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Good Evening Everyone! Happy Valentines Day! It's probably not worth starting a tradition of coding into the night on Valentines Day, but here I am because I love it! As promised I've created a new Curriculum Mapping Template optimized for use with Google DataStudio. I made an effort to really explain parts of the code to help you make adjustments where needed in your environment. The actual template can be found in the about section of the community. It is called DataStudio Google Sheet Template. Have a great rest of your week!

Hi! Hope everyone is having a good Summer! I'm just checking in regarding this coming Wednesday's meet-up at the Cleveland Park library in DC. If you plan on attending could you let me know in the comments. Also, I'm in the planning stages of building an add-on for Curriculum Mapping administrators aggregating some simple utilities. What are some of the functionalities you would like it to perform? So far I have these ideas:

1. Adding/Removing Editors in bulk
2. Cloning Permissions
3. Archive units in bulk
4. Delete units in bulk
5. Timeline Rollover
6. Listing of last edited by

Please share your ideas and I look forward to more collaboration in the future. Thanks!

Hi Everyone,

I am almost done setting up with everything but I am having trouble with the File Cabinet for Datastuido Google Sheets. I have been trying to add more columns to customize the sheet a little. I have imported the columns I want under the Import tab. Then, I was able to edit add the columns in the script editor under the Code tab and on line 42. However, when I am working under the batchprocess tab on line 16 and 17 I can not seem to expand the range to take in more than 6 columns, i think. For instance, on line 16 the default is J2:O but I want to expand it to J2: Q and on line 17 it is J2:O2 to J2:Q2. I have tried just replacing the range with what I want but when I hit the "Manually List Unit Planner", under the Curriculum Map menu in sheets, nothing shows up past the "Last Updated on". Is there a way I could expand the range to take in 7 or 8 columns?

Thank you,

I am using data studio connected to a Google sheet.

Is there an easy way to do a pie chart with checkboxes.
E.g In a column the responses are
for example but the pie chart selection does the percentage on the combinations rather than the percentage of each individual so 3 should be 50%, 2 33% etc?

Any ideas?

SAVE THE DATE: I've put in a room reservation for our newly renovated Cleveland Park Branch Library. The conference room has a maximum capacity of 20, but I've reserved 10 chairs and 3 tables. The reservation is still in pending status, but I wanted to at least put the date out there for those interested to start planning. I'll report back when this has been confirmed.

Here are the details:

Cleveland Park Library
July 25th, 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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I started creating my files using my personal account. My DOT just created a generic "curriculum" account and I have transferred ownership of all files. However, my scripts aren't transferring if they are embedded in a Google Doc--i.e., the unit template sidebar script isn't working. I receive the following message when I access the file from my Curriculum account. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

+Richard Anderson I'm using Google Sheet as Unit Templates Can we create tech tool add-on for google sheets? +Khalid Pervez

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+Richard Anderson I have created successfully Data Studio using File cabinet V4 but when i press on templates its not opening +Khalid Pervez

Hello DC area members! During my lunch break I visited the recently renovated Cleveland Park Branch Library and learned how to reserve a meeting room. I’m looking to start a monthly meeting on Curriculum Mapping with G Suite with a focus on understanding the underlying Apps Script for further customization and building admin tools. I’m anticipating the first meeting will take place toward the end of July. More details to follow.

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Hi Community,

Has anyone encountered a problem when multiple teachers use the system where, even though there is only one request in the form per teacher request, multiple documents are made of the same request as well as multiple emails are sent to the same teacher. All the documents are seen in the file cabinet spreadsheet and on the drive folder. Does anyone have a solution to this?

In the pictures I provide, we can use the Biology 7 example.

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