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she is unaware of his false decent image, if anyone knows her or his parents, kindly let them know about his cheating.
He is Avinash Kumar employed at ICICI Group, Kolkata and she is Sandhya Kumar , wife of Avinash Kumar. they both reside at kolkata.
He is cheating her as he is into an extra marital affair and keeping her in dark. She is unaware of his affair.
If anyone knows her, kindly convey this message to her so that she can keep an eye on him.
he is a cheater and he should be caught immediately. he is decent for the society but no one knows of his fake decency.

Please Note: He is from Dhanbadand his parents stay at Dhanbad [ native of Dhanbad, near Maithan Dam] but resides at Kolkata.

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Simple living and high thinking leads to fulfillment and freedom.
Good Morning Dhanbad !
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