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Good Evening Everyone! Happy Valentines Day! It's probably not worth starting a tradition of coding into the night on Valentines Day, but here I am because I love it! As promised I've created a new Curriculum Mapping Template optimized for use with Google DataStudio. I made an effort to really explain parts of the code to help you make adjustments where needed in your environment. The actual template can be found in the about section of the community. It is called DataStudio Google Sheet Template. Have a great rest of your week!

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Last Friday our Directors of Teaching and Learning led a productive half day PD on whole school scope and sequence work. This is the next big piece that needs to be added to our curriculum map. We're using a Google Sheets template approach to Scope and Sequence, which seems to be working quite well. I've successfully aggregated 34 individual templates into 1 Data Studio report that can visualize the progression of understanding goals for all courses and grade levels. This report can be replicated for Skills, Content, Demonstrations of Learning and Foundational Resources. Once I've made the other reports, I can make them available to all faculty on the curriculum mapping site.

Hi Everyone! I'm looking for some ideas for a multi-function Curriculum Mapping Add-on for teachers. Basically, I'm thinking about functions that are most appropriate to perform when the unit planner is open and by the teacher. Here is what I have so far:

1. Tech Tool Inventory
2. Timeline Editor
3. Resource Uploader
4. Attribution of Outcomes
5. Video Tutorials

What other features or information do you think teachers would like to have available while working on their unit planners? I appreciate your input.

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Hi Everyone! Fellow Google Certified Trainer +Joel Lowsky developed this utility that sends notifications when a new file or folder is added to a specific Google Drive folder. This could be great tool for your curriculum manager to be notified and get a link when a new unit planner is added to the map. I've attached his Google Sheet. Feel free to add it to your admin folder.

Hi All,
Apologies if this is an obvious or previously answered question...what is the procedure for making changes to units that have already been created through the template request form (start and end dates of the unit, etc.)? I remember there being a tool to change dates under Unit Planner on the demo site but I also know that things have changes since switching to Data Studio. Thanks!

I am looking for some sample curriculum map documents from other schools. Can anyone share any Upper, Middle, and Primary school samples for your school? I am happy to redact any names.

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Curious about how to customize your Curriculum Map with more data? In this video, I walk you through how I approach making additions. The addition described in this video is listing the name of the user who last edited the unit planner. While not comprehensive, I hope this gives you an idea of what to think about when looking include new data into your curriculum map.

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Curious if anyone has tried anything interesting with the new Macros in Google Sheets? I'm thinking there may be an opportunity for macros to work on another sheet that contains imported data from the file cabinet. I imagine you could store pre-determined sorts, filters and queries to generate all kinds of reports on the backend.

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Wow! Grateful for having had the opportunity once again to present at #ATLISac Here are the slides from today's 3-hour hands-on experience. For those of you who attended, let's continue the conversation here. +Barry Kallmeyer did an amazing job co-presenting and I was encouraged to hear about all other ideas and innovations for extending G Suite with Apps Script.

Gearing up for an exciting workshop on Curriculum Mapping at #ATLISac this coming Wednesday! Looking forward to meeting many of you in person and planting a few seeds of inspiration. Come ready to dive in!
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