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Just to get an understanding of the grouping we have here, what is everyone's age range. I would appreciate a lot of involvement. Thank you everyfur!
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Hello. I got invited here and this place seems pretty dead. Anyone want to change that?

Revive this place +1 to have the owner bring it back to life

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for years i had been made but with little known purpose that i knew, i was a metallic anthropomorphic animal and yet i had little known about WHAT i really was other than i was made, i was on for little more than a few hours and i was now falling into a big, bright white room

there was a loud noise coming from right in front of me, but behind me too, i tried to find it till i realized it was coming from everywhere

voice: "this is a test to see if your functions are working properly. 
test 1, mouth moaters and mouth flexibility" i didn't know what that meant but i just moved my jaw ou of nowhere

"very good, now let's continue, flexibility and metallic fiber movement" i was now in no controle of my body, it was moving by itself

"very good, now lets see, ah. nipple cover removal and milk lactation as well as a genitalia check" i was now not only leaking but was having something pushed inside me from between my legs
"hm, oh right, your feeling/touch receptors are offline, oh well, i'll turn them on near the end. now lets see, where were we? ah yes, vocal testing." 

i try to speak but nothing came out "thats right, your one of those bots that doesn't have a vocal output system, more money to shell out i guess but still, lets move on then. said the loud voice 

"lets see, only a few small things, ear rotation and movement, tail control and finally finger/hand check and then feet padding and toe movement tests"

it was a long time before i was finally done with all these checks and test before the voice spoke again "thank you for this brief required testing time, have a good sleep, bye bye~ and i was knocked out

you were an average everyday person that made a living off of work and you were happy with that, up until you were fired for multiple of fake accounts of stealing, and even sexual harassment though handing a fellow employee a dildo disguised in a water bottle, you were made, excessively made to the point when you got home you cursed your head off till you were out of breath, you saw a the mail on your couch, there was an application for a new job as a beta tester for a new product, "the wander maid, capable of doing what ever you needed at the snap of a finger" it said on the piece of paper

it was a few weeks, almost a month, but when you saw that you gow the fire paycheck already in your bank you were dumbfounded that it was so much, almost too much for you alone, you hear a large thump outside your door and when you opened it you hear the voice of a man from the other side of the box

"i'm going to need you to sign for this, shippings free thanks to the product makers, " he hands you the clipboard "now just put your signature and i'll be on my way"

naturally you signed it and after handing it back the man left you with the box, only as big as your body but a little higher then you at the same time, you slide it into your living room and unboxed it to see the filling of the box, there was packaging peanuts going everywhere as you sift though it all, soon you feel a cold surface and see a yellow shining peace of your beta product, you find the starting switch and turn it on, turned ME online

i wake and get out of the box to find i was in a room much different from the one i was in, i look around and soon find you, i look at you curiously

(this rp can be for anyone, from futa, male or female, please ask first, i MAY do reposts if i'm in the mood for them, if you ask please wait till i make one in my free time)

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this is just a little sneak peek at the bitch we all know and love (or hate) from huniepop audrey!
maybe she really can love
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Can I post a human rp me and a friend did? I don't see her anymore so I'd like to at least remember what kind of role plays we did, she was a lesbian by the way

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I finally got off work and i was waiting for my partner to roll up in his car but he handed me a 20 and said he cant. He had to go do stuff for Nancy, his wife who he loves more then anything. I smile and then give him a hug threw the window before I take a step back and he drives off. I pull out my phone from my boobs and then call up an furber (ubder of this world). I sit on the curb  waiting for the driver to roll up and then take me home so I can go change for later at the party I'm going to

(i dont rp on hangouts so dont ask, at least 3 full lines be descriptive no text talk open to all)

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Name: jane
Age: 18
Species: cheetah 
Gender: female
Sexaulity: bi
Likes: tea, friends
Dislikes: jackasses
Fetishes: i'm into anything but i love impregnation 
Turn ons: biggest is letting/seeing someone breastfeed
Turn offs: vore and gore

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I live 5 blocks from the beach so i asked my mom if i could go she said yes but i had to be back before dark. I smiled and kissed her cheek before running up stairs and putting on my bikini that my moms friend gave me she didn't like it but she didn't see it till i was already running out the door. I get to the beach smiling before jumping into the water after stretching

(male or futa or female 4 lines min please be descriptive)

Zander and I were sitting in a booth of the club house, scouting for someone to play with as he sat in my lap. I was already horny enough to take him right there, but decided to hold back as I placed my hands in his lap. See anyone you like? +Zander Zee +Daz Onyx (Not exactly private if anyone wants to join, just ask)
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