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(Alternate Universe) My name is Hermione Granger and I'm a muggleborn wizard or known by Draco Malfoy or other stuck up pureblood wizards, a mudblood and something Ron and Harry didn't know about me: A lesbian and in a relationship with you, Ginny Weasley. We started dating in fifth year when Fred accidentally spilled some of homemade Love Potion into my pumpkin juice when you and I were alone in the common-room, and I had set eyes on you and immediately started kissing you and once the potion had stopped working I apologized but you just smiled and said that you liked it and after that we started dating, but taking it slow. It's been four years since than, we live alone together and we've kept it secret from everyone since there was a war with Voldemort and the Death Eaters and I didn't want them to know about us since it'd put either one of us in danger. After I had been tortured by Bellatrix Estrange, I didn't know that she put a spell on me since I had been knocked out where my breasts would grow until they tear my shirts and bra's. I didn't know which spell it was since I was knocked out when it was put on me and I couldn't find any books with the spell in it and it also started affecting my ass as well since I was running out of shirts and pants to wear. I was currently on the couch reading another spell-book with my bra almost about to snap off from breasts growing and my pants about to burst off as well to figure out what the spell was while you were taking a shower since I had already taking one. When you came downstairs after your shower and saw me reading the book with my pants and bra about to burst off, you......
(Ask first. I am Hermione Granger and you are Ginny Weasley. Do not jump straight to sex. This is yuri so don't ask me to change it to a straight rp. Do not repost this without my permission or you will be blocked. You are the one who starts, not me Do not comment if you aren't going rp or if you are not apart of the rp. DO NOT STALK THE RP! Do not use text talk meaning: U, Ur, str8, l8, R, tht, Y or anything related to those. I will repost.)
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