Hey Y'all, This Bitch Ass Community is Ded

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Likes:helping others,making new freinds
Dislikes:team rocket

gets squrtle as my first pokemon and smiles

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Name: Melina
Age: 11
Gender: F
Sexuality: Straight
Crush: Andy
Abilities: Healing, powers of the pokemon , and defense and offense
Likes: Sweets, Helping pokemon and protecting them, All of the pokemon and friends
Dislikes: Being kidnapped, Team rocket,Bullies and jerks
Personality: Sweet, Caring, loving, willing to help, and never gives up
Bio: A young princess of pokemon she was born in a old village. A long time ago, there was a war between good and evil. The evil wanted a power which melina had a necklace as well. The heart nevklace she held on to has a strong power. The evil wanted to use that power to rule over the pokemon and take the throne. Her mother and father risked tehir lives for her to live on and make sure the world of pokemon stays connected with human and pokemon. 
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