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Together, we can #EndBullying. I’ve taken the TELUS Wise Digital Pledge to make a safer, friendlier online world. And you can help.
For every person who joins me in this Pledge, TELUS will give $1 to support #EndBullying programs across Canada.

hello im lil101 and i want to be able to re change my skin

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If you wanted to join the Rebellion or the Dark Side...

As I work on our new web site, I have to ask... in your opinion, is G+ dead? :) I mean, while I appreciate each and everyone of you being in our G+ community, the platform itself is really ... stagnant. Thoughts? Should we just close it down and focus our efforts on our main site, YouTube, Facebook page and Twitter? Or would you rather us start really pushing content here on G+?

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This is some REAL game emulation! Space Invaders using drones and a powered car seat. Awesome!

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Check out what we have in the US now.

Rocking the Trek stamps!

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Hey Robbie and Jeff, I turned my car into a shuttle craft. At least according to my trekkie friends. Bought the sticker on Amazon. No link.

Ubuntu 15.10 is out and I want you to make a video about Ubuntu 15.10 and see if people should upgrade or not

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Please vote for my SysAdmin Day Security Blunder story in the comments section! :)  Good for a laugh (or groan?) and your votes might help bring a cool sumthin sumthin to Cat5TV Studio D!

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You guys probably have some great input!
Hey guys, short 8 question survey for school.
Hope it's okay that I post this here. :)

Would help us A TON!
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