Fnaf sucks tbh. Every single time someone says that fnaf is da best or shit like that I puke. Oh and all of the things you fans do is:
Fap to robots with dead children inside
Play the game

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'Gender':techniclly genderless, but male
Species:i think jackrabbit(?)
Why is this profile so short
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plz join just about every spot is available

roleplay: im in the security office

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((she is about the size of a full grown doberman or Labrador retriever...))

name: beast
age: she was activated a few days ago
gender: female
Personality: clumsy,happy,shy
likes: pretty much everything
dislike: when people invade her space
Bio: is a new animatronic character that is supposed to be foxy's pet sea monster that he found one day out at sea however when foxy was deemed out of order she had no purpose so they just took out her metal endoskeleton and left in the back with old Bonnie...leaving her to rot..but three days ago toy Bonnie noticed an injured girl at the door and let her in... the girl was nearing death so he brought her to old Bonnie who was programmed with extensive medical knowledge for some reason. And then ((with the help of toy chica toy Freddy toy Bonnie the mangle and foxy)) he fixed up the beast animatronic and managed to wire the girl into the suit and endoskeleton as a way of preserving her...

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Name: Bon Bon (Not Bonnie 2.0)
Design: The picture below (I'm not very good at drawing)
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Other details and stuff: Is a secret animatronic that only comes out on REALLY special occasions. Is actually not very hostile at night, and only acts like the others to not disapoint them. Because of this, she is not used to that scream..... thing.
Location: Pirate's cove (Hidden really well)
Likes: Pizza, Milkshakes
Dislikes: Killing the guard

(Open rp)
Comes out of hidden place in Pirate's Cove, checking to see if any other animatronics are around or any cameras checking on the cove
"Anybody here...?"

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Name: Golden Freddi Fazbear
Design: Bear, Golden
Gender: Female
Bio: I am a forgotten animatronic. I am basically golden Freddy's younger sister. Even though all my friends kill the guard, I try to be nice, but I am push out the way.
Likes: Foxy, Pizza, Singing
Dislikes: that murderer

I l-l-l-love one of the animatronic but which o-o-one do I l-l-l-love

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Name: Draco Rage
Species: Mechanical Dragon
Skills sneaking, scaring night guards
Personality: Quick tempered, Quiet, shy, honorable
Likes: children, Foxy, being able to walk around, some night guards
Dislikes: most adults, fighting
Bio: when he was a human child he had a bond with the animationics mainly Foxy. When Foxy was out of order, everyday he waited until no one was looking and he entered pirate cove and was greeted by a hug from Foxy. He became one of Foxy's crew ever since until one day a shooting happened and Draco was shot multiple times, losing half his face, a arm, and a leg. After that the animationics started working trying to keep Draco alive. Foxy knew that Draco liked dragons so that's what he was turned into. Years past and Draco was wondering greeting every child he walked past that's when it happened. He was challenged to a sword fight, he agreed. He won obviously, but it was a trick and his opponent kicked him and Draco stumbled and malfunctioned then he stabbed a child viciously. Then he was locked away in the storage room and his costume started to fall apart. They called these events "The Rage of the Sword"
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