Bonjour tout le monde
je vous contacte car je souhaiterais émettre avec mon HACKRF ONE, pourriez vous s'il vous plait me conseiller un ampli compatible pour la gamme VUHF (si je dois déterminer une gamme en priorité)

merci d'avance

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I think that I broke something. My HackRF is about 10dB more deaf then others and I would like to solve it.

Does anybody have the schematics of the hackRF or knows where I can find them or has an idea what my problem is?


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If anyone is using Gentoo, I'm currently working on an overlay for GNURadio and many of its blocks/utils. Right now it's local-only but I'll probably try to put it on Github soon if there's any interest. It's absolutely nothing special as I'm still learning the ebuild structure, etc. but so far it groups a lot of the packages together under "gr-meta" so that most of the collection can be installed all at once. I'll hopefully have an update later today after I've gotten most of the dependencies, etc. sorted out.

Anyone doing passive radar?
If so, I would like to know about your setup.

In particular, I'm curious to know how much i/q data is ingested, and if anyone is working on code to display parsed data in a human readable form.(2d or even 3d display).
I've seen some pretty sick python scripts that people have thrown together.

I am on the fence with the HackRF.
When I read about people actually USING it, it all seems positive, but when I read reviews/comparisons, not so much.

One the one hand, I have heard that it's noisy, and the fact that it's ADC is 8bit is a bummer.
On the other hand it's only $300 (well $420 once you get the shielding, hamitup, etc) supports transmit, and my usage really doesn't need more than 8bit, so I should just get one. I guess.

I kind of feel like just getting a good, solid receive only device until a "better" transmit comes out in the the same price range, but I don't see anything on the horizon.
I could go with the bladeRF (transmit, 12bit) but the price is just more than I want to pay.

I actually like the hackRF a lot, and I'm not saying anything negative about Michael Ossmann, he did a great job and continues to offer so much to the SDR community which alone makes me want to buy a hackRF to support him and his efforts.

Anyway, any comments, rants, or bitch slapping of any sort would be productive in helping me decide. :)

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kjubessdeeerrrrr :)
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