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Welcome to the Land of Viola, where harmony is known to be best...

Long ago lived two sisters. They were known as original people but how they are known as Goddesses. One was Lady Irene, she was kind and honest and known as the Lady of Peace and Luxury. Then there was Lady Tamarine, the Lady of Protection and Strength. Throughout there lifetime as humans, they created their lands and villages, Irene created the Land of PhoinexDrop while Tamarine created her Land of Viola. And once that was finished, they let the next generation of humans settle in. And then vanished away into thin air, remaining their kingdoms they created.

In the Viola, Ghaduzel was the 2nd leader to heir onto the throne, there then Lady Tamarine`s shrine that they created long ago in honor of her, gave Ghaduzel a gift. A baby girl covered by a blanket. Wailing and crying. As Ghaduzel went to see what is was, he was shocked to see Tamarine bringing him a Baby Girl from the heavens, He picked the baby up, cradiling in his arms, the girl had purple eyes and a think strand of jet black hair. His amulet who glowing was blue, in sign of strange or life line predictions coming ahead. He smiled as he saw the baby girl "Welcome to Viola, Juri..." He said as the new name for the baby, who is now grown up.

A while as Juri was grown, Ghaduzel had already passed away. Giving her the only gift in memory, his amulet. Juri is now the 3rd leader in heir to the throne and will do anything to protect her village from enemies, to regain harmony with other creatures such as wolves, elves and fairies. Even if it means she takes her own life.

[ rules ]
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>Do not be a bully in this community
>Please be friendly
>Follow the template
>Have fun!
>If you want to become a mod, please follow the criteria in the "Moderator Acceptance" slot and follow the questions

[ template ]


[ printed template ]
Land of Viola Template (Both Male and Female)
Sorry if it long

[ quotes (optional) ]

[ alias ]

[ name ]

[ species (human/wolf/elf/fairy/etc.) ]

[ age ]

[ family (optional) ]

[ gender ]

[ height/weight (either optional) ]

[ occupation in the village (blacksmith/farmer/mage/etc.) ]

[ appearance (description or photo) ]

[ personality ]

[ likes ]

[ dislikes ]

[ strengths/hopes (required) ]

[ weaknesses/fears (required) ]

[ skills ]

[ abilities (if you have any powers) ]

[ themes (required) ]

[ biography ]

[ extra ]

~Owner Juri

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[ quotes (optional) ]

"I speak for the ones who can't speak for themselves, but know how to protect themselves"

"You may not trust them, but to me they are the only family that I have ever had"

[ alias ]

The dragon whisper

The dragon keeper

The dragon child

[ name ]

Dreki Erufu

[ species (human/wolf/elf/fairy/etc.) ]


[ age ]


[ family (optional) ]

He doesn't know his birth family, the only family that he knows is the dragon family that raised him

[ gender ]


[ height/weight (either optional) ]

Height: 5' 1"

Weight: N/A

[ occupation in the village (blacksmith/farmer/mage/etc.) ]


[ appearance (description or photo) ]


[ personality ]

quite, distant, doesn't trust many people, caring, kind, helpful and willing to look pass the differences to make new friends

[ likes ]

Spending time with his dragons

Talking with his dragons


learning new magic


[ dislikes ]

People who kill dragons

When his dragons are sick

When he feels weak

Not knowing where the dragon who raised him went

[ strengths/hopes (required) ]

Strengths: speaking to dragons, helping dragons, and understanding dragons

Hopes: to find the dragon who raised him and to ask him why he just left him

[ weaknesses/fears (required) ]

Weaknesses: the voices in his head, his past and his dragons

Fears: he fears that no one will like who he really is on the inside

[ skills ]

[ abilities (if you have any powers) ]

[ themes (required) ]

[ biography ]

[ extra ]
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[ quotes (optional) ]

"I am dearest friends with Lady Juri. I am not her healer, I`m everyone`s protector..."

"Lucius Takuma, the elf mage from the elf forests. At your service"

"STAY AWAY FROM THEM! If you hurt them you`ll get hurt"

"Don`t mind me...aa...I`m okay..."

[ alias ]
Viola`s healer

[ name ]
Lucius Takuma

[ species (human/wolf/elf/fairy/etc.) ]

[ age ]

[ family (optional) ]

Renji Takuma (Father): Alive
Serenity Takuma (Mother): Deceased
Julius Takuma (Little Brother): Alive
Zora Takuma (Older Sister): Alive

[ gender ]

[ height/weight (either optional) ]

[ occupation in the village (blacksmith/farmer/mage/etc.) ]

[ appearance (description or photo) ]

[ personality ]

[ likes ]

[ dislikes ]

[ strengths/hopes (required) ]

[ weaknesses/fears (required) ]

[ skills ]

[ abilities (if you have any powers) ]

[ themes (required) ]

[ biography ]

[ extra ]

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[ quotes (optional) ]
"I guess..I could do this..if it doesn't fail."
"I don't want to die the same way as she did.."

[ alias ]
The Crow

[ name ]
Anzu Nozodius

[ species (human/wolf/elf/fairy/etc.) ]
Human/Shape shifter. Mostly Shifts in a black crow.
[ age ]
[ family (optional)
Maria Demetria: Deceased/Human Female.
Jackson Nozodius: Deceased Shapeshifter.

[ gender ]

[ height/weight (either optional) ]
Height: 5'11.
Weight:??? Pounds

[ occupation in the village (blacksmith/farmer/mage/etc.) ]
Black Mage.
[ appearance (description or photo) ]
Photo below.

[ personality ]
Anzu is quiet person. He doesn't do much talking. He will speak if he's spoken too,but his responses will be short. He tends to focus on his magic and studying. He can be found shopping for supplies or studying. If he feels threatened, he will shift to his crow form and fly away.
[ likes ]
The dark, tea,working on new spells,libraries, and flying around.

[ dislikes ]
Being threatened, the heat,having his hair touched without consent.

[ strengths/hopes (required) ]
He is really strong with anything related to black magic.
He is intelligent and a fast learner.
Anzu hopes to become a stronger mage to help the land out more.
[ weaknesses/fears (required) ]
Physically weak because he relies heavily on his magic.
Not socially strong.
Anzu fears the ocean or any large bodies of water.

[ skills ]
Other than magic, he is a really good cook. He is also a good cleaner.

[ abilities (if you have any powers) ]
Spell casting and creating.

[ themes (required) ]

[ biography ]
Anzu doesn't remember much of his childhood. All he remembers is his dad telling him that he was a shape shifter before he died. He had spent most of his life living with his mother. His mother was a nu flirt and had multiple boyfriends at once. In a act of revenge,when Anzu turned 14,one of those said guys drowned his mother. That is why he fears large bodies of water. Since then,Anzu has shy away from social since he doesn't trust people so easily.

[ extra ]

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"I think I can brew up something perfect with this."

"Just allow me to help! Really, I don't mind."

"No more throwing things! I know you're grumpy right now, but that doesn't mean you can ruin my house you know."

"Oh no, my cauldron! The synthesis will be all messed up if I don't fix this!"

"P-p-pleased to m-m-meet you..."

"I'm sorry, I can't help anymore spirits. I already have my hands full with many others."

"He won't leave me alone! Do you think I could exorcise him? Or is he too strong of a demon at this point?"

"You can't follow me into town. People will think I'm talking to myself and then I'll look crazy. Then more rumors might get spread!"

The Haunted Healer
Creepy Apothecary at the Edge of Town
Demon Sympathizer

Ryou Bakura



September 2nd

Father - Deceased
Mother - Deceased
Amane, Sister - Deceased



°~Hair Color~°

°~Eye Color~°


110 lbs.


Ryou wears an outfit reminiscent of a White Mage with a pointy hat and robe. Present in three of the pictures.

He also always wears his golden ring-like necklace around his neck. It has slight magical properties, but it isn't capable of doing anything.

Ryou is a very sweet young man despite many things. He is quiet and stays at home a lot due to his condition. He almost always goes out at night when he does leave so he can gather synthesis ingredients from the forest. At home he spends most of his time synthesizing, reading, or eating. Sometimes all three at once.

Ryou loves to eat and is always hungry, yet he never gains any weight. He isn't picky so he'll eat anything he finds and he's discovered numerous times that something he's eaten either isn't edible, or is actually deadly. A quick use of a healing item and he's good to go again.

Ryou is always looking for more information. He is in a constant pursuit of knowledge no matter what the subject is and prides himself on his vast array of books, many about Alchemist or nature.

Ryou has a penchant for the strange and odd. He is not afraid of monsters or beasts of any kind and the creepier looking the better. He has dabbled in dark magic, curses, and spells, but he seems to have no magical talent so he is incapable of performing them. He has grown up seeing demons and as such the things they are capable of do not intimidate Ryou.

One thing about Ryou that is... disturbing... is his obsession with death. Every time he comes across something dead in nature, he observes it intently and seems mesmerized by it. He has even taken bones home with him, both to use as a synthesis ingredients and simply to keep. He has watched animals kill before and always watches as the beast rips into its prey. When Ryou talks to the spirits of the dead, he loves hearing the stories of how they died and from demons he enjoys listening to the misery they've caused other humans.

Ryou also loves exploring deep inside forests and caves. He has seen many beautiful sceneries and gathered many rare objects. He has a collection of prizes he has taken and his most prized is his golden ring that he always wears.


Being alone
Getting pushed around
People being afraid of him

Kindness- Ryou is kind to a fault. He will help anyone and open his door to anyone in need. He can't bring himself to be mean or rude to others no matter what. He always has a smile on his face and tries to solve disputes without violence.

Knowledge- Ryou keeps himself educated with many books and hands on experience. He reads about any subject that interests him and learns many things about nature by observing it with his own eyes. He writes down information he discovers and goes over his notes often to keep the info fresh in his mind.

Ryou hopes to become the best Alchemist he can be. He is already a very talented Alchemist, but he wants to be known far and wide for his skills and to help many, many people for as long as he can.

Shyness- While Ryou is kind, he is also very shy. He struggles with holding normal conversations with strangers and acquaintances. He also lets himself get pushed over easily. He can't quite stand up for himself when he gets bullied either.

Albinoism- Ryou is albino, meaning his body lacks most, if not all, pigment. It causes his skin to be very pale and hair to be white. His eyes are sensitive to light and he is very vulnerable to the sun, meaning he must cover up whenever he goes outside during the day. Because of the difficulty this condition causes Ryou, he stays inside unless absolutely necessary and when he does go out, it is usually at night.

Lonliness- Ryou is afraid of being alone. He technically never is thanks to the spirits that surround him, but it's those very spirits that drive people away from him. He desperately wants friends and for people to stop being afraid of him because of the spirits.

Alchemy- Ryou is a talented Alchemist as he has been studying it since he was young. He has a cauldron in his home that he uses to mix new items. Thanks to Alchemy, Ryou can make quite literally anything as long as he knows how to and has the necessary ingredients. He isn't a master yet though, so there are still many things he doesn't know how to make. He uses his Alchemy to create supplies and medicine for the people in Viola.

Spirit Communication- Ryou was born with an affinity towards the dead. He can see and speak with those who have passed on. His ability also allows him to communicate with the spirits of nature and demons. They are all naturally drawn to him and they tend to be around him all the time, even when he doesn't want them there. He likes helping spirits when he can and looks to them for companionship, but his ability makes people afraid of him and he dislikes the demons that come around him.

Staff- Ryou wields a simple staff with him whenever he goes into the forest. The staff is meant to be used for magical purposes, but as Ryou isn't good at magic, he simply uses it to swat away enemies. He also uses it to stir when synthesizing in his cauldron. The demon, however, can use it for actual magical purposes.

Bag- Ryou always keeps his bag, which is more of a satchel, with him in the forest. It contains all his ingredients he picks up and several healing items he brings with him.

Ryou originally comes from a land far away. He lived in a house in the forest, but not far from a nearby village. His father was a mage and his mother was an Alchemist. He had a little sister named Amane. His parents went out into the forest one day and didn't return for a long time. Their spirits found their way home and reunited with their children. The people of the nearby village discovered Ryou and Amane had been left alone for a long time and tried to take the children in. Ryou protested, saying their parents were still with them. The people became fearful of Ryou because of his claims and shunned him and Amane.

Ryou heard word from other spirits that demons were planning on attacking the village and Ryou tried to warn them, but they ignored him. The demons attacked and Ryou tried to make them leave. The surviving villagers assumed Ryou caused the attack and tried to drive him out of the village. Ryou returned home to discover the demons had also slain Amane and destroyed the spirits of his parents. Without his parents' spirits to care for him and the village becoming hostile towards him, Ryou packed up all he could carry and left to find some place he could stay.

Ryou traveled for quite some time. He experienced nature, read his mother's Alchemy books, and talked with many spirits he met. There were several times where found a village that would let him stay, but he was always kicked out once they discovered his ability to talk with spirits. People were afraid of him bringing demons to their village and Ryou knew the hard way the consequences of such a fear.

At one point during his traveling, Ryou came across a cave and explored inside of it. At the end of the cave was a partial cave-in. Ryou thought to turn back, but his curiosity got the better of him and he managed to squeeze by. At the back of the cave Ryou discovered a golden ring. He found it to be beautiful so he took it with him and put it on a rope to wear as a necklace. He could sense some magic from the ring, but it seem capable of anything special.

As time went on, Ryou became adept in Alchemy. He learned how to synthesize many items from things he gathered in nature. His talent for Alchemy was noticed by the spirits around him and they assisted him when they could, informing him of where to get good ingredients, how to make new items he'd never made before, and they often made requests for items from him.

A demon paid special attention to Ryou and even more attention to the ring he wore. Whenever Ryou left to travel to a new area the demon followed from a distance. Eventually Ryou asked the demon to come out of hiding, revealing he knew it was there. The demon tried to scare Ryou, but it didn't work. Ryou tried to befriend it, but the demon only wanted to know about Ryou's ring, saying the ring was constantly radiating magical energy. Ryou didn't know anything about the ring, yet the demon asked to take up home in Ryou's ring. What the demon didn't tell Ryou, was that it wanted to absorb the energy from the ring to grow stronger. Ryou didn't see anything wrong with that, so he let the demon stay inside the ring. Without Ryou knowing, it attached itself to not only the ring, but Ryou as well.

Ryou eventually came across Viola and was welcomed there with with open arms. He took up residence at the edge of the village and set up an Alchemy workshop inside his home. The people enjoyed his help with the use of his Alchemy, but it soon became noticeable that Ryou only ever left his home at night and when he did leave, he only went into the forest. People also claimed they could hear him having a conversation by himself. Some people became nervous about him living in the village and several people stopped going to see him for supplies.

Ryou realized what was happening and shut himself inside more than he already did with only the demon and other passing spirits to talk to.

°~The Demon~°
The demon accompanying Ryou was not always a demon. In an ancient time, the demon was a human thief who took anything and everything he wanted. He was known far and wide and hunted by many. He got unlucky and was caught, then promptly executed. He came back as a spirit, but his negative emotions and vengefulness turned him into a demon who seeks great power.

As a demon it's form is nothing more than a thick black mist with purple dots for eyes. When it attached itself to the ring, it gained enough power to develop a human form, however, due to also being attached to Ryou, the form it took was almost exactly that of the boy. The only difference between them in that the demon's hair is wilder looking than Ryou's.

Over the long time that the demon has been around, it has forgotten most of its past, including its name. The only things the demon remembers is that it wants revenge for its demise by gaining power and that it likes to steal.

After absorbing enough power from Ryou's ring, the demon became capable of controlling Ryou without the boy's knowledge. He also developed the use of dark magic, but could only use it while controlling Ryou. The only way to tell that the demon is controlling Ryou is that Ryou's hair appears much wilder when the demon is in control of him.

Irony (Vocaloid, Ashe Cover)

OOHYO (Youth, Day)

Dear You (Higurashi, YouTube Chorus)

Hitorinbo Envy (Vocaloid, Nico Nico Chorus)
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+Juri Sinister

Ryou stepped outside his home. The sun had fully gone down and night fell over the village of Viola. He was running out of a special grass commonly used in his synthesis and needed to head into the forest to gather some more of it. He gripped his staff in both hands and looked around for anyone who might be outside. Seeing that the coast was clear, Ryou walked through the village, his necklace making a light clanking sound as he walked. The Alchemist stopped in his tracks when he came near the shrine of Lady Tamarine. Ryou didn't understand at all what the people of Viola worshipped, but he thought it would be a good idea to offer up a prayer so he could be safe in the forest. Ryou placed one foot on the stairs of the shrine and was interrupted.

"What are you doing? That's a holy spot. Don't take me up there."

"Relax. You'll survive a few minutes." Ryou replied.

The boy continued up the stairs and stopped to kneel down in front of the shrine.

"I don't like this! Take me back! I'm uncomfortable!"

Ryou ignored the voice in favor of finishing up his prayer.

"I sense something! I don't like it even more! You need to leave! Now!"

"You need to calm down. There's not to worry about, even for a demon like you." Ryou protested as he stood up and promptly turned around to leave, not seeing why the demon had to make such a fuss over something so simple.

Ryou froze when he realized he wasn't alone at the shrine.

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[ quotes (optional) ]

"I`ll protect this village with the knowledge I`ve learned, and with also, the guidance of Lady Tamarine`s spirit..."

"Hello there, welcome to Viola. I`m Lady Juri. It`s a welcoming honor for you to enter here..."

"When will the angels will lift me to the sky once more...."

"I`m sorry Ghaduzel....I`m sorry Father..."

"No one harms my people, ever!"

[ alias ]
The Spirit of Lady Tamarine, Lady Juri

[ name ]
Jurian "Juri" Han

[ species (human/wolf/elf/fairy/etc.) ]

[ age ]
19 but looks younger

[ family (optional) ]
Has no memory of family but thinks Ghaduzel as a Father

[ gender ]

[ height/weight (either optional) ]
Height: 5'4
Weight: 70 kg

[ occupation in the village (blacksmith/farmer/mage/etc.) ]
Leader of Viola and 3rd heir to the throne

[ appearance (description or photo) ]
photos below
second picture is her amulet photo

[ personality ]
Juri is quiet and mild. Most of the time, her amulet guides her way into thinking things. She is nice to the children and is harsh and cruel to her enemies. She is gentle at the sick and is worried for her beloved friends. Overall she is a mixed emotions leader, with the power of finding her own gift in society. Wanting to find what is best for her and her kingdom that was given by Tamarine herself

[ likes ]
>Helping the village
>Protecting the village
>Her Amulet
>Bow and Arrows
>Kimono and traditional wear
>Ancient Temples

[ dislikes ]
>Dark Mages/Dark Magic

[ strengths/hopes (required) ]

[ strengths ]
>She is very wise and is known about the history of Viola. She is unknown to that however, people say that she is great at telling about History
>She is very traditional but good at combat. Which is helpful a lot
>Her amulet guides her through tough times, the amulet is a sign of Ghaduzel

[ hopes ]
>She wants to become one of the wises people of all time, people knowing her and others idolizing her as one of the goddesses
>She wants her kingdom in harmony with other creatures. Such as elves or fairies, and wolves especially
>She wants to know what her destiny was in the world, Ghaduzel always told her, that Lady Tamarine created her for a reason and that reason was to find out on her own

[ weaknesses/fears (required) ]

[ weaknesses ]
>Juri cannot resist the pain of dark magic, if it hits her, it controls her and makes her insane as ever. That`s why she has to be guarded carefully and with care
>Juri doesn`t like poison either

[ fears ]
>She fears death, and being a threat to her people and to Lady Tamarine.
>She fears being a disappointment to Lady Tamarine
>She fears that her friends will disband and rebel on her

[ skills ]
>Ruling her village

[ abilities (if you have any powers) ]
(unknown at the moment)
(might will have when time goes on)

[ themes (required) ]



[ biography ]
Jurian Han was born in Viola, but was abandoned at birth, she was carried at night in a small lavender blanket, by a cloaked woman, unknown to the village. The guards were sleeping so she passed on through and dropped Jurian on the side of Lady Tamarine`s shrine and statue. By daylight, Ghaduzel was walking alone when he heard a wailing sound. His amulet glowed in light purple of worriment and fear, as he got there, he froze to see a baby girl covered by a blanket. Wailing and crying. He picked the baby up, cradling in his arms, the girl had purple eyes and a think strand of jet black hair. His amulet who glowing was blue, in sign of strange or life line predictions coming ahead. He smiled as he saw the baby girl "Welcome to Viola, Juri..." He said as the new name for the baby

As Juri growed, she honor and idolized Ghaduzel as a mentor and father, still Ghaduzel told her not to recon her as a dad. but as her caretaker. When she was 15, Ghaduzel was sick and was already resting in death bed. Juri was by his side, holding his hand, almost to Ghaduzel`s last breath. He gave his amulet to her and smiled saying finally "Take care of it for me...and always remember of me...I love daughter" He said as he breath his last breath before dying on April 20th. Juri was heartbroken and saddened about the death but after knowing that it was for a right cause, she kept the amulet and placed it around her beck, in symbolism of Ghaduzel and his ruling life.

Now she is the current and 3rd leader of Viola, with her amulet by her side, knowing that her mentor is always with her. She carries on Viola`s legacy and honory as Tamarine`s human spirit

[ extra ]
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Moderator Acceptance Fill Out Post

[1] How active are you daily?

[2] During a week, do you have stuff to do outside of the community?

[3] Is there anything important you must have do to before anything else?

[4] How much will you contribute as a moderator of this community?

[5] Will you be helpful with questions based on the community?

[6] Will you create a profile and roleplay like others do?

~Owner Juri

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If it's OK, I'd like to use this. I will ensure that his healing is halved her and he cannot adapt or evolve
Even within the darkest parts of the void, a light will always beacon..."

"Attention, all weaklings shall report to my labs for a....Organic assimilation....."

"Oh, thank you for your....Contribution....."

"Knowledge through, absolute destruction...."


General Zem
Lord Zem
Lord Eternium
The Entity




~Dating Status~


Women who fight harder then any other normal man.
Corrupted animals
Conquering planets or voids

His rivals
Enemy territory
Not being invited to parties
Lazy soldiers

Zem wears a officers uniform similar to that of a Germans. He also wears combat boots that are covered with tears and pockets. His boots are similar to his gear, however, there toe ends are encased in metal. The underside is also equipped with metallic, retractable claws used for unknown purposes

His hair is cut short, with the sides almost shoulder length. The front of his hair hangs down like bangs, partially covering his eyes. His hair color is reddish orange with black highlights.

His choice of weapons actually varies on the situation. He is an absolute master of all arms. However, he prefers not to fight at all.

~Special Skills~
Despite him being a absolute ruler over an entire dimension, or perhaps, several, he has skills of his own. He is a pretty decent cook if he has the information needed for desired receipts. He is a pretty decent handy man, able to repair almost anything if he has the right tools. He is an average hunter, but lacks stealth and tactical capabilities when not in war. His favorite and best skill would be his artistic interests. Though, not exactly where he wants to be, he still can be a pretty good artist.

~Special Abilities~

Being a ruler of his void(s), he has to ensure they have a decent supply of minions. So, in his free time, he can create them with his own power, or his own special machines. During battle, he summons a portal of desired size, pushing a large number of minions, creatures, or war machines to his personal use

Fissure Creation
He stomps on the ground, causing a large seismic quake. From where his foot touched the earth when he stomped, cracks form and race in various directions in a cone shaped. Any enemy caught over the crack will split in half once the crack opens. The fissures them selves are endless caverns the reach to the solid core before sealing themselves up

He opens his mouth and leans forward, releasing a noxious smog like gas from his mouth. The smog can cover NY city within seconds. The gas is oddly light and not very toxic. But once ignited by any fire source, it can create a very dangerous blast

King Flame Thrower
If he is using Smog, he can ignite the flames from inside. The flames are similar to a radioactive ray, but it's size is slightly larger. The fire is almost impossible to stop unless holy water is used or water from the void

Royal Oblivion
King Flame Thrower gets closer, creating a dark purple energy beam made entirely of fire. This beam can cut through metal faster then normal fire can melt it. The range of the beam is almost endless. He has to use Smog, King Flame in order before using Royal Oblivion

Zem raises both arms to the sky as a halo forms high above. With a single word the halo falls, crashing to the earth. It creates a large shockwave. When the halo goes up, gravity is lost for a moment until the halo crashes back down. This repeats 3 times in a row

A Monsters Adaption
Zem constantly adapts to his surrounding locations. This permanently increases his own health, defense and energy

Constant Evolution
Over a series of time and space, Zem will evolve, granting himself one new ability before he waits for the next evolution

Regenerator G1
Constant healing. Almost instantaneously







7 feet due to less gravity within the voids

A single drop of abyss enters our galaxy. It fell upon a forsaken black star. The star consumed it and changed from black to a dark, murky purple. Within that was a void, filled with a vast army of creatures, man and monster alike. All was caused because of ruler. He was young, destructive, and constantly hungry for more space for his children. He finally arrived to this planet, seeking more specimens to turn

~Rival Nations~
+The Kaiju God​​
+Leilani Eretson​​
+Colem Princess Of all saiyans​​
+Jendayia Ulmer​​

None currently
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