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Clan: Thunderclan
Name: duskpelt
Rank: warrior
Moons: 48
Look: black pelt with white paws and a white tail tip
Personality: caring and serious but has a sense of humor


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I want to be a cat
Name Darkpelt
Rank warrior
Clan Shadow
Bio mean to cats not in shadow nice to
shadowclan cats
Pelt brown
Kittypet name Dark
Gender She-cat

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here is me (the orange one), plus Mudpaw (my brown brother), Loudpaw (my other gray brother) and Brightpelt, my calico mother.
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Through September 14, 2013. Go ahead, try it ^_^
Oh, and add me while you're at it. (Optional too)

I wait for sunpaw

Lexie, what book are you on?

I'm going to stay with the original Clans.  Also, this is my main character of my fanfic!  It's gonna change over time.

Clan: Thunderclan
Name:  Sunpaw
Rank: Apprentice
Moons: Six
Look: An orange pelt and auburn eyes
Personality:  Very independent and spunky.  Confident, and curious, but sometimes reckless.
Back Story: No significant back-story, but destined to be the greatest leader since Bramblestar, the long-since dead leader that succeeded the one and only ancient Firestar.

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Name: Auburnsnow
Age: 12 moons
Clan: ShadowClan
Rank: Medicine Cat
Gender: She-cat
Personality: Sweet an Thoughtful, but can also be determined and fierce
Backstory: Was trained as a warrior first, (hence the scars and missing eye) but was called by starclan to be a medicine cat.

Whos in blood clan 
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