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पहले तोल फिर बोल | Daily English कैसे बोले | Learn English through Hindi
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How to Check your English Speaking proficiency and Fluency Skill Levels in Simple way

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Need to watch TV channel to practice ...
... English
... French
... German
... Russian
... Italian
... Hungarian
... Greek
... Somali
... Spanish
... others languages from Asia, Africa, ...
One place,

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How many courses and books are out there that promise they can teach you a language or anything in 7 days? Is it possible? You tell me. Research has shown that to learn effectively we need to space our study sessions. We need to allow a little bit of forgetting to happen. When you mass your studying into one single session you feel you are making great progress. But that progress is only short-term! Space your learning out in time and when you go back to carry on, always start with self-testing.

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Who starts a learning session with a blank piece of paper? Almost no one. Most of us open our books or notes and start reading. And after we read, we reread and reread and reread. Big mistake. What will help you to learn effectively is self-testing. What can you remember from the last time? Recall first! Rack your brains! Look up in the ceiling until you bring something to the surface! Do you think this is a waste of time? No, it’s not. It’s the only way to build strong memories and make your learning durable over time.

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Hi guys, I am making a few videos on the characteristics of effective learning and I would love to hear your thoughts. Watch here the first video

The characteristics of effective learning are counterintuitive. When we have the feeling that we learn effectively, we normally don’t. The science of learning — cognitive psychology — has produced valuable research as to how we should learn if we want to remember for the long run. In this video series you will learn how to learn more effectively according to research results in cognitive psychology. These tips are not my personal beliefs. It’s what science says the characteristics of effective learning are.

The first characteristic of effective learning is encoding. When we learn, we should allow sufficient time for new information to soak into our memory. We need to make associations, find examples, make analogies, use our imagination, and explore new material from different angles. There are no shortcuts to this process. It is necessary if we want to memorize something. 

Always remember this. If you want to make your learning easy, you will have to pay a price for it later. The price of forgetting. Effective learning (long-term learning) should be effortful and hard. Hence, avoid practices like cramming, rereading and speedreading. These are certainly not the characteristics of effective learning. These practices make you feel like a superlearner. You think you learn fast. However, the results are not temporary. If you don't put enough effort into learning, you will soon forget what you learned. 

If you are passionate about learning and getting better every single day subscribe to my blog I am like you. We need each other to make it happen. Give me a shout any time at Thanks!

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Hi guys, I'm a college student of “Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)” major at MA level, I’m going to hold some free English online classes on Skype software, If you'd like, ask me to add you, by the way, don't forget to mention in your add message that you are requesting for free conversation class, my Skype ID is: mohsen.eslamian. Regards, Mohsen
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