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Here are the rules 

This is a PG-13 (You can swear) rated community, so no terrifying fighting (Like murdering other campers in their sleep), no inappropriate actions. You also may not make descriptive fighting.If you are role playing and a mod or myself types OVER then the post has inappropriate content and will have to be deleted and the person/people will be suspended for a month, and if you have been suspended 3 times the forth is banned. Please do not fight the mod,  just delete it. If a mod is wrong then I am sorry and the mod will  be down grated. If a mod does the non PG comment/post then they are now not a mod and I will find another mod. 
   The profile sheet: (Example) Please do ALL of the categories
Name:                      Kennedy Gray
Nickname:                 None
Age:                                 14
Godly Parent:               Hades
Powers:                     Can rise the dead, and can speak to the dead
Weapon:                       a dagger
Likes:                            hanging out with friends, fighting,and playing with hell hounds
Dislikes:                          large crowds (30 people or more), perky people, 
 Strengths:                 fighting, and running
Weaknesses:                talking to people
Appearance: pic (Picture is on the actual post) 
Bio: Blank.  
Friends:        Little sister Skylar, and no more
Other:                        Has a pet hell hound Frank (Not Frank from the book)
Only three people can be a son/daughter of Zeus Hades and Poseidon. The number might change if we get a lot of members. You may be a character of the book but you must ASK, I cannot stress enough that we don't want 20 Percys and 12 Annabeths. There can only be 1 of each character. But you do not have to be a character from the book. The book characters DO NOT count for the 3 of the major gods. So if there is already 3 Poseidon then someone can still be Percy. You may not be related to a character in the book, unless your character is in the book. Like Kennedy can't be Nico's long lost little sister, but Bianca can. If your favorite character in the book dies (no example because I don't want spoilers) you can still be that character. You may not be a God unless I give permission. You do not have to be coming here for the first time and you can already have been claimed. You must ask before you become a hunter of artemis this is for girls only(sorry boys) and you must have a mod or myself o.k. you before you post your character sheet. You may not be a child of Hera,Artemis,a titan, or a any other thing besides a god. You may be a saytur(only boys),nymph or a cyclops. Please post that in the creature tab.You may have up to 3 characters any more please ask ME or CARLEIGH MACH or ZACKARY ANDERSON before you make a 4th. This is because a mod may want 4 characters and approve themselves for 4. Mods may do this for characters but not for anything else.Any addition questions about characters  please ask in the comment section.  
    You start out with 1,000 drachma's  and you earn 100 drachma's per quest. Plus active mods (get on for at least every week) get 1000 drachmas per month. You can use drachma's to adopt pets and  buy tickets to camp events, and you can buy things at the camp store. 
 A large quest will be given out once every two months or bimonthly. The oracle is +General Gamer  This will start once we have 13 members since 13 people go on a big quest. Small quests are for 3-5 people and are given out when you ask. Please do not go asking for a quest every day because that is too much for the  oracle. If you tag the oracle it will be a lot quicker (most of the time). 
   Anyone may put up a creature up for adoption, but they will not be paid the money from the creature. It is the mod's and my job to make sure there is always at least 5 things up for adoption.
  There is 3 mods per cabin and first come first serve so the first three people of each cabin will become the mods for that cabin. If the mods do something wrong or do not want to be mods then we will have a vote for new mods.  If you are very active in this community then I might make you a mod. 
That is all the rules please comment I agree so I know you agree. You will not be approved until you have commented. Now go and have fun -Sammie :)
+Carleigh Mach and +General Gamer can be asked about things now because they are co owners along with me. We can have up to 10 characters (Yes Zack there is a limit for you too! You can only make 3 more)

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Skyler is perched on top of the Zeus cabin, reading a leather bound journal

"Now listen closely, this is a serious question"
Adira stares up at the auburn haired girl. She didn't look any older than twelve
"your old enough to become one of us now"
The girl's hair had a gold ribbon tied into it. Adira stared up at her, slightly intimidated by her bow on her back
"would you like to join? You will be granted immortality as long as you pledge to be forever intertwined with me and my followers."
Adira onsidered the goddess, only to look toward percy, sitting by the pier talking with Aries and Skylar
"you would have to leave him, and all other boys behind."
Adira furrowed her eyebrows in thought.
"We don't have long, I am about to hunt the manticore."
Adira looks from percy to Artemis, then back to pery. She stares at him willing him to turn toward her. To her surprise he does, mid-sentence he stops gets up and runs up the hill yelling at Artemis in the process
P: No! You can't take her too! This is not up for question Adira, get back to the cabin. Adira hesitates, but begins to walk slowly to the posideon cabin
A: It is her choice, Percy JAckson. do not make the choice for her.
Adira stops and turns around
Ad: I-I-I d-don't want t-to go. I w-w-want to s-s-tay with p-percy. Adira grabs his hand and squeezes it. Percy squeezes back
P: You can't just take her away from me like you took Bianca from Nico. He won't admit it but he's heart broken.
Adira and Percy Walk down the hill hand-in-hand,toward the pier.

Gray and Matt are sitting on the peer as the sun goes down, with a picnic basket nearby
G: the water looks nice in the sunset, don't you think?

[Camp Half-Blood counselor meeting with Skylar, Percy, Annabeth, Grayson,Matthew, Amber, and any other cabin counselors I forgot about]
S: So as most of you know Chiron and Dionysus had to leave on urgent gods business and he left all the counselors in charge. So what are we gonna do?

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Yes! Percy would be the overprotective type of dad to his daughter, but the fun rule bending type of dad to his son.

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Like most conversations

S: I don't see why you need a survey
F: I want to see how different gods have different effects on demigods! I have one from every cabin but, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus.
S: You are such a nerd
F: And you're not, when the Stoll brothers made fun of Harry Potter you practically sliced off their arms, they're still in the infirmary.
S: Fine, we're both nerds They reach the Athena cabin and Frank holds the door open for Skylar. She walks in and sits on his bunk Frank turns on the camera and starts the survey
F: Name?
S: Skylar Grey
F: Parent?
S: Zeus
F: When did you come to camo?
S: When I was six
F: What was your life like?
S: Well I had a mother, and Kennedy is my half sister, we share a mortal mother. We were poor and lived in a small condo in Connecticut.
F: Powers?
S: I can control air, and wind. I can fly, and summon lightning. I can make lighting cages, but it takes alot of energy
F: What brought you here?
S: Monsters, are mother was killed by them and then we heard of a camp for people who attract monsters, we came here. The rest is history.
F: Siblings?
S: Kennedy, Sam, Jason, Joy and Luke. Only Kennedy is on the mortal side, the rest are godly.

Gray walks into his cabin, closes the door, runs and jumps onto his bed, then begins to scream into his pillow
G: I just kissed him!!!!!!!! screams some more Oh my gods!!! starts to hyperventilate In through my nose, out through my mouth, in through my nose out through my mouth. okay, get ahold of yourself Grayson. you got this be cool, be cool. you've got approximately four and a half hours until supper. sighs I don't think I can wait that long. Oprah, I need your guidance grabs a teen weekly out of his backpack and flips to a page labeled, how to woo any man on earth let's see.... step one, get him to notice you. Uh check! Step two, show your affection. double check! step three, wait for him to make a move!!!!! no way I can wait that long! But step four is go on a date! I can't just skip step three!!!!! okay, okay I'm sure at dinner he'll say something to me..... hopefully.....
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