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Madsonic official launch -

Currently, in my web client to user can see any of the media in the media folders. In Subsonic, in Settings->Users each user has a checkbox allowing the admin to grant or ungrant access to particular folders. I thought I saw something similar in Madsonic. Can someone please let me know where it is?

As of right now, March 16 at 12:45 PM EST I cannot log into Am I the only one or is this happening to anyone else?

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For those trying to launch Madsonic headless (macOS/OS X) at system boot, with no users logged in, this may help you figure things out:

Good INFO:

and this amazing app:

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Es gibt wohl einen Bug. Ich erhalte Meldungen, dass neue Version zur Verfügung steht, ich aber keinen Premium Zugang habe, obwohl mir 30 Tage Trial angezeigt werden.

Is basic podcast support now a premium feature? I am considering switching to MS because SS is very very poor at handling podcasts (honestly MS isn't much better, but at least it works - feeds behind basic HTTP auth require in-lining user credentials which is horrifying.. SS throws errors doing this with SSL feeds), but the first podcast I added failed to download with the error "sorry the trial period has expired".. Do we really need premium for this?

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Didn't know where to put this spelling error, but on the site at the URL there is a spelling mistake in Server Security. It's supposed to say Several. Thanks!

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NEW FEATURE idea: Another idea that came to me is this. It would be awesome to ADD functionality to Madsonic so that the server could create streams for devices and apps out there that can add streamed sources.

So, in addition to being able to share a song, or a selection of songs for DOWNLOAD, one could share a selection, or playlist, or artist, or album, or random, or recently added, etc., as a STREAM. So you could share the link to a friend, or one of your devices that CAN support STREAMING, but cannot run a browser, or Madsonic app.

Also, if a streaming app tries to access the Madsonic server without a specific link provided in the above mentioned idea for sharing a streaming link, the Madsonic server would present the app with a DIRECTORY OF STREAMS, such as Starred Songs, Starred Artists, Starred Albums, Recently Added Songs, Recently Added Albums, Recently Added Artists, Genres, PLAYLISTS, Podcasts, etc.

This would be GREAT!

In the web interface, is there a way to browse songs, sorted by date added?

I just dumped hundreds of songs into the server, and wanted to browse them, but there doesn't seem to be a good way of SONGS. I can navigate around through albums, and artists, but i basically never listen to music based on albums or artists. I just keep adding songs i like, and i'd love to be able to browse them by date added. Maybe even by a date range? Like Browse new added songs for 2014, so i can go back and listen to my favorite songs from that year. Or 2015. Etc.

Also, on the android app, a LONG TIME ago, you added, at my request, the "New Added" for songs. And i appreciate that. It's the main feature i use. It has a limitation to 100 hundred songs tho. So i can't find songs i added last year, or the year before, because it will only load 100. Is there a way to make it so that when it hits the bottom of the list of 100 songs, it would load another 100 songs? I'd love to be able to freely scroll down through the songs arranged by date added. My collection is like 20 years old. I have so much music that was just miscellaneous mp3's added over the years. So, i usually brows song lists to find what i want to listen to, or add to a play list. I know i can search, but It's too much to remember all these track names. Sometimes by just scrolling through thousands of songs i see music i have forgotten about -- i would never have been able to find those songs again if i had to use a Search field to find them. And if the Madsonic APP, and web interface won't show me a list of songs, then how can i ever stumble on these old songs again? You can't.

I'd really love a GOOD solution for being able to browse a list of the songs the server knows about.

I have, maybe, over 200,000 songs. How can someone remember all these? I need to be able to browse. If it's a memory problem, then just load a 1000 song names at a time?

Make the song browse list sortable by date added, by duration (in case looking for a mix mp3), by alphabetical name. Make the song scrolling list like a buffer. And make it so that if i drag the index on the right side, i can jump down to either dates, or sizes ranges, or a place in the alphabet.

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