Meeting minutes 1/6/2018
Attendees: Doug, Andy, Melita, Dori, Misha, Marc
Opened with general discussion of meeting prior evening for Guild High School outreach regarding ‘As You LIke It’ cast with high school students, under the management of Jeff Cousins. The GCAC essentially desires clarification of organizational responsibilities with regard to rehearsal schedules, vocal workshop and character breakdowns specifically double casting or no?

2018 Scheduke handed out.
* Directors call for 2018 season to be top priority. A form developed by Doug per notes presented at this meeting will be disseminated in the theater community beginning at the end of January through a digital bast. Including but not limited to: Other QC theaters, local Colleges and Universities, High Schools, Libraries, QC Reader, Illinois Theater Association and Iowa counterpoint if it exists as well directing artists familiar to the organization.
*GGAC will accept applications through the end of February and make three recommendation to the Guild by the 10th of March.
* We as a committee request that the script for the comedy be in a more “finished condition” by the time we hold actor auditions.
* We also would like to pursue the creation of a performer “green room” spacein the parlor of the Guild house with couches, water and other amenities during summer productions-per Melita.
*The GGAC would like to compare & contrast its mission with that of the Guild itself. Are we allowed to consider artistic practices and ideas outside the stated parameters of the Guild’s mission? Do we need a mission statement of our own?
*We recommend a preshow speech to head off possible misunderstandings arising from prejudices inherent in the 16th century script as well as Jewish community outreach. Director choices in this show’s development are vitally important and should be considered in choosing the proper artist for the job.

Doug and Andy made note that Andy is shifting to the marketing committee and Doug will be lessening his influence in the committees to one of a more supporting role tha one of direct influence. That leaves four members with an option to add to be taken under advisement.
Our next meeting is to be at the Guid house January 21, 2018 @ 1PM.
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