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Clan: Thunderclan
Name: duskpelt
Rank: warrior
Moons: 48
Look: black pelt with white paws and a white tail tip
Personality: caring and serious but has a sense of humor

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I want to be a cat
Name Darkpelt
Rank warrior
Clan Shadow
Bio mean to cats not in shadow nice to
shadowclan cats
Pelt brown
Kittypet name Dark
Gender She-cat

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here is me (the orange one), plus Mudpaw (my brown brother), Loudpaw (my other gray brother) and Brightpelt, my calico mother.
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Through September 14, 2013. Go ahead, try it ^_^
Oh, and add me while you're at it. (Optional too)

I wait for sunpaw

I'm going to stay with the original Clans.  Also, this is my main character of my fanfic!  It's gonna change over time.

Clan: Thunderclan
Name:  Sunpaw
Rank: Apprentice
Moons: Six
Look: An orange pelt and auburn eyes
Personality:  Very independent and spunky.  Confident, and curious, but sometimes reckless.
Back Story: No significant back-story, but destined to be the greatest leader since Bramblestar, the long-since dead leader that succeeded the one and only ancient Firestar.

Lexie, what book are you on?

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Name: Auburnsnow
Age: 12 moons
Clan: ShadowClan
Rank: Medicine Cat
Gender: She-cat
Personality: Sweet an Thoughtful, but can also be determined and fierce
Backstory: Was trained as a warrior first, (hence the scars and missing eye) but was called by starclan to be a medicine cat.

All med cats post here
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