/Rev 3:9)
We have sufferings of 400 years in Egypt and 400+ yrs of transatlantic slave trade from 1562-1994. So who is truly YHWH's ppl?
We fit scripture they don't. We endured and are still enduring the hardships of slavery/and the new Jim Crowism (Deut. 28:15-68)
We are in the right timing for the world to make us whole financially by those who participated in the transatlantic slave trade for profit.
You must make us whole so we can go back to our own homeland Israel.
I'm so excited for us...we hv endured a long horrendous/terrifying lives every since being here in this country. It's time to go! No more domestic terrorism against our race of ppl anymore.
We are eyes wide open...the veils are being removed from Israelites eyes!'s time to get our money and go back home!!!!
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