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I'd hate to spring this a little late, but since there aren't many posts, I feel that I should start this before a wildfire spreads. All roleplay is non-canon meaning that the characters from the show don't exist in this universe. L can exist, but he won't be Riyuzaki, Kira can exist, but he can't be light and so forth and so on. Titles are kept, but all characters from the show are dropped. Follow this well or I'll write your name into the Death Note. Happy killing! (or catching murderers...)

Name:Eden selle
Hair:long and black
Appearance: Black shirt-ripped in the back, jeans with wholes in the knees, black sneakers, hipster glasses
Shinigami/human/detective: Human
Death note:black
Shinigami: Rethon
Light supporter:yes, in fact another kira

The sky is cast with rain. Days have passed since Drahcir received the unholy note, but here he was, busily at work. Criminals were roaming the streets. Undesirables, unwanteds, the impure, and the inhumane were free among the world of the living. Anne hovers dutifully above Drahcir as he writes

" many names. You must have a grudge against the world..." she speaks.

"I'm not going to lie, I don't write to change the world. I just want to wipe those who hurt me, cause me distress, and those who hinder me off of the face of this world."

"Not the good type? It's okay, I prefer them to be dark and sinister... Good cannot exist without evil. I trust you to protect that balance." she whispered as she flies up and stands on the ceiling.

"I have no desire to become a serial killer. I've just got things that I'd rather do without in this world..." Drahcir says in a low tone. It seems as if the rain is never going to stop, continuing on forever. Cars go by, people enter their homes, and the window pane is slightly covered with condensation. Beside the pen that is the instrument of death to all, a name is written. Drahcir stares at the name with a sick and twisted smile upon his face

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Are you on team L or Kira light

Name:Sarah Fitzgerald
Letter: M
Age 18 1/2
Appearance: Tallish(yay high ), has blonde curly hair pulled into a pony tail, wearing a plane blue t-shirt, baggy jeans sneakers, and a wrist band thats pink, with pink nails with the paint coming off
BIO: Sarah lived in Colorado for half her life and always wanted to be a nurse. She dreamed of being ahead of her own hospital and always played nurse with her stuffed animals^_^ but one day, her father had disappeared mysteriously and left her alone at age 14. Not knowing where to go, she begin to search for her missing father, determined to find him. She hitched many ride on the back of loading trucks until she had landed in Nevada. There, she met Ash, the head of a gang who sold weapons and supplies to other be gangs, and mafia. At a young age, Ash could see she had potential, so he said he would "help" ger look, for no matter how long. To this day, she halps ash get weapons to mafias, stealing ams swlling, always asking Ash, always being told soon they will find her father. She always became independent but always had a smile on far face, cheerful and helpful. That is till she met a certain Mafia in Los Angeles...
Criminal: Weapon smuggler
Occupation: Stealing and selling weapons and supplies
Sarah is always cheerful, delighted, a bit hyper and determined. Always tries to lift the mood and rarely gets dowm.

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Name: Isabella may (Bella)

Death note color: black

Hair/appearance: picture

Gender: female

Likes: her stuffed toy

Dislikes: being bored

Bio: she sits and spends all of her time in the shinigami realm, and plays with a stuffed toy, that's about it

Kira supporter: well yea I guess, she could care less

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Name: aria chelly
Detective name: A
Age: 15
Location: Tokyo
Likes: the color black, winter, and near (but won't admit it)
Dislikes: getting wet, being alone, and being questioned
Bio: she grew up with her two older sisters, her parents died when she was young, so she remembers little about them. She was about 14 when her sister was put on the kira case. Her sister was 21, and working for L. One day when she got home from school there was a knock at the door she opened it and to her surprise it was one of her class mates. "Hello aria, I'm near from class 5, I'm here to tell you your sister has been killed and we need to take you to a witness protection unit." She gave him a sad look a started to cry. "Who did this!" She screamed "kira" near simply said. She looked him straight in the eye and said "someone needs to stop him!" "We are working on it, aria." He said "I want to help!" She screamed "no its to dangerous." Near said "no I need to help I want to help!" She screamed near pulled out his phone and said "I need to make a call." And walked off. She sat on the floor and thought "kira needs to be stopped at all cost! No matter what happens!" Near came back and held out his hand "fine, L said you can stay until kira is put behind bars." She takes nears hand and walks outside as she climbed into the car she saw her neighbor, Light Yagami wave good bye to her. "Ow well..." she thinks then repeats to herself "I well stop kira. He will regret killing my sister!"

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anyone up for a roleplay? mello x OC :3

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Death Note Rp Profile Layout

Name: Drahcir Lamont
Birth: 9/25/96
Death Note Color: Red
Hair: Black
Appearance: See Pic (Temporary)
Gender: Male
Bio: A boy who was born poor and wants to end poverty by eliminating criminals and the rich.
Kira Supporter?: I Support Kira
Occupation: Student

Name of your shinigami: Anne 
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